Friday, March 19, 2010

Magnificent maps..

As mentioned a little while ago I am seeing maps
and globes everywhere, and I must say this has
seeded a slight addiction in my mind now..


In this spirit I dusted off the old globe that was
lurking in a corner of the kids' playroom and plonked it
on the dresser in our dining room. I love it there!

via Country Horse Supplies
So here is a post with some map and globe pics for 
you my dears. Some better than others, but may serve
as good inspiration for your own map & globe quest.

Source unknown

via Creature Comforts

Habitually Chic

by Mikkel Vang

Plan de Turgot on scrren by Jansen ca 1950. How fabulous!

Butterfly maps via Imagesurgery

via Nuevo Estilo

via Apartment Therapy


by Steven Gambrel via Tumblr

 via Decor Pad

Don't they look great so say..!?

I am totally jealous of this lucky family who had a
whole room devoted to maps and exploring - HERE.

 via Velvet and Linen



A Perfect Gray said...

very nice collection. love that screen...

Lumo said...

We also have my husband's grandfather's old globe in our living room. Borders and even names of countries have changed, but the vintage globe is still lovely.

Charlotta Ward said...

The screen is fantastic! So precious and I want one.. perhaps with a vintage map of Stockholm.. Sigh..

Lumo - wonderful. I think what you say about the new and changed country names and borders is what make the old ones so special. Thanks for your comment - I appreciate hearing from you.

xx Charlotta

Christina @ greige said...

I love the maps and globes- great pictures.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Christina.
Yes aren't they great. I can spend hours looking at maps and love flicking through the atlas.

My kids share my interest and since I moved our old globe into the dining room they spend a lot of time looking for places they know.

Thanks for your comment and for your great posts lately. I am drooling every time I see what you have found! :)


Splendid Willow said...

So lovely Charlotta! Yes, it is hard to avoid the trend everywhere but I am still going to incorporate elements of this in William's room. I grew up with a globe in our living room (it lit from inside) and I remember always being so facinated about that big round world - that we all get to share! Cyber hug, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Thanks my dear. x
Yes globes are so special - any maps actually. Love them all.
I think they are an excellent inclusion in a kid's room!

Har hittat ett par jatte fina bilder at dig. Mailar senare i veckan.

Big hug Kram

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