Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you!

I owe a big thank you to my lovely friend and blog sis
Monika Claassen, writer of 'Splendid Willow'.

Paper montage on acrylic
Monika did a lovely post about my work, something
I don't talk about much in this blog but that is a big
part of who I am. I won't tell you the story behind
how I ended up with a paintbrush in my hand now, 
but promise to come back and share a bit more later.

In the meantime, here are some snippets from my folio.
There are a lot more to view on my work blog - HERE.

Paper montage on acrylic

All my murals are drawn freehand and painted from scratch.

Typical styling board for a Client. This one on a shoestring budget.
Acrylic paint on cotton duck canvas. 
What I do want to say is 'TUSEN TACK' to Monika,
it was very sweet of you to highlight me on your very
very beautiful blog - I am so grateful (and humbled),
and I promise to get myself sorted on the Etsy thing..

A big THANKS to Leigh over at Brabourne Farm for also
posting about me, and lovely Manvi at Mochatini,  Leni
at Crea Diem, Malin at Helt Underbart and Fiorello
for doing the same. I am so happy & grateful you did! xx


I was also thrilled to recently be interviewed recently
on the 'Who Hub' network. Invited by another member
I answered a series of great and interesting questions.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE.


Last but not least, I would a big thanks to Priscilla Barros,
the clever lady behind 'Little Miss Heirlooms' and the
editor-in-chief of newly launched online mag 'Babykins'.
The magazine is packed with exciting ideas, information,
links, features and products for trend seeking families.

Priscilla did an email interview with me a few months
ago and has run parts of it along with some images in 
the latest issue of her magazine. THANK YOU Pricilla!

Pricilla, I hope the magazine does really well - best of luck!

Thank you again to everyone who has highlighted my work.

xx Charlotta


A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful work, Charlotta. what wonderful pieces you create. I know they bring lasting happiness to many. congratulations on your recent press; it is so well deserved. you are lovely inside and out....

Anne said...

Your work is full of sweetness and whimsy. Congratulations on being featured by so many sources! I am very happy for you. Well done, my friend!

I so appreciate the comments you leave for me. It seems you understand where I am coming from in looking at decor as not just a collection of pretty things, but as being inherently connected to who we are deep inside. It is much like art in that regard.

Take care,

Terri said...

I love your work! It's so whimsical & sweet... so wonderful!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi guys,

Donna - thank you for your sweet comment. I think you are so lovely too! xx I really do.

Anne - I am so glad to have crossed roads with you and yes, I think we understand each other. I share your values and feeling about design and spaces having a deeper meaning.

Terri - thank you love. So glad you like this. xx

Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone.

xx Charlotta

Splendid Willow said...

Yeah, girl!!! Whatever you chose to do in life with your design eye is going to be success. But see how many people appreciate you wonderful artistic side! Don't hide it from us!

Much love,


Charlotta Ward said...

Tusen tack Mon!
Thank you for pushing me - I need it!
xx sis

Anzu said...

I think your work is fantastic and has a really distinctive look to it.
Perhaps we could work together sometime in the future? Do you ever do licensing deals?

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Anzu - Thank you for your enthusiasm. It means a lot!
I would love to work together - would be so much fun. I do work on license sometimes and is something I am wanting to do more of.
I am very exciting. Just drop me an email when or if you have a project.

The rest of my folio is over at the other blog, and feature already sold work. Most my orders are one-off or bespoke. I can work flexibly.

Thanks again.

xx C

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