Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Shiny Pebble Finale Party.. (and give-away reminder!)

Today my friends I am inviting your all to a fabulous party in
honour of my dear friend Catherine Hopkins of 'The Shiny Pebble'.

Tonight we clebrate 8 weeks of delightful diningroom designs and the contributions
of all of those who took part, who watched & commented. Here are the designers,
yours truly included, as well the lovely and warm Marsha over at the wonderful
'Splendarosa Gems on Glamour' who designed 8 stunning outfits to go with each 
of the designs. Thank you everyone - it has been such a pleasure to meet you all!

Christina Fluegge (Greige)
Beth Connolly (Chinoiserie Chic)
Amy Forshew (Pemberley Style)
Charlotta Ward (Space for Inspiration)
Leigha Oak (Elle Oh )
Kellie Collis (Ada and Darcy)
Gwen Driscoll (Ragland Hill Social)

So my dears it's party time - pack your bags and head on over to Sweden..

My party will take place in the grounds of 'Yxtaholms Castle' - the very place my
parents organised a fabulous wedding ceremony & reception for me and my huz
after we had to cancel our first celebration. (A long story I will tell you another time.. )
Despite being a castle, there is nothing overly formal about this place. It's elegant
in a warm & friendly manner which makes me feel at home every time I go there.  

So please join me at this truly magical place that is set on a pittoresque little island
in the middle of a Waterlily-clad lake, complete with a small boat house that hosts a traditional Swedish sauna. Heavenly to use before you jump into the cooling lake!

I want this event to roll across a couple of days so that we all get plenty of time to hang
out together. The focus will be to finally get to meet you all face to face! I would also love
to meet your families so please bring your kids & partners! After you check in to your
rooms in either the castle wings or in the refurbished stables, please dress casually and
join me on the slopes leading down towards the lake for a summery garden party.

L to R from top - 1. Dog'n'Bird, 2. Lisa Warninger, 3 & 6. Luna & Chloe, 4. Mochatini, 5. unknown, 
7. A Cup of Jo, 8. The Wedding Pantry, 9. Helen Norman Etsy, 10. Utterly Engaged, 11. the Wedding Style Guide
We will keep this part of our party light and breezy with bubbly & fresh Summer drinks,
yummy treats for all ages and lots of fun games, and activities to keep everyone happy.

 Also please don't forget to write down a personal messages for any of our guests that
our toast master will share with everyone during dinner. There will be many for sure..

 image via Martha Stewart Weddings
As the sun starts to cast the famous golden glow of Swedish midsummer nights
we break up temporarily to get ready for a fabulous dinner & party inside the castle.


I asked my dear friend Marsha to help me pick an outfit for this evening event and in her usual
generous manner she gave me a wardrobe of options to choose from. All equally beautiful.
Thank you Marsha! xx

 1, 3 & 5 Chanel, 4 & 6 Ralph Lauren and 2. Givenchy

As much as I love (!) that first Chanel outfit, I think I will go with no 4. - the white Ralph
Lauren creation (though I would probably have to take off the jacket as of course the
weather will be perfect and warm!). I choose this outfit as Swedish summer is all about
the light and we love dressing in white to celebrate the divine sunlight at mid-summer.
The below red/white vintage Balenciaga gown is also very tempting. Perhaps next time.. 

1. Mark Shaw, 2. Unknown, 3. Luna & Chloe Weddings

The evening will offer a parade of wonderful foods, drinks and music. I happen to love
old school jazz and what better way to enjoy this than through the divine voice of my old
time bestie Eva, who not only is a doctor of music but is a frequent solo artist in Sweden.
I shall formally introduce you to her at a later stage. She is truly special & I love her!

 1 & 2. From Me To You, 3. Unknown

Wake up to another beautiful day and start it off by a walk or morning ride in the lovely
surrounding forests and meadows. The nearby stables have a large family of stunning 
Arabian full bloods for you to choose from, and what better way to start the day right!?! 
(..and of course we all feel like doing this in the early hours after a long party..! :) 

 1. Coco & Cox UK, 2. IS Weddings, 3. Martha Stewart

 Then please join me for a lovely long breakfast before we break up and head for our next
adventure in this wonderful world that we live in. I hope you had fun - I know I did!.

Thank you once more to Catherine for hosting this initiative, to the lovely girls
who designed so splendidly for her dining room, to Marsha for her beautiful
outfits, and to all of you dear friends for coming!

 xx Charlotta

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Dear US/Canadian friends. 
Please enter my give-away before 
midnight on Saturday (Sydney time)!

 image via Gemma Comas

Click HERE to go to the give-away post, 
or simply scroll down to the next post! 

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Marija said...

A beautiful party at a most splendid venue! I think I will borrow your dress number 5. So chic!! Though I love number 2 as well...I'm always much more confident in pants. Or number 1. I love a long skirt even more than I love long pants! Okay...I'll take them all!


Darling Charlotta, what a splendid & beautiful party you have planned for everyone. I'm loving what Marija said...she'll take all of them. Cute. When Catherine sees this she will flip out, literally.
But then she will realize it's time to do something she will really enjoy, cannot think of anything better. xx's Marsha

La Boheme said...

I will definitely join you for what looks like the best summer party yet! Everything looks amazing and with you being the hostess I'm sure it will be full of wonderful people! I'm coming in the skirt from #6 with a breezy blouse I still have to purchase :) xoxo

Raina Cox said...

You were married in a castle?!? That's so FANTASTIC.

You've left no detail unattended with this lovely party.


If the Lamp Shade Fits

Splendid Willow said...

Charlotta, I was looking and hoping for a party from you. How divine! I know I am not invited as a guest of honor (or am I?) but as a long loyal blog sis-friend, I expect I would get a good seat, preferably with a view of that beautiful lake!

And yes, horseback riding and Swedish pancakes the following morning would get me out of bed very early. I wouldn't want to miss any of that!

Lovely post, my dear.


Karena said...

Charlotta, fabulous weekend at your most special of venues, with memories abound and more we will make over the weekend soiree!!!

Art by Karena

Kirsten said...

Dearest Charlotta,
Hoping all is fine with you(XXX).
I am now at Lake Nasser, decided to spent another day in the desert (please see my party) and I'll be returning home (Italy), which I'll just hop-over-to-you for horseback riding and Swedish pancakes.
I Love all of it, Charlotta!
Just stunning as always.
PS. Contest or not contest, giveawys ecc...I want the chocolates. I think you have a passion for chocolates like I do!! Go see;

Cath said...

My never fail to make me smile with your wonderful posts. Fab party darling!!

x Cath

The Zhush said...

Charlotta! This was the best post for me to wake up to over here! You just set the loveliest mood for my whole day! In a word: Fabulous!

Fer said...

Hello, so nice to meet you. I am so PLEASED you came to visit me...YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING,I am so thankful you stop by,your attention to detail is incredible.BEATIFUL post specially the location.

Beijinhos( litlle kisses in Portuguese)we Brazilian send kisses a lot, we are latins...


ps I don't think you are following welcome.

The Shiny Pebble said...

Oh how fantastic this all is, Charlotta. My heart is sinking a little that it is not happening in the real world. I would love to spend a couple of days with family and all of my blog friends off somewhere in such gorgeous and relaxing setting. When I saw the dresses that Marsha picked out, I immediately honned in on the RL white pants you selected. Great minds! I love you dear friend, and hope to see you soon. It will probably be Sweden... Australia is so so far away to travel with a toddler.

Hugs and kisses!

Ann said...

May I borrow the Givenchy outfit for this weekend? Nothing in my wardrobe is suitable for the wedding I am attending. (Seriously- I really wish I could!)

Your party looks perfect for a fun, relaxing weekend with a fabulous soiree to top it off!


A Perfect Gray said...

Charlotta, that castle is divine! (and we do want all your wedding details later). What a lovely party setting - and you could not be more stunning in the outfit you chose. As we dance, laugh, and feast, we'll raise a glass to you and your wonderful party...

great job...

Style Attic said...

Your location is the creme de la creme! And the beautiful Thank You note is such a sweet touch :) Love it all!!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, wonderful! This sounds like the most amazing weekend imaginable, I LOVE it! I hope that I am invited!!!! XO!

OneCraftyFox said...

You sure know how to throw a party!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you dearie
For stopping by to comment my salt & pepper shakers and weeds.
As you see I was invited to the party but was not prepared, I am going as a bag lady unless someone loans me a dress !! :)
Have a great week beautiful girlie!

Alexandra said...

Charlotta, how fantastic. The castle is so beautiful and I am sure all of you will have a great party. I cant imagine anything else.

You are such an inspiration.


Style Attic said...

You are the first to offer me a frock! Way cool!! Thanks for helping "Cinderella" get to the ball :) There's one in every crowd and this time it was me. U R S-Great!

Linda Merrill said...

That building is amazing! Your wedding photos must be gorgeous!

A Casa da Vá said...

that sounds like a great party - you can never go wrong with a castle in an island and a Ralph lauren outfit...

sara said...

What a great idea - what a great party! And what an awesome place to get married at as well! I haven't had a Swedish summer in four years but your photos really captures the Swedish summer perfectly. Well done!

Tack for kommentarerna pa min blog och ja, det ska bli valdigt spannade att se bilder fran brollopet sen :)

Kram Sara

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh Charlotta, everything looks so fantastic! amazing photos. truly magical!
p.s. thank you so much for your sweet comment. you made me laugh thinking of our drivers taking us to the beach in our convertible!
have a beautiful weekend! xo

Paris Pastry said...

Amazing location!! Looks like a beautiful party!

Nuit said...

Oh Charlotta what a delightful post!!!! such a beautiful venue and party. Thank you thank you for sooooo MUCH inspiration, it made my day! have a great weekend!!!

Mary Ann said...

a fabulous party, and I was so thrilled to see you there...I love your designs for Catherine, and would love to see more of your work. Thanks so much for the inspiring post...hope you have a great weekend..verbena cottage

Mona Thompson said...

Charlotta,You u have completely outdone yourself. What an amazing party. I'm with Catherine. I'm dying to really go there , meet everyone and have a great time. I'm sure we would be good friends. You most definitely have a new follower. Mona

Stacey said...

Brava Charlotta, it looks like it will be a grand party! This post was divine:-)

Anne said...

This would be the event of the year (probably the event of the decade). You have left no stone unturned. What a dreamy place to get married-- you lucky girl! That red and white balenciaga gown is the stuff of my dreams.

By the way, I really loved your ideas for Catherine's dining room. We are drawn to similar palettes and materials.

This was a fun post and a great way to lift us out of our everyday same-ness. A girl can always dream!

red ticking said...

gorgeous... lovely... charming... have a wonderful weekend xx pam

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

is that a gorgeous house or what? w-o-w.

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