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The Lumo Sydney Tours - Wonderful Woollahra (part 1)..

I am so thrilled to let you know that one of my lovely readers
is coming to Sydney in July. She goes under the the name 'Lumo'
and is based in beautiful Finland, way up there on top of the world.

A little while ago she asked if I could collate some of my fave
Sydney spots for her and post these here on Space for Inspiration.
I'd do anything for my friends and so with camera & note book in
hand I marched off to a divine area of town called 'Woollahra'
which is located in the heart of the 'Eastern Suburbs' of Sydney.

 Photos by Charlotta Ward

Woollahra is old money. It's distinguished yet unpretentious and
wonderfully eccentric with a European feel. We used to live in 
one of the tree-lined back streets of this part of town, and I felt
so at home here and would spend hours exploring every corner.

 Photos by Charlotta Ward

The people are all quality but in a very understated manner and
at the same time they are charmingly quirky with a nice artsy
feel to them. In between clusters of international consulates the
quaint streets are packed with great little cafes, boutiques, galleries
antique stores, restaurants and amazing town houses. It is a pleasure
to go for a walk here and I always feel so inspired having done so.
 When the lovely Lumo-girl comes to town I want her to grab 
her man by the hand and follow the dotted pink trail... Prepare
to spend the entire day in this area and also ensure you brief your
other half on the necessity of being a patient & good boy
whilst you browse the amazing shops I am about to show you.. 

(The blue trail is the upper part of Woollahra into Paddington -
and is an entirely separate post.. To come very soon. xx)

 Lumo-dear, just click on the map to enlarge it. Saved in XL format so that you can print easily.. xx

Sooo. Though you can walk here from where you'll be staying, I
would propose you hop on the train from Town Hall and get off
at Edgecliff station. Please don't let the sight of the station get you
down, as soon as you have walked up the first big chunk of Ocean
Street you will start to experience the true beauty of Woollahra.

In fact when you come up past Trelawney Street you will soon see
an amazing little antique store called 'Imagine This' - an absolute
treasure trove for home grown and French Continental furniture etc.

How great aren't this encased Compoise clock (left), and the 12 panel zinc mirror!!? 

Across the street (on the corner of Forth and Ocean Street) you will
find another of cute shopping spot called 'Piggots Store'. This is
a quaint & colourful little boutique - like a lolly shop for decor
hungry gals like us really. Make sure you check out the fabulous
black base pineapple lamps when you are in there. I love them!

You can tell from the shop front what a playful & happy place this is!!

Whilst having crossed the street, just walk up to the next
corner of Ocean Street and Queen Street and pop into another 
amazing little antiques store called 'Par Terre Collectibles'.

 Photos by 'Par Terre'

This place is Heaven on Earth and their fantastic pieces sell
quicker than lightening. Watching them unload their delivery
trucks onto the storage port is like watching a catwalk parade!
Here you can buy anything from an intact 18thC wishing well
for the garden and to 17thC over-sized church bells, to mid-C
lighting, old French shipping lanterns and exquisite furniture.

OK, so now I should tell you to turn left onto Queen Street so
that you can pop into yet another amazing antiques store called
'Sally Beresford Antiques', however I know that your husband is
in dire need of either a stiff drink or a strong cup of coffee now..
 Photos by Charlotta Ward

So cross the street and walk down onto Queens Street towards
the cafes and restaurants. Pretend you need to catch your breath
when you pass 'Shapiro Auctioneers'.. This little gallery is very
reputable and highly regarded in the industry for their collections.

Photos by Charlotta Ward

Now grab a coffee, a freshly squeezed juice, or a little bite to eat
for that matter, and plonk yourselves on one of the stone benches
on the side walk like a local. Or sit down at one of the cute little
bistros across the street and enjoy the stream of people and their
well dressed dogs (dogues!) for a moment before you continue..

Here, I too will take a break. I'll be back later with part 2
of this 'Wonderful Woollahra' tour for the lovely Lumo-girl.

xx Charlotta


Lumo said...

Dear Charlotta

When I asked if you could give few ideas for Sydney, I didn't imagine you would go all the way with note book and camera and preparing a walking tour with a map...

You have done such a great job! This will keep us leisurely busy at least for a day.

Don't worry about Husband, he is such a good boy, never complains if I want to go shopping during our trips... It helps that he also is into discovering new areas, walking & antique stores. Your suggestions truly look interesting! I hardly can wait for a wonderful day in Woollahra!

I have to say the guidebooks I have read don't give justice to this area. So many interesting places I would never have founded without you! I will pringt and glue your guide to my Moleskine book, where I collect addresss for Sydney and Queensland.

Looking forward to chapter 2.


The Spirit of Abundance said...

Hej vännen,

Wow, vilket toppenfint inlägg!! Så urgulligt av dig att göra allt detta for Lumo!! Hon är faktiskt en lyckans tjej :)!!

Sorry att jag inte har hört av mig! Går igenom en hel del 'changes' på hemmafronten som tyvärr hittills slukat en stor del av min energi. Så som det nu ser ut så går ja och min man förr eller senare våra skilda vägar .... Nå, allt har ju en mening, och oberoende vad som händer så vet jag att allt fixar sig på bästa möjliga sätt för oss allihopa. Och jag välkomnar med öppna armar allt nytt och positivt in i mitt liv :).

Hoppas ni alla mår bra!

En stor kram!!

xx Nona

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