Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swedish bliss..

I just realized it was a while ago since I posted some good old Swedish
real estate.. Here is a great little flat for sale in the very South of Sweden.

Aren't these violets just divine. They were my grand mother's favourite flower and
every time I see some I think of her. She was an incredible woman. Miss her lots!

Loving that little potted plant on top of the vertical bookshelf. So modest, yet so much presence!

Love the raging bull. Marshall would say it suits me to a tee - the crazy Taurean girl that I am.
A million years ago when I worked as an interior designer for an architect's firm in Sweden, I
managed a refurbishment project of a dining hall for a local school. The hall hadn't been done up
since the 60s and hear and behold was filled with over a hundred 'Ant' chairs by Arne Jacobsen.
Not the original three legged designs that he did for the Novo Nordisk canteen, but the four-
legged Fritz Hansen produced ones -all sprayed in a deep beautiful green colour.  Some were
beyond rescue however others had that wonderful worn feel to them and the school board allowed
us to buy as many as we wanted for 100 kronas each!! Can you imagine!?! I bought twelve -
sold six and kept the other six.. Why on Earth I didn't buy 50 chairs is really beyond me..!

The kitchens are always nice, functional, to the point yet very stylish.

..and of course no Swedish home comes without a cute little outdoor space.

via Bolaget

x Charlotta


Christina @ greige and My Sparrow said...


Hope you are having a lovely day!


Marija said...

Okay it must have been a really long time since you've done this because I've never seen one of these posts over here and I read regularly (as you know!). So glad you're revisiting this fun feature. I love it! I should do some for Croatian real estate. Wouldn't that be fun!?!

Lumo said...

Lovely, light interiors!

I do have that vertical bookshelf! Mine is full of books. We have abt. 35-40 running meters of bookshelves and they are all full...

When we moved in five years ago, we thought the new bookshelves would solve the problem of storing all our books that we had in our previous home. And what did we do; buy more books! For staters, I have abt. 110 cookbooks...

manvi @ mochatini said...

i love the rustic table in the first pic.. and the styling is so refreshing..really loving catching up with your posts.
thanks for being such a wonderful friend. xoxo

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