Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thank you Marija! xx

Today I received the most wonderful email that not only made
me glow with happiness all day, but also made me sit down
and think about how important the blog world is to me, and all
of us who take time to research, write and share our inner most
thoughts, desires and treasured finds here in this virtual world.

The email was from Marija who writes a wonderful blog called 
'Holding Court' (..when she is not a busy interior designer and
mother of two in Chicago..). Well she is always a mother of two,
but you understand what I mean.. Though this kind spirited girl
angel has only blogged at 'Holding Court' since mid-January
2010, she already has over 100 loyal followers, and she always gets
a large number of loving comments on her brilliant posts. If this
alone does not prove that she is someone special, then read on..

"Just a quick email to let you know how much I've appreciated 
your thoughtful comments....on my blog as well as others.  
I also love your blog.  It's real and interesting and you don't try
to be something you're not.  And I mean that in the best way possible.  
There are bloggers trying to post a certain way, comment a certain 
way, make friends with certain bloggers and all along, they're losing 
themselves.  Or at least not showing themselves.  I hope that doesn't 
sound preachy.  Just wanted you to know I respect what you're 
putting out there.  I knew we were kindred spirits when I read your
Aubrey Road  post and then the comment you left on my post about
my daughter's  9th birthday.  I'm glad we've met. Gave you a
mention in my most recent post.  Check it out. Hope you approve :) 

You can understand that this stopped me in my tracks and had me
truly teary for a good while before I could even go across to her blog
and read the post she wrote about me. She calls it "a mention", but
it is so much more than that! It's a genuine, sweet and truly kind post
that says so many nice things about me that I had to get a big box
of double layered tissues. I felt/feel so loved and appreciated!

 (NB! All images are borrowed from 'Holding Court' - please go there for the original sources.)

If you are not familiar with Marija's blog, please do yourselves a
favour and jump across right now. It is so well written! She totally
has a way with words! (..and please note that she learned English
at the age of 5. Her mother tongue is Croatian!) A clever reader once
so rightly said "Marija, you are like a flash of brilliance". She
truly is a flash of brilliance - in fact she is one of my fave reads!
She has me completely wrapped from the heading to the final
full stop, and I could not be more certain that you all will feel
exactly the same when you start reading 'Holding Court'!

 (NB! All images are borrowed from 'Holding Court' - please go there for the original sources.)

Here are links to some of her brilliant posts.. I am showing you only
one from each month, but I do not kid you when I say I could just as
well have streamed her whole blog through to here. ALL her posts 
are good, and I find myself purring with excitement every time
they pop up in my inbox. Without further ado, here are a few
that I particularly enjoyed, from January to the now..

(NB! All images are borrowed from 'Holding Court' - please go there for the original sources.)
January 2010 - 'First Impressions'
In this post she writes so beautifully about one of her closes
friends in the world - actually the lucky woman she refers to
is more like a sister to her, though not by blood. By heart!

I love that she started blogging and the way she does it!
I also loved this post (also Feb) about passing on special
treasures.. I totally support the monogrammed world!

In (Feb and) March I read wonderful posts labelled 'Hearsay',
where Marija introduces a compilation of the best things she
saw/read in the past week.. So full of divine links and finds!

This picture made me sure I had died and gone to heaven!

Then came April when I cried (yes again..) over the beautiful
post she wrote about her daughter Olivija on her 9th birthday
  'Rite of passage'

And here would be one of the photos of her stunning daughter,
but I don't believe in posting pictures of other people's children
on my blog just because I feel like it so the spot is left blank...

I also think you should take the time to read 'Happy Talk' -
a post about the sad and unnecessary negativity in blogland,
and of course you must read her fantastic post named 'Inspiration'
that got me writing this long response of in heartfelt gratitude for
having been more than just "mentioned".. xx

Cory, Nigel and Olivija! I hope you know how lucky you are to
to share your lives and house with this woman! She is a rare find!

Thank you again Marija - you really did make my day!
AFI your friend,
xx Charlotta

P.S. .. and for God's sake don't forget to read THIS post where
Marija shares a wonderful list of personal suff as part of an award
that she so truly deserves! And yes that is her house! And she managed
the entire build from pre-build bulldozer to lantern on front steps!!!


Living It At Home said...

I too am a big fan of Marija's. She is a brilliant writer. I would love to see her write a book!

I enjoyed reading this post and look forward to following you!

I would live to invite you to stop by my blog and have a visit. I would love to hear what you think! : )

Living It At Home said...

oops! meant to write I would "like" to invite you to stop by! : )

The Zhush said...

Holding Court is one of my must reads! I adore that Marija!

Terri said...

Charlotta - you have the best blog recommendations! My Google Reader is getting packed... but that's ok. I just love "meeting" all these new people!

Nuit said...

YOU deserve every word... so true! we love ya darling =D

A Casa da Vá said...

you guys are SO cute!

Design Esquire said...

I'm over from Holding Court. I had to check out the person that Marija spoke so highly of! I can't wait to explore your blog.

Kerry said...

It's so lovely to read about genuine blog friendships. Marija's blog was how I found yours just a few days lucky finds are abounding this week! All the best for your continued friendship...there are some that are just that bit more special, like in the real world I guess. Not that everyone who takes time to read and comment isn't special of course!

Karena said...

I agree Marija's site is wonderful and she is very gracious and indeed an original!!
So glad you featured her Charlotta.

Art by Karena

Charlotta Ward said...

Jamilyn - hi and welcome to my blog. Yes she is fantastic. Writes like a poet and always puts her point across so well! I am in awe of her brilliance.
I popped over to your blog and it is lovely. Left you some comments and will definitely pop in again. Happy weekend to you and thanks again. x

Sue - Yup she rocks this one! xx

Terri - thank you! Glad you follow them up and hope you enjoy the reading. Marija's blog is spectacular. In all respects!

Nuit - thank you sweetie! So good to have you back. Missed you. xx

Vanessa - thank you. xx

Christine - Thank you for coming over and thank you to Marija for sending you here! Hope you like what you find and that you come back often. I have read some great posts over at your blog too.

Kerry - Yes, that is what I love the most about the blog world, and Marija's post was so unexpected and sweet. She totally didn't see my long sappy reply coming either, but I hope she takes it for what it is. I am so genuinely moved by what she did.

Karena - thank you. Yes, Marija deserves to be featured and I hope a lot of new readers find their way to her blog. Hope you are well. Haven't seen you around for a little while.

Happy weekend all!

x Charlotta

A Perfect Gray said...

Charlotta, how wonderful to receive a message like that; I know it just makes your day (week, really!) But so true - I think your genuine-ness shows through in everything you post.

Thank you for the sweet note; I had just been thinking of YOU, too. For some crazy reason my reader had skipped your posts for a day or two and I thought, "where is Charlotta?..." So I checked SFI, only to see that I had missed several days...

But now I am behind on checking on my favorites - life interferes - in good ways - my son is in high school tennis play-offs and we are giving a party for a friend's daughter who is getting married...

Miss you and hope to get back to you and SFI SOON! Love to you, Donna

Marija said...

I am actually blushing. I am beyond flattered. I hope you know how sincerely I value meeting someone I instantly connected with half a world away. Thank you for this amazingly sweet post...and I'm glad you were moved by mine :)

AFI indeed.

xoxo, Marija

Charlotta Ward said...

How I felt too when I read yours. You are lovely Marija and I am so happy we met. Can't wait to continue to develop our friendship.

Lots of love and thanks again for your friendship!


Splendid Willow said...

Ohhhh Charlotta what a wonderful post x 2! You so deserve all the love and appreciation for your fantastic blog (and for lovely you!). And it seems like you have found a most talented and generous blog friend! All fun!

Happy weekend to you and your family.

Love, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Hej Monika - Thank you. You know how much it means to me to receive such loving support from the wonderful friends I have met here.
Marija is gorgeous and it was so unexpected. It has made my day/week/bloglife!
Have a relaxing weekend. I hope you get some rest and that you can gain some strength after what has been a tough week. I know you are strong, but also exhausted. Loving hugs! x sis

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