Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Detox bonanza..

Three or so times a year my dear husband & I embark on a 4-8 week 'body detox 'where we cut out all aspects of life that cloud, pollute, or otherwise slug our bodies, brains and life in general.

Now is such a time, and two days into the regime I am feeling the not so great side-effects.. With a pounding head, aching joints and a general feeling of tiredness & discomfort I am more than well aware of the good this detox is doing me...!

All the stored toxins in my body and organs are being released into my bloodstream and thereby eventually eliminating them. Though it is pretty tough right now, I know that in a couple of days I will start to reap the fruits of our efforts - I can't wait!

Soon I'll be feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed again!

x Charlotta


mnemonique said...

good luck! I have never done such detox.

deardesigner said...

Love the first image. Is that how you and huz will look after the detox?:-)

Splendid Willow said...

Oh no, scary! I am starting the same May
1st (together w. 8 others). And I have never done it before. And this one is for a full 4 weeks!'

Should I be prepared to crawl into my lttie cave and not come out for while????

How are you feeling now? Are you turning a corner?



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