Thursday, March 11, 2010

A little Swedish musical PR..

This blog isn't about music, however I wanted to
share with you a little Swedish secret - 'Miss Li'.

It is strange because here I am all nervous to share
with you that I love listening to Lisa Carlsson, when
I have no reservation what so ever to pour out my
likes and dislikes over design, interiors and styling..
Hmmm... gotta think about that one.. ;)

I love her quirky sound and the fact that she rose
from remote 'Borlänge' (nowhere) in Sweden and with the
release of 5 (good!) albums in three years! Impressive!
She writes her own music and apparently composed 
many of her songs at the keyboard of her own piano.

For some, her lyrics may be a bit immature at times,
but her superior voice control and interpretation of
the words are unbeatable and I so enjoy her style.

To me she is a quirky mix of cabaret, blues, Bjork (accent)
and Macy Gray (voice).. but with her very own unique sound.
Anyway, it may be something else to you - have a listen and
let me know what you think. Links via YouTube:


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Dear Charlotta, I must thank you for this amazing gift because that´s what it is!!! I looooooved her! thks ffor sharing!!

Did you already know Caro Emerald? So, I think you are gonna love her too. Please, take a look at this video on Youtube.

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