Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Latest Lonny loveliness..

The 4th issue of Lonny magazine is out and it looks fab! 

It is the first of their first annual 'green issue', which is packed
with fantastic sustainable design, ideas and general eye candy.

The chest.. *sigh*

  This one had me dizzy - just love that worn wing back chair, the bamboo 
blinds , vintage rug and general mix match of this room.. 

And though the theme is 'green', I can't help but love the 'blues'
that in celebration of 2010 comes through everywhere..

..that little stool is fantastic.. and the floors!

More fabulous bamboo window dressing - I am so for this
at the moment.. Also loving the deep blue walls and bird pillow!
I just love little 'moments' like these around the house..

 Looking forward to a quiet moment to sit down and read!


1 comment:

manvi @ mochatini said...

love that teal chair!! i was going to post it before the mac crashed. love seeing it here. and am so loving all the eco-friendly products featured in this issue.

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