Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ellen Pompeo's Hollywood hideaway

 Whilst visiting Paris for the couture shows Ellen Pompeo met the man
who was to design her Hollywood home, Mr Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

Having just bought a classic 1920s Spanish-style villa in Hollowood, Ellen
and her music producer husband Chris Ivery, soon appointed Martyn to
create a personable home with strong reference to Morocco, Spain, Tuscany
and the South of France. The result is this - a casual, warm and charmingly
rustic yet elegant home without a hint of diva or Hollywood pretentiousness.

Goreous mix of rustic and refined, including a vintage dhurrie and custom-made
sofa by Martyn himself. Love the colours here and also that black/white photgraph
propped up against the wall. As you know I am a sucker for large b/w pictures and
you will see plenty of this kind through out the house. Also completely adore that
tea table in the far left corner, and of course the massive lead framed window. Sigh..

This clearly is the other end of the above gorgeous living area.. I am not sure if there
are two vintage dhurries or if there is just one very long one. A true dhurrie is most
often a little bit smaller as they are intended for meditation or table adornments, but also
large ones (up to 20 feet long) are made for social gatherings and events. Either way
anything hand woven off an Indian loom is beautiful in my book and I'd love to own one
of these amazing 'rugs' one day. I think this colour combination is irresistible. 

These lovely chairs were left behind by the previous owners.. Why doesn't that
ever happen to me!!?.. Also loving the Moroccan panel and the wood block table!

How about these beautiful custom-made uphostered screens by the architec?
Also particularly like the black/white photographs on the wall and the grey and
white stripe large pillows on the sofa. Woven sea-grass rugs are always nice too,
but I have vivid memories of throwing one out when Oscar was little as he kept
on hurting his little knees on it when he was learning to walk.. Poor little man!..

I think foyers and entryways are so important, don't you!? They are the first
point of reference when entering a house and really do set the mood for what
is to come. I think the textures here work very well and I am completely taken
by that large Chinese lamp (from Norman Turner) and the Moroccan ottoman.
Had it been my hallway, I would have moved that wonderful colour photograph
and replaced the small vase with a larger bunch of fresh cut flowers as I simply
can't live with out a nice big dose of nature present. Especially in hallways..

So nice and simple, and again a gorgeous example of mixing simple natural fibres
with some elegant subtle glam. Think that antique Chinese bamboo ladder works
very well here and adore the wide deep bathtub by Waterworks. Très chic indeed.

These 60s Moroccan-style brass lamps (from Orange Furniture) look like
copper to me, hence feeds my current obsession with warm & red metals.
Also think that antique Egyptian wall hanging and 50s West African pillows
look fantastic. So nice with a bit of burned red and ochre in a house like this.

True to my Swedish genes I do love a large and functional kitchen. This open
plan industrial style stainless steel kitchen with ample storage fits the bill for me.
Also think that large b/w photograph looks fantastic on top of the bench - you'll get
a sense of just how big it is when comparing it to the fridge standing next to it..

This may be my favourite room - kitchens and bright casual dining rooms
usually are.. This fantastic table is originally from a farmhouse in Guatemala,
and works a treat with the Moroccan styled lanterns above it. Like Ellen I also
use fruit and vegetables as an element of decor in my dining room. Love the bright
colours of seasonal produce and think they give such a grounding feel to a room.

All images by Tim Street-Porter for Elle Decor.

x Charlotta


Josefine said...

Gud så fint! Precis i min smak, gillar speciellt alla fina kuddar och brickborden på översta bilden. Vill ha!

Kram Josefine- at home

Miss Sew & So said...

oh that BATH.......hhhmmmmmm

Lumo said...

Oh, to be a Hollywood star... to have the means to buy and decorate the dream house.

Simone said...

Wow, what a home....very liveable though, not imposing at all.

You need to check out my blog....you were one of my winners!!!!


Nuit said...

oh I know!!! I saw it on Elle Decor and i was obsessed, her house is to kill... {well maybe not kill but I'd seriously make some major sacrifices!} I like Ellen's style in general a lot
she is great!

Leah Moss said...

One of my elle decor favorites!!! This issue is still sitting beside my bed so that I can peek at it before drifting off to dream :)

Stripes never looked so chic as in that living room!

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