Saturday, May 22, 2010

A dash of country magic..

Some mixed 'Australian Country Style'
inspiration for you my little kittens.

Loving the art on the wall - am thinking chalkboard colour on
wood with freehand chalk drawing on top. A coat of fixative and
matte varnish spray et voila these yummy pieces could be mine.

There was a time in my life when I had a real thing for cows.
Well I still do actually, and I must say that cow skins used in
decor gets me every time. Am sorry to mention that in context
of a picture with living cows in it.. Way back when, in my very
first little apartment in Sweden, I was the proud owner of a 'cow
collection' - I called it my 'cowlection' and thought that was so
clever and funny.. Tired sigh..  The idea was to collect a whole
big flock and to eventually display them in a sort of library that
I would refer to as my 'barn'. Sadly my collection evaporated as
I started travelling and I only have two or three left now. 

All images 'Australian Country Style' magazine
Am loving this chair and thinks the colours work very well. 
The room at large may be a tad too 'country' pour moi, but
it does have that apple-pie kind of effect on me though and
I can see how it would be a totally divine weekend hide-away.

Speaking of which, I hope you are all having a nice weekend.

xx Charlotta


sharon said...

Hi Charlotta, I love these pictures especially the top one. Like the way the colour has gone across the paper onto the wall.
Hadn't seen your last post, WHAT a sweet picture!
A good weekend to you to

A Room For Everyone said...

I love the room, particularly the chair. I like brown and blue together..I love your story about the cowlection! Rachaelxx

Vicki said...

Love the art on the walls...very me...reminds me of monoprints but it looks like it could be charcoal wall drawings. Wouldn't you love to just have the guts to do that to a wall in your home!!!

A Write Life said...

I agree the chair looks amazing. Love it.

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