Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mixed bag of loveliness..

Some time ago I started weeding my computer from the abundance of images I have
saved everywhere. For me this is a real side-effect of blogging to hoard eye candy and
 a true occupational hazard of working with art & design. I know you empathize.. x

I fall in love with a look, a mood, an idea, a colour combination or a design and want
to hold onto 'that thought', and whoops,  another 100 1000 images find a home here..

.. It drives my huz Marshall bonkers (in a loving way of course..) and he actually went
out and got me a brand new iBook for my birthday in an attempt to divert my passion
away from the large Mac work station we have in our office.. :) Mwah to him for this! x

So, I am being trying to be a good girl and tidy up as I go however of course I can't
just rid my lovely finds without sharing with you first.. x So I share this little visual
parade of fab with you now so we can marvel at the glory of these images together..
I feel better for knowing they are still accessible and safe in this wast and wonderful
Cyber storage cabinet that we all share & love. Hope you agree and enjoy this loot..

Posted by 'La Boheme', this Hong Kong restaurant (The French Window) looks amazing.
I love the olive chairs and black walls with the vertical art displays. What a fabulous idea!
The second image (right) is from an unknown source but I adore the whole idea of stacking
fire wood in bookshelves.. The quirk sits in total harmony of what I like. Because really it
looks damn great like that and I'd rather have my books piled on the floor in neat & aesthetic
stacks within reach of the comfy sofa.. And just any person that puts a large tray of candles
on an ottoman is a kindred spirit and friend.. You know how I absolutely adore candles!!..

The first one is via 'Anna Wolf' and I dig the attitude of that dog.. I too would love to snuggle up
in that fabulous bed underneath an even more splendid chandelier.. And don't get me started on
the size of that window.. I think it even slides up from the floor creating an indoor/outdoor feel..
Also, just look at this lovely bathroom that I found recently via VT Interiors.
Isn't the thinking behind this room excellent!? A library & a bathroom combined!!
All I miss here is a well stacked drinks trolley (or wine fridge..) and a good sound system.. Yes!

Indoor swings are a weakness of mine and I am not thinking of the kids when I say that.. I just like
the look of them and the whole idea of being able to sit on it and think.. The soothing swaying to
and fro still brings me the giggles I got as a wee girl. Again I fail to give you a source (help!?) on
this one, however the second one (with the large Kentia palm) is via Beth Connolly's 'Designer 
Challenge' guest post over at 'The Shiny Pebble'. As you know, I too did a design concept for
the lovely Catherine's dining room recently and you can read all about it HERE. If you fancy..
Also, the lovely Leigha from 'Elle Oh' is posting her contribution today, so pop over and say hi.

The dark yet chic drama of this room featured in 'Better Homes & Gardens' had me at first sight. Isn't it wonderfully feminine in a sober kind-a-way!? Love the clean lines & drops of pink.
No two is what I am missing right now... As the rain keeps on pouring down and the temperature
plummets in line with Winter's near arrival, I so miss the breezy warmth of early Australian summer.

Isn't this pink powder room gorgeous. It is not over-the-top cute or PINK in a way that a girl like I
can't stomach. Instead I find it chic and inviting, and I adore the modern lamp fitting and taps in
contrast with all this feminine glory (from Coastal Living via Color Sizzle). No two is just heaven,
and I particularly love the smokey/zink mirror panel/screen. Just generally, airy, light and open rooms
like this one hit the spot and I am totally drawn in. If I could just add a few elements of nature,
some candles, an edgier pillow on that gorgeous wing-back chair and I can move right in. Sigh..

All of what I see in that kitchen makes me weak at the knees! Thank you Country Living!!
No 2 is via 'Coastal Living' (again) and I fell for the soft mood of this room. The colours are
nice and I really like the layered rugs, the light grey walls, the Hydrangeas (!) & candelabra.

This bathroom appeals because of that enormous window. I love light and fresh air and am drawn
to rooms like this by default. It's a Swedish thing for sure.. and speaking of which, the fantastic
mirror was first spotted over at Lotta Agaton and then via Splendid Willow - two blogs that are written by amazing Swedish girls, and that you must keep on your permanent blog rolls!  This
particular picture though was featured on yet another great blog - Sara Klassen's 'Haute Design'.
I love the  contrast of the plain 'American typewriter' text on a large gilded mirror like so.. Yum!

In my new home in Sweden (we are moving there next year.. t.b.c..) I will definitely get a set of
Tracy Kendall cutlery wall paper. I have had a crush since for ever! Also like the look of this
dining room. This sort of sober and peaceful simplicity does wonders for my soul.. well at least
until my brain kicks into rational mode and I realize what my children would do to the chairs..

Just generally like the light and feel of the kitchen. Have no idea where I found this image, I put it
down to being completely mesmerized by those two fantastic vintage pendant lamps. Anyone?
Last but not least, a bathroom that stopped me in my tracks completely!! Can you imagine?!?

Happy hump day friends!

x Charlotta 


Lana said...

Total inspiration treat! Love the mirror with the type on it and of course that amazing bathroom with the view!

Thanks for the visit and comments, I think I'll be visiting here too in future!:)

Mona Thompson said...

Wow! Just found your blog and this is indeed a lot of loveliness. I will be back.

Lumo said...

The French Window looks fantastic, have added it in my Hong Kong Moleskine City book.

Leigha said...

The flatware wallpaper is perfection! Anthropologie has a great one, too. This is the wallpaper I was planning to use for Catherine's dining room.
P.S. Thank you for the lovely comment on my guest post at The Shiny Pebble. Your feather headdress suggestion was immaculate!

Cath said...

Thanks for the inspirational post my dear. I have the Tracy Kendall wallpaper on my wishlist too.

x Cat

A Perfect Gray said...

Those were wonderful, Charlotta!

Leah Moss said...

Haa! So many of those are in my bulging inspiration files too...which need to be cleaned out like whoa!

YOU are super inspiring for letting them go and sharing them with us! I think it's tiem for me to do something similar :)

manvi @ mochatini said...

such inspiration!! you have such a fab compilation here. the pic that most calls out to me is the one with the patio curtains..i want a veranda like that.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Delicious! Just gorgeous!

Courtney said...

Haha-- hoarding eye candy photos is definitely a hazard of blogging and working in design! I just reached the point where I have less than 1 GB of storage on my hard drive, and I can't seem to give up enough images to make a difference. So my husband bought me a new hard drive and hopefully will get a chance to install it this weekend! :)

And all of these images are beautiful ones!

Anzu said...

Like so many of these. I am about to start re-decorating shortly, so it's great to see all these. Love your taste in interiors

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my darlings,

Thank you for your lovely comments and for all the positive feedback.
I too love a little pick and mix like this and am glad you enjoyed it too.

Lana - I hear you sister - the mirror can move in here presto, as can the mirror! Yum! Also thank for coming here. I love visiting your blog and will DEFINITELY be back. So glad you are happy in my little corner too. xx

Mona - thanks and welcome here. I am checking you out next. xx

Lumo - Hello dearest. Be happy that you are not in Sydney yet - we have the weirdest weather ever.. I have had a chat to the Weather Gods and ordered fantastic weather for when you arrive! Yay - do go to the Hong Kong restaurant and then post about it. Looks so fabulous! x

Leigha - Hello clever woman with beautiful blog! X Thanks for the ups on the wallpaper. Will check out Anthropology. I want it badly.
Re Catherine's dining room - ok, now I get it. I remember your comment. Well.. great minds.. xx

Cath - Thanks my lovely. Hope your wishlist is visible to those close to you so that perhaps a roll or two turn up one day.. :)

Donna - hello my dear (and thank you for the email! xx) Glad you like these. There will be more.. much more for my files are in dire need of a diet! :)

Leah - Yeeees.. it's embarrassing how much I store and hoard.. Squirrel syndrome! :)
Can't wait for you to empty your files - you have the BEST posts and I can only imagine what treasures you are hiding on your HD. xx

Manvi - hello my sweet. Hope you are well and that the arm isn't sore anymore! Yes isn't the veranda picture fantastic. So fresh and light. I get good feelings when I look at that one too! xx

Ticklish girl - Hello and welcome here. I ADORE your blog and am chuffed you are here in my blog world. Glad you found this yummy! xx

Courtney - Yep a real 'boggopational hazard' right! ? :)
Hold on to your hat now.. we have 3, yes THREE external hard drives for our massive apple Mac work station, AND on top of this we have two laptops.. Mama Mia it is serious isn't it.. :)

Anzu - There she is.! So happy to see you. It has been ages my dear. How exciting that you are starting re-decorating. I hope you will share the journey. Thanks for your sweet comment and so happy you are back. xx

Love to all of you. You are so great! xx Charlotta

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with the second set of photos from the top! That bathroom is so lovely... And the book shelves! They really bring a warm feel to the room. However, from one side, I doubt that it is very practical to have a book shelf there, considering the possible moisture... okay, I'm over thinking this! Anyhow, a lovely idea at least in aesthetic sense :D

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