Monday, March 8, 2010

So romantic!

Photo by Jo Ramos via 'Made by Girl' blog.

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Urban Style Vibes said...

This is sooooo sweat! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog the other day. And I really apreciate your tips for my new blog design! Hope all is fine with you and your kids!


Lise M.

Anna said...

Dear Charlotta,
thanks for your sweet comments about my italian blog Alle tre....da Bertoli.
Your blogs are extremely creative and inspiring as well!
Let's stay in touch!


Anna said...

Cara, mi piace tanto il tuo blog!!
Complimenti, a presto.Anna.

Charlotta Ward said...

Lise - you are so welcome. I love reading your finds and also happy to see some of referrals back here. Happy to share my finds with you in return for a link-back.
Kids are both better though still not entirely well. Life is easier when they are healthy and happy! x

Anna - gracie. Mi pieace il tuo blog anche. Veramente belissimo!
And here I have probably got you laughing about my poor Italian.. :) Sorry, I thought I'd try!
I do love your blog and look forward to seeing it grow.

Have a lovely week girlies!


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