Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter D.I.Y.

It has been a while since I did a D.I.Y. post and
so when I cam across Anna-Malin's amazing
Easter eggs over at 'Helt Enkelt' I had to share..

Copyright and images by Anna-Malin @ 'Helt Enkelt'

I love these eggs in the colours and execution she has
chosen,  but with her step-by-step instructions you can
make up your own designs and creative concepts. 

Please share your creations with me. 
I'd love to see them!

From my earlier post about Anna-Malin's dining table
you will know that she is super creative and very handy. 
My admiration also deepened when recently I found out
she shares my deep love for Birch Trees.. More HERE.

Happy crafting my dears.



The Spirit of Abundance said...

LOVE Anna-Malin's Eester eggs!! Måste ta och kolla hennes blogg :)


Charlotta Ward said...

Hej Nona - Anna-Malin har varldens basta ideer och ar sa duktig pa att dela med sig av sina konst foretaganden. Du kommer att alska hennes blogg!


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