Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orangerie dream

Did you see Greet's amazing post on 'orangeries'?
If not, please click across now and take in all the beauty
she shared in her post. I'd love to have a 'glass house' and
I particularly fell for this one - just look at the setting!

Image from 'Beligan Pearls'

I think Greet's words to this picture are just right;
"Can you imagine?.."


xx Charlotta


Alexandra said...

I also love orangeries. This was really nice. I found you through Solid Frog. Really nice to find your lovely blog. Have a nice day!

La sonrisa de Hiperión said...

Encantador blog el tuyo, un placer haberme pasado por tu espacio...

Saludos y un abrazo enorme.

Charlotta Ward said...

Am glad that you like my blog, and am so sorry I can't write back in Spanish. No hablo Español.. :) It is so many years since I took it at school..

I hope you visit again. It was nice to meet you!


x Charlotta

Greet said...

Dear Charlotta!
Thank you for mentionning my post about orangeries!
Big hug my friend!

Charlotta Ward said...

Greet lovely - I love everything you write and share with us!

Thanks for the inspiration for this post.

x Charlotta

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