Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tolix when they are at their best..

I love beaten up Tolix chairs. 
Much nicer than the new ones..

Malvini Belgium



Vintage Simple said...

Yes. I do, too. Beautiful.


Splendid Willow said...

Beautiful they are. But I wonder how comfortable they really are. I have never sat in one! Maybe with an extra sheep skin, what do you think?

Love, Mon

A Perfect Gray said...

O, Mon, you, me, and Charlotta must be joined at the hip. just wondering about comfort, too...anybody know....?

Charlotta Ward said...

Maria - yes aren't they just gorgeous!

Miss Gray - they aren't bad to sit in, but not brilliant either. Best for a kitchen table or similar where you might not have guests sitting for too long..
Mon - Sheepskin.. I love them. They look great on anything really. Especially the curly grey kind that we can find in our beloved motherland!
Should keep one in my handbag really.. one never know when one might need it..


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