Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Hello all. Thanks for all your interest in the 'detox programme' I am in the midst of. It's going well, though having hit week two I must say that most of my waking hours are spent dreaming of yummy but forbidden foods... I am totally drawn to all foodie and wedding blogs at the moment because of the yummy treats they feature.. and I feel an almost aggressive craving for anything sweet...  (no not really, but you get the picture..) And OMG, what wouldn't I give for a really good Chai-Latte right now!!... (mother of sighs!!) But I know that these cravings are a good tell tale that I really need this detox and that I must be strong and soldier on... Actually I am already enjoying more energy, clearer skin/eyes, and a feeling of lightness. And I also know that there will be bigger and more long-term rewards to reap at the end of it all. So two more weeks to go... and counting.. Counting hard!...  :)

Whilst I am working on the 'detox post' (as promised) I have put together a nice little buffet of beautiful blogs that I think you will love. They may or may not be new to you. In fact not all of them are entirely new to me either, however I have not posted any 'blog intros' for a while now and thought it was about time.. First up is the lovely Tina, who blogs over at 'Komma Hem' in Sweden. Tina's blog is reasonably new but I so enjoy her gorgeous and varied posts on life, design, and of course also the exciting renovation of their house. Can't wait to see the final reveal Tina! Så spännande! x

  All three images via Komma Hem

Though she blogs in Swedish, the pictures she shares speak a universal language hence anyone can enjoy her clean, preppy, timeless posts that to me have such a wonderful Swedish air. No wonder I feel that the name 'Komma Hem' (Coming Home) is the perfect title for this warm and friendly blog!

Both images via 'Komma Hem'

 The amazing 'Tree Hotel' in Sweden - Design Boom via Design Addict Mom

Next up is the gorgeous and totally inspiring Stacey-Anne of 'Design Addict Mom' - and here is another blog title that perfectly reflects the author!!  Though not a trained designer Stacey-Anne certainly has a fantastic eye for style and decor inspiration and serves up post after post with delicious treats! She clearly loves design & blogging and always leaves the friendliest comments! xx

 All images via Design Addict Mom

Born in Jamaica, having lived in Italy and now in North Carolina, Stacey-Anne has a global and refreshing perspective on eye candy that I love! I am so enjoying getting to know this fun and energetic girl who also runs a fab 'tumblr roll' with amazing images to drool over. So please do your lovely selves a favour and hop across to 'Design Addict Mom' and click 'follow'. You won't be sorry!

This image is from Stacey-Anne's most recent post

 These last two images via Everything Fabulous

My third blog addiction is Sasha's 'Everything Fabulous' - and let me tell you, everything here definitely is fabulous! Be it yummy food, fashion features, brilliant web links or delicious decor, this girl knows how to please a crowd. Every post is great (really! )and there is a real 'girly flair' to them which is so yum!

All images via Sahsa's gorgeous blog!

Contrary to the other introductions so far, I don't know Sasha. In fact I don't think she even knows I exist. I do however look forward to developing a friendship with the girl behind the fabulous blog!

via Everything Fabulous
Bardot In Blue via Everything Fabulous

 So there you go - three amazing blogs for you to drool over and be inspired by. These girls blog with style and with integrity, and as sad as it is not everyone out there does the same...This week I had a real shock coming across a post done by someone who ruthlessly and without conscience copied a large section of text from my blog right off! She stole my words, verbatim, and posted them as her own... I have confronted her and she owned up, removed the post and apologized in writing - both via email and via a post on her blog. As tempted as I was to post her name and URL loud and clear, I am a believer in giving people a second chance, and will do so for this girl hoping she has learned from the experience.. Thanks for taking responsibility for what you did...

Hermes ad via Everything Fabulous

How cute is this baby turtle?!! via Pink Preppy Lily Lover

Have a great rest of the week all and thanks to all my friends for the outpour of thoughtful and kind comments and emails! Also, congratulations to Kimberlee again on winning the give-away!
xx Charlotta


Style Attic said...

Can't wait to see what has you captivated! And as for the un-honorable mention, you are a class act and it seems as though the words were swift and effective. You both did the right thing in the end :) Have a great day Charlotta! Hugs, Kel

French-Kissed said...

Interesting story about the blogger that stole your words. There is a lot of hijacking going on. There is also a huge distinction between bloggers who publish their own original images and those that just hijack them. And somehow it seems the hijackers always get all the praise. For example, you have a photo in this post attributed to a "fabulous blogger" however it was my daughter who staged and took the photo originally and published it on her blog and yet she gets no credit as it is now being recycled here. I am not saying you have done anything wrong, it is just a shame that credit in not given where credit is due.


ted and bunny said...

hi Charlotta, what a lovely post today- I certainly won't STEAL your idea, but I might BORROW your thought process (you can have it back when I'm done!) if that's ok with you, and do a post on my favourite blogs and recently-found Vintage sites...it's such a nice idea to pass on.

I hope you feel the benefits from your detox, I did mean to try one once but just couldn't find a detox chocolate...;))

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi dear, well one of my favorite fabulous blogs is yours! I know what you mean about "stealing", but i decided to not worry about it. Hang in there with your detox :) XX

mnemonique said...

thank you for sharing these blogs! Everything fabulous is really fabulous!

sharon said...

This is a lovely post Charlotta - so much fun showing off other peoples' talents! Which makes you realise how your copyist blog has really missed the whole point about blogging. Sharing, praising, giving credit where it's due.
Have a great week

jamie-lee said...

Great post - and thank you for introducing me to all these new blogs! x


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh Sasha is a sweetheart, love her blog. I don't know the other two so thank you I'll check them out.

Goodluck with your detox, you will feel fab.

xxx Dj

The girl in the brick house said...

Thanks for showing us these blogs - cool! But sorry to hear about the plagiarism - not good in the blogging world but very nice of you for giving her a second chance! Jane :)

Krystal said...

those rooms are sooo pretty - i love the one with the big bike, how cool is that!

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

What a delightful post, Miss Charlotta! Thanks for sharing!
And on a serious note, I hope with every day that passes, you are feeling happier and stronger. I had no idea you and Marija were so close. Tragic.

Have a beautiful week.

The Zhush said...

What a beautiful post! These images are pure perfection...not familiar with the first blog you mentioned, will happily check it out! Good luck with the detox, I admire your willpower!

Stacey said...

Such a delight to see my blog mentioned! Yippee:-). I'm happy you decided to give the plagiarizing blogger another chance...hopefully she learns from it. Thanks again! xoxo

nkp said...

I love coming across new and inspiring blogs, so thank you for the introduction. Two of these are new-to-me and I'm excited to check them out! Good luck with your detox, I'm impressed with your willpower! Have a wonderful week!


Tina said...

You are an amazing person!!!
Thank you so much for meantioning my blog on yours!
I would love to have more visitors and maybe I now will also recieve more comments and feedback.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely words!
Lots of love from Sweden!

Nuit said...

Charlotta you are so strong and amazing, I am sure you will be just fine {cravings aside} and this post is delightful, these blogs are amazing, i am off to check 'em out ;) xoxoxo

Urban Style Vibes said...

Glad to see you back blogging Charlotta! This blog post is so divine, as usual:-)


Lise M.

Krystal said...

thanks for all your fab comments!

Michael Mattison said...

Hi Charlotta, just wanted to say "hi"! Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to your next travel-related post! :-)
Have you been back home to Sweden recently?

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love these! Especially the Scandinavian, what IS it with Scandinavians? Such beautiful, beautiful design! Off to check out the ones I don't know! Thank you Charlotta! XO!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

what a lovely surprise Charlotta! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog!!! and for the fabulous words!!! :) Look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you more!!! So happy you found me so I could find you!!! Kudos for the detox!! I should start one also!! Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!

Leigha said...

I can hardly wait to explore these blogs (all three are new to me). Thanks for always sending us to great new blogs.
Happy detoxing sweet Charlotta!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is amazing...So much blog love here:) Wonderful:) Hope you are having a fantastic day:)
Kisses and see you soon:)

Fer said...

I love every picture you post,and I am so happy you are feeling a litlle bit better.




What a lovely post! Such wonderful choices. Sasha is absolutely amazing and Stacey & I recently discovered each other and I love her!

I'm so happy that you stopped by my blog & introduced me to yours. It's fabulous! You've got yourself a new follower! :)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Charlotta
Well these all look beautiful.. something for us all.. but Tina's will be a must visit for me.. Just love those 2 bedroom shots!!... simply gorgeous!!

Good luck with your detox diet.. I've been struggling to stay on the insulin one... but found out I lost 8kg doing so.. [side benefit!!]...

Will email you soon!!! My internet has been completely unpredictable.. annoying... when it finally worked it took me 6 hours to publish my moon post!! arrrgghh,,

OK.. take care my friend.. and thank you for all your wonderful support!!! xxxx Julie

Randiga Tråden said...


ticklishfromadistance said...

Such a wonderful post. That last image is a killer, and I have many of these decor images saved as ell. Gorgeous!


Charlotta, class always prevails, have no fear. Sasha is brilliant, so nice & very genuine. I saw her comment so someone must have told you of your notice. I won something in her giveaways, both she & the artist were wonderful. Yes, definitely sharing the love is what this is supposed to be about, what with literally millions of people who blog it would be easy for us to overlook something or someone divine. Cheers for the detox; wonder if I could be this disciplined? I love you, but you know that.

Marcie said...

Thank you for the recommendations! I love getting these! You have great taste, so I am sure I will love them.

xo Marcie

Vintage Simple said...

I just have one thing to say: I wish I could give you a big hug in person. You're a lovely human being and I consider myself honored to know you.


Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Charlotta!
Some beautiful images there!!!!The Hermes Shot is gorgeous as well as the French table in the laundry room. I love the Bardot in Blue image too.....I will have to check out these blogs!!!!Maryanne xo

one sydney road said...

Your blog is so lovely - such beautiful images in this post (I'm drooling over the hermes boxes!!). And more lovely blogs to check out - they're new to me so can't wait to see them. I'll definitely be back!! :)

Kellie Collis said...

Goodness me - detox.... I couldnt last a day! Love Everything Fabulous too.... A gorgeous blog! x

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