Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If I knew how..

I am experiencing some sort of side effect of Autumn
at the moment and can't get enough of decor that
includes some sort of knitted or crochet goods..

Sweet 'Sweet Paul' is a real handy-craft fan, and always
has a lot of fun knitted (and otherwise) decor on his blog.
How fun aren't some of these for Winter..?!

A knitted chair cover.. so cute!

Adorable too.

And if only I knew how, I would love to make one of
these blankets for Isabella. I know I can easily have one
made, but in my slightly conservative Swedish mind they
are only special when made by someone in the family..

Happy week my dears!



A Perfect Gray said...

that spread and that throw are HEAVEN. First time I have seen anything like those. (Honey, you are on a posting spree today, and it's wonderful...)

Charlotta Ward said...

:) Yes, I had a few posts sitting there wanting to get out..
Am signing off now though my darling and am off to the beach!

Have a lovely day and thanks for keeping me company!


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