Monday, March 8, 2010

General loveliness..

Another mixed collection of eye candy..

I am seeing maps and globes everywhere
people, and they look great!

Yep, most things look good in grey. What I like
about this one is the 'traditional with an edge'
approach to the decor. Safe classic but modern too.

Showing this again as I just can't get over the 
lamps or/and the bar stools.. *sigh*

Have a similar writing desk stored in Sweden,
only mine is 'antique grey' and a little taller.

Love a little humorous quirk - like this table.
And oh, that window is to die for isn't it!?

Nothing revolutionary here, it's just that the simple
symmetry and use of collectibles as wall art appeal..

Brilliant shelf - loving how irregular the photos are.
Some are resting on the shelf and some are on the wall.

Though I am not a real fan of anything made up of 
frameless mirrors, this bedroom looks heaven to me..
I am sure my Swedish heart skips a beat because of the
amazing light flowing through those floor-to-celiling doors.
Also the over-sized lamp and twigs.. and if that is a big
piece of leather thrown on the foot of the bed.. Well.. nice!

Via: 1. Robert Stilin, 2. Remodelista, 3. Ken Fulk, 
4,5 & 7. Living Etc. 6. Unknown, 8. White and Wander



Splendid Willow said...

Tons of lovely images! I am glad that last bedroom is not my mine. I would never get out of the house! Cyber hug, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Thanks my dear. Yes that bedroom is magnetic.

Cyber hugs to you. xxCharlotta

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