Thursday, April 8, 2010

There is a time..

I love this little newspaper ad!

It may not be new, but it will for sure always be relevant.

I love people who have manners - you know, effortlessly so.
I think being 'occasion appropriate' and generally polite,
thoughtful and caring can bridge all gaps in life & society.

Ad found HERE.


Oh... and I haste to add that (just in case my dear huz is reading)
that if one feels that this is best done with a little something
from Tiffany's (or any other classic jeweler for that matter!),
then I think that would be just fine too.. :) N'est-ce pas?


Marshall said...

you got it my darling wife! :)
Huz xxxx

Charlotta Ward said...

Mwwaah! You are a lovely huz!

Wife xxx

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