Monday, May 31, 2010

Townhouse with character..

I love this serene yet cozy townhouse and all it's atmospheric and personal charm.

I have shared this picture before and expressed my joy of seeing the logs stacked so
neatly in the bookshelves. I think the idea is wonderful and chic, and it appeals to me
that these owners use the rusticity of the logs as a means to create decorative quirk.

I have always had a weakness for a tray full of candles..

This colour palette has such a calming effect on me. It's simplistic elegance is very nice indeed.

Though my heart beats for the whites & neutrals of my native Sweden, I find myself
drawn to black and near-blacks more and more. These cabinets are no exception..

 And of course, a house would not be a home without flowers and I love how these modest
little bouquettes add some welcome bursts of colour. Also like the silver covered chairs..

x Charlotta


Simone said...

Absolutely beautiful, I love those logs too, such a stylish home.

I got your email with your address....thank you! Am just waiting to receive the pillowcases from Cox&Cox, will let you know when they are on their way :)

Nuit said...

I am obsessed with black doors and THAT dining table. This post has got me drooling ;)

Leigha said...

Do I even need to tell you how much I utterly adore this?!? SO GREAT.

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