Monday, May 24, 2010

Warm rusticity with a twist..

I don't know much about this place, other than it being the NY residence
of famous fashion & celebrity portrait photographer Tom Munro

The setting looks perfectly wonderful and serene, and I do like the
unexpected contrasts between rustic and comfortable, as well as the
unusual colour palette used for several of the rooms. Just look around..

How wonderful to catch a glimpse of this glossy red room through
the monochromatic hallway. Perfect contrast of bare and dressed.

The masculine & spartan looking kitchen is a far cry from the sunny
and warm looking dining room with it's yellow chairs and light walls.

..and not to mention the living room that has a dash of feminity
through the detail and general lightness of the colours & decor.

Then back to dark, moody drama in the bathroom, and the richness
of the master bedroom. Such a beautiful and unusual wall colour.

All in all oozing with personality and individuality. A happy place.

All images by Francois Halard.

x Charlotta

P.S. See some of Tom's amazing celebrity portraits HERE.


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are well.

Kerry said...

I love the armchair in the bathroom and that crazy red ceiling! That was a lovely tour...thank you Charlotta.

A Perfect Gray said...

o,Charlotta, that bathroom is divine, isn't it? Interesting colors from room to room...and what a beautiful surrounding outside!

Dennisse Lisseth said...

I love this place. I love the simplicity of it all. I feel I could live happy in a place like this. I especially love the view of the lake.

Carole said...

What a great find. I would never think of painting a ceiling glossy red but it so works. x

Splendid Willow said...

Happy, personal and inviting indeed! And once again - all that light (we both so crave!).

Tons of love to you.

Blog sis Mon

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