Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fabulous Friedman..

I love the portfolio of Douglas Friedman, it is spilling over
with amazing photos of interiors and architecture.

Here is some eye candy..

x Charlotta


Splendid Willow said...

Oh blog sis! So lovely! Pic no. 8 is "so me" (as you have probably seen in my r. hand column). It is an all time favorite of mine!



Leah Moss said...

wow, he's responsible for some of my favorite pictures! The first four are my favorites with all the raw wood and soft whites. I love that peaceful look!

manvi @ mochatini said...

great find. the interiors are making my heart go pitter patter. the dining room looks divine. i can imagine all of us having a lovely brunch in it.

Nuit said...

way too good! I love the last image, cant stop staring at it!

tinajo said...

Oh, love the crisp feeling I get from this! :-)

Thanks for finding such great pics!

(I write in english on your blog since it feels more polite. Have a great day!)

sheila said...

Charlotta! Love the white, so a change for me but a tranquil and minimal feel! You have a gift on my page :)

A Perfect Gray said...

image no. 7 does it for me! loved those shots...

Marija said...

Mr. Friedman is totally new to me. I love his work!! What is it about white walls that make me want to start all over in my own home.

I have to admit though, I have tried it. Unfortunately, I like a little more oomph in my own space. Not that these don't have oomph but you know what I mean. Love it to look at (aLOT) but need something much different at home. Though our old house had a cool white painted brick fireplace. Never thought to do it in a chevron pattern but then again, it was there when we bought it. All we did was paint :)


sinnlighet said...

What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Helt Enkelt said...

beautiful pictures. like the one with all the lamps....nice...

det är inget farligt med axeln. fick bara så himla ont av allt målande ;)))
nu känns det bättre å snart är nog skåpet ommålat igen!

ha det fint!


sarah, flourish design + style said...

I love the 8 + 0 bookcases! xo


Carlotta, the dining room with all the lanterns & hanging white fixtures amazes me. I love all these super large tables now, especially ones in the kitchen just loaded with goodies.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my darlings! :)

How lovely to see you all love Friedman so much! He is truly amazing and his portfolio so full of yummy eye candy and inspiration.
I saved a ton of photos and can see how some of them will stay with me for a very long time.

Thank you all for leaving a comment. It really means so much to me to hear from you!

xx Charlotta

Charlotta Ward said...

Tina - sa gullig du ar som skriver pa Engelska1 Jag gor det samma pa din blogg da jag (som du ser) inte har nagra Svenska vokaler..

Jatte kul att du tittar in har hos mig!

Anna-Malin - hej, vad kul att du ar har! Jag tanker pa dig och ditt vackra hem sa ofta! Den dar Bjorken har etsat sig fast pa hornhinnan!
Vad skont att det inte ar nagon storre skada. Du far mala lite lugnare.. :)

Stor kram och njut av den harliga Svenska varen!!
Sjalv forbereder jag hus och hem for host. Harlig ritual det ocksa!

Kram Kram igen

x Charlotta

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