Friday, April 30, 2010

Stockholm loft..

How about this lovely loft apartment in central Stockholm!?

One of the things I love about Stockholm are all the beautiful
portals and entrance ways. They are so distinguished somehow.

I find it a real crime to install fake floors in a authentic place like
this, however love that they have kept the original structural beams.
I'd rip out the interiors and start over, but can you see the potential!?

Also love how they have rendered some of the original brickwork
and used the natural shapes to form sculptural elements. Those little
steps on the wall on the right are so divine. Love the impact it has
and would fill every single one of them with candles.. Love candles!

I quite like the contrast of a modern kitchen in this space but not
the skinny tall chairs. In another space perhaps, but not here.

The bathroom seems very nice too and I wish I had a shower that spacious.


x Charlotta


s a n s k u :) said...

i wish this apartment was mine. i love stockholme. especially gamla stan.

Urban Style Vibes said...

Wow Charlotta, such a great find! Love this!


Lise M.

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes, Stockholm is awesome and I wish this place was mine. An attic place with original features would be a dream!

Sansku - am with you on 'Gamla Stan' only I hear from friends who own there that it gets extremely hot in summer due to the tight alley ways. No air..

Hope you're both having a great weekend.

x Charlotta

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