Monday, March 15, 2010

Rays of sunshine!

What a wonderful treat to be given this award!

It was given to me by lovely Nona over at
'The Spirit of Abundance' and what made
my day was the reason she gave it to me;
(..and 4 other bloggers: Made In Heaven, Aratorp,
Dream House and The Essence of A Good Life..)

"I'm forwarding the Award to these wonderful blogs(ters) as a
THANK YOU & recognition for being a
true source of INSPIRATION to me and to so many others:"

Isn't that lovely!
I can think of no better compliment than to be
told I am a true source of inspiration so someone.
THANK YOU Nona - you made my day!

May I also haste to add that this multi-lingual girl,
runs an lovely & inspiring blog herself.
It has a real Scandinavian feel mixed with New England
influences, with lots of pics that make me miss home
so much it hurts! x :)

Here are some images from her blog..

 Sorry, but had to include this.. The 'outdoor loo' is a real
staple in most Swedish summer cottages..  :)

I hope you will visit her often, and when you do,
feel free to leave comments in Finnish, Swedish,
Dutch or English.. (have I left any languages out ?)

So, with the lovely 'Sunshine Award' in my hand I
would like to take the opportunity to highlight
some blogs that truly inspire me, and that I
hope will bring you the same amount of joy!
(please click on the banners to jump across)


Not only does this fantastic interior designer/stylist
from sunny California share my deep love for 'greige',
(gray) but she also manages to hit that exact spot of style
that inspires me pretty much every time she posts something.
In the below post (her 100th) about a 1763 sugar factory she said;

"I am just in awe! It is the perfect expression of what
I think Greige is. It is rough, raw, masculine and feminine at
the same time, warm and cool, grey but brown, soft yet industrial.. "

If you like this, you'll LOVE her blog!


Julia's elegant blog always introduces me to the most
inspiring designers, brands and style sources.  She is
truly gifted and I feel like a bright-eyed student in
her company, and find myself leaning in extra close
when reading her posts. I would like her to know what
a great inspiration she is to me and how much I love
reading what she brings to my attention. Truly!

Here are some visual extracts from Julia's blog:


Jenny's posts are fresh, clean and always stunning!
I love her take on design and style, and continue to
find amazing sources of inspiration and eye candy
over at her brilliant blog. I think you'll love it here!

Here are some of Jenny's brilliant finds:

Need I show you any more..? It is simply fabulous!
I love all of it!


'xuse the Swedish pun but this fabulous blog is like a
'smörgåsbord' of treats for the eye and creative self!
Written by Amanda, here in Australia, it spills over with
fresh, yummy and delightful inspiration for ultimate
weekend entertainment - actually entertainment in general.
I have only recently discovered this fresh & enchanting
blog and hope that you will love it as well!

Here are a few very apparent reasons to love 'Weekend Host'..


Another delightful blog is 'Brabourne Farm' - I am one of
her 700 devoted followers (!) and nearly fell over when I
noticed she is following my art blog. (thank you Leigh! x)

Leigh's blog is one of my addictions and though I only recently
began commenting I have been reading it for a while and love
her varied and interesting posts. Always inspiring & great!
(..don't forget to pop in to her kitchen blog as well..)

Here is a taste of what this talented style-spotter serves up..

There are SO many talented bloggers out there but
since this award only allows me to nominate five
I will end this award post here.. That said, I will
start to regularly introduce more of my favourite
blogs to you, so that you can share the inspiration.


Thanks again to Nona!

Congratulations to my five nominees!
I hope you will accept the award and that it
highlights how brilliant and inspiring you truly are!


Happy new week to all!

xx Charlotta


Urban Style Vibes said...

Congratulations! So well deserved! Thanks for the lovely links. I have a lot to read now;-)

The Spirit of Abundance said...

Dear Charlotta,

I'm at a total loss for words .... deeply touched .... and very honoured!! What an amazing posting you made, and such kind and sweet words you said about me :)!!

I guess there really is something magical about spreading positivity - it comes back to you tenfold :).


I will check out the blogs you nominated, as I'm sure they're a treat :).

Tack än en gång du Söta, och jag önskar dig en härlig vecka :)!!


MALVINI FF said...

My god this is a lovley extensive wonderful post! ... I scroll up and down and up and down again. I can't say what I like most? ..

Annaewa said...

Hallå där Charlotta!!Tack för din kommentar! Jättemysig blogg...bilden högre upp, vit soffa med enorma svarta sammetskuddar...ME LIKE...väldigt mycket!!Det var ju jättemånga bilder här som inspirerade mig otroligt mycket!Ha en trevlig tisdag!
Kram Annaewa

Christina @greige said...


Thank you so much for including me! What a great group to be with!

All the best,

Brabourne Farm said...

Hi Charlotta

Thank you so much for this lovely award and post - it's so nice to know that you are enjoying BF. Leigh

Splendid Willow said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved! Some rays of sunshine indeed!

Ox, Mon

Jenny said...

Thanks, Charlotta!!

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