Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Singita Lebomo Lodge

How about this soothing haven of a guest lodge, that is
set high above the Kruger National Park in South Africa!? 

The lodge offer a total of 15 luxury suites, all designed in a 
'contemporary-meets-local-craftsmanship-style' that is so 
soft on the eye that I feel relaxed just browsing their gallery.

It has taken its name after the 'Lebomo Euphorbia tree', and
there is certainly a lot of wood used in the amazing interiors.

Each suite has sweeping decks from which you can watch 
the wild- life unfold in the national park below. You can even
spend the night on the bed that complements each private deck.
How amazing wouldn't that be - can you imagine the sounds
from the wild-life beneath!? I'd love to do that. How exciting!

For more information click HERE and 
to see more images click HERE.

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x Charlotta


Carole said...

This place is amazing. I was in S.Africa last year but my bed was a foam mat and a sleeping bag. How the other half live!!

s a n s k u :) said...

love, love, love!

Leigha said...

I think I am destined for a luxury get away in South Africa! I am always drawn to these exotic and rustic (in a lovely way) lodges. How about that bathroom?!?!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello munchkins,

Yes this place is truly magic and yes Leigha I am with you on the bathroom.. *sigh*.
After a long bath in there I'd be game to sleep under the starry African skies too and take in the abundance of noice from the wildlife below. For sure.

Happy weekend to all of you!

x Charlotta

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