Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I want this..

..to be my art studio!
Adore those inbuilt shelves - so gorgeous!

All I'd need to add is a large rustic table, a few mid-Cent
chairs, my easel, paints & brushes, stacks of canvases
music, coffee, and my fluffy white cat Busk..

'2 or 3 things I know'


P.s. May have to cut some French doors in that wall
on the left - a Swedish girl needs her light & fresh air..


manvi @ mochatini said...

i want an art studio too. and totally agree with cutting out windows..lots of them.
hope you are well dear.

MALVINI FF said...

ohhhhh ... in my dreams, this is my artstudio!


Charlotta Ward said...

Such a dream!
My current studio is a tad too small and doesn't have direct access to our garden.. Want something like this..

Malvini FF - :) My reaction precisely!


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