Friday, April 30, 2010

Authentic 1920s house...

I nearly fell over when I saw this over at Emmas blogg
it's a house from my hometown Eskilstuna, in Sweden..

I was even more surprised when I followed the link to
her source and found that the person who blogged this
was a girl I think I know.. It turns out she is indeed someone
I have come across in my home town, as she has worked
for the local rag (hence the recognition), however though
we are roughly the same age we did't go to the same schools.

Anyway.. The house these clever girls blogged about is
fantastic and very authentic. It's a duplex from the 1920s
located in a nice part of town. The house has kept many of
the original features and I simply love places from the 20s.
The rooms are large, light and airy. The ceilings tall and clean
leaving ample room for a lot of creativity and fun details.
Also adore the double doors and wide portals everywhere.

Though I love the bones and structural make-up of this place,
my own style may be a tad less boho. That aside I really enjoyed
this little house tour. Here have a look and see what you think..

The floors are magnificent and I love the glossy black! Though
I innately am such a whites and neutrals person, I am leaning more
and more towards black these days. Probably a phase, but I am so
drawn to dark colours right now. A little contrast is always nice!

The blue cabinet looks fantastic and so does the entrance.
Just look at the light and space of this hallway. Heaven!

Everyone has a bicycle in Sweden - it is lovely, and I like the fact
that somehow they look so right inside the house too... The work
station made up by a vintage table and divine Eames chairs is great.
The Apple Mac is identical to the one I am typing from right now. :)

More lovely floors and light filled rooms...

..and how gorgeous isn't that cabinet. I'd say from ca 1910-1920.
Hard to see from here, but divine it is indeed.

A little more Eames (clearly fans..) teamed with travel treasures.

This kitchen reminds me of my very first school. A wonderful old
mansion building from the early 1900s with 50 pupils in composite
class set ups. The tiles on the walls are great and something I like
so much. Especially if they happen to come from Swedish Höganäs,
who as you may know also supplied the roof tiles for the fantastic
Sydney Opera House (designed by Danish legend Jørn Utzon).

x Charlotta


shari @ little blue deer said...

I like it Charlotta! I like the clean style with the color pops! Isn't it a small blog world? I love that about blogging, you definitely never know who you'll meet! Have a fabulous weekend, love!


Oh my goodness, it is such a small world, isn't it? How fun to see a house posted from the other side of the world belonging to someone you knew! This house is just another example of why I'm crazy for Swedish homes! :) Have a lovely weekend, Charlotta!

Fiona Cartolina said...

There is something about this space that I absolutely love. The white walls the light - lots of old windows - just love it. Thanks for this great post! Have a good weekend Charlotta.

Design Esquire said...

What an interesting house! I love the mix of old and new.

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes such a small world and what are the chances..!? Eskilstuna is not London.. We're talking ca 90 000 people in what used to be an industrial city with no flair at all.
In the last say 10 years this has changed drastically and with only 1 hour to Stockholm by train, this gorgeous lake-side city has become a hot spot.

I love that I was able to blog something from 'home'. :)

Happy weekend to all you lovely girls, and thanks for stopping by.

x Charlotta

Kerry said...

Great house, and as I am more than a little boho..felt right at home there! It never ceases to amaze me what a small world it really is.

Charlotta Ward said...

I love how small the world is. The 'Kevin Bacon theory' is so true isn' it!? :)

Have a lovely weekend Kerry and congratulations again on the lamp.
Am expecting to hear back from Maree next week and will pass on your thanks to her as well.

x Charlotta

Sarah B said...

Hi Charlotta! I really like this house, it has great bones. I like the interior design but I'd have to throw in a few florals :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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