Friday, April 2, 2010

A Creative Mint - thinking of Leslie

Leslie over at 'A Creative Mint' has just lost her
beloved father and is facing extremely painful times.

Loosing my father, mother or any close family or 
friend is my absolute nightmare - especially whilst
sitting so far away from home. Unbearable thought!
I feel the pain Leslie is going through and hope that 
she is surrounded by loved ones who can share her grief 
and support her through this. Only love & time can heal.
Please visit her blog and leave a comment so that she
knows that her friends here in the 'Cyber World' also care.

Leslie if you read this, know that I am thinking of you!

Love to all.



A Perfect Gray said...

Charlotta, would you mind posting a link to a creative mint...I can not seem to get there...daffy me...thanks! Donna

Charlotta Ward said...

Donna, Thanks for letting me know.
Link there now.

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