Friday, April 23, 2010

Rock on...

I have an old rocking chair almost identical to this one.

Image via Style Files

It was once my grand mothers, and I have lovingly kept
it in storage back in Sweden for years. It is black and worn
like the one in the picture, only one of the armrests has come
off and I think one of the legs is a bit wonky. I love it so!

I also think rocking chairs are on the way back in
a big way, so grab hold if you come across one!

x Charlotta


IslandHome said...

Oooh that's the perfect chair, I've been hunting high and low for one for a few months now and can't find anything that's just right - either it looks fab but is uncomfortable or it's comfy but blah in the looks department. When I find it I'm sure I'll never part with it. Sounds like you have quite a furniture collection spread out across the world!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello - yes, I do. I have the first half of my life in Sweden. The rest has moved around the world with me and is currently in Australia.

One day I will unite both parts and life will be complete!

x Charlotta

IslandHome said...

I know what you mean! I sold my house in Christchurch, moved back to where I grew up and a lot is in storage until I build (quite a way down the track). So for now I live with my folks in the house I grew up in, it's a big country home so nowhere as terrible as it might sound. For me it means I can live in the country again (where I plan to build) which I love rather than rent or buy another place in town. I'm fortunate with the big house I can have quite a few of my own things around me and we all have similar tastes so it seems to work!

Vintage Simple said...

We have a very similar rocking chair, too... Bill's mom used to rock him on it when he was a baby and then I rocked Noah on it when we was born. It a very special rocking chair... (I hope your your two parts will unite soon, Charlotta dear.)


Charlotta Ward said...

Island girl - It sounds like heaven to be able to go back to your childhood home! (I dream of..) You are very fortunate. Enjoy it! xx

Maria - have missed you.x
How wonderful that you have one that has been passed on like that. You must remember to have everyone carve or write their name under the seat.
Also, thank you on your sweet wish that my two parts will connect soon. It is my dream! xx

Lots of love to all!

x Charlotta

Greet said...

Charlotta! Lucky girl! Thar chair is sooo beautiful!
Gorgeous to have one as this standing in your living room!

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