Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Weekend and THANKS!

 Ok, so I realize that 3 posts in a row about 'weekends' may not be all that imaginative,
but with how little time I have had during the past few weeks  this is what I am
reduced to.. (hear me sob.. :) Sooo, I wanted to pop in to say 'have a fab weekend!'
and also share a bunch of pretty pictures that I hope will bring smiles to your gorgeous
faces and remind you of how happy you all make me! Really, truly and honestly!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say (a belated) 'thank you' to the so very sweet &
fab Simone of 'The Bottom of the Ironing Basket' blog, who pulled my name out of her
hat ironing basket in a recent give-away, and sent me two adorable pillow cases from UK
online store Cox & Cox. These pretty pink/white creations arrived and were (because we are
on the topic already..) washed immediately and put on the pillows in the master bed. With
Marshall being away all week on a business trip in Singapore (hear me sob again..), Oscar,
Isabella and I have been (soundly) sleeping on them all of this week. We have snuggled up
in a big happy pile in our massive king size bed and put our happy faces down on 'love'.. :)

This is what Simone sent me. (Image via Cox & Cox)

More thanks, and hugs! This one to my dear and lovely Monika of the 'Splendid Willow'
who not only has become a close and much valued friend, but is also incredibly generous!
(..and sweet, smart, inspiring, resourceful, gorgeous, creative, impressive and insightful many more things!!)
Because Mon is beautiful inside out she took it upon herself to go out and shop, not one or
two things, but a whole three amazing presents for me and then sent them across the globe
all the way from Seattle to Sydney - with love! A 'belated birthday present' she said, but
I know that she is probably like this all the time with her loved ones. A truly genuine and 
rare being who really cares and pulls out all stops to show that loud and clear. Monika I
love you sis and thank you again for what you did! It was Santa disguised as a postman
who delivered the enormous parcel (!) with much too expensive gifts for me. I look at my
beautiful coral pillow every day and think of you. The gorgeous book-marks are safely
sitting in my office waiting for a book worthy of their beautiful selves, and as you know
I couldn't agree more with you (and President B Obama) that Frans Chocolates are the
single most fantastic, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates in the world! As I told Monika, I
guarded my box of hand made milk chocolate caramels with fierce and near aggressive 
protectiveness and only shared a 1/2 (yes, half a piece..) with Isabella simply because she's
so darn cute and a persistent negotiator.. she happened to be home when I opened the box..

I received a box of hand-made milk chocolate caramels with smoked salt and this stunning pillow from Pottery Barn! 


My next 'thank you' is to all my new followers. Wow, you guys make me feel so great and your
pretty faces over there in the left column is like looking at a fabulous tray of precious chocolates!!
Not because I want to eat you, but because chocolate makes me very very happy! Just like you do!

 Check out Cox & Cox weddings and parties section.. you'll love it! x

To think that my petite blog is nearing 200 followers friends is incredible and so much fun!

via ffffound

I have visited some of you during course of the week (at least those of you who have left a
link to your little cyber corners) and I will continue to pop in to leave more personal notes.
For now, just know that you being here, reading this, means the world to me! Thanks!

 A little something I made for you specially. You are all of this and more! xx

But really and actually. Thanks to all who come here! As I near my first complete year here
at Space for Inspiration, I am overwhelmed with the amount of lovely friends I have made.
The world is better for you being in it, and my blog is certainly better for you reading it!

So back to the imminent weekend (it's Friday night here in Sydney now..) . Needless to 
say it is a very special one for my dear American friends and I hope that you have a grand
celebration on Sunday! Some of you have already shared your plans and I am sure that we
will be able to read more fabulous posts come next week! May the weather be brilliant, the
fireworks bright & sparkly, and the food & company divine everywhere in all corners of the
great and beautiful US this weekend! Here's to a Happy 4th of July & to your independence!

via Design Addict Mom - a blog that is fantastic and that should have a following of thousands.
Do visit gorgeous Stacey and say 'hi' from me! xx and the gorgeous cup cake tower by Martha Stewart.

For the rest of us (apart from some of my sweet friends in Canada who may still be celebrating
their special day) let's just enjoy some great time this weekend. Be it Summer, like in the North
of the world, or Winter like here in Sydney (and oh man is it cold!!), I hope you like I will have
a chance to relax, kick back and have some fun with family & friends. Or work for that matter!
Because I can totally understand the deep love for a great job and how sometimes the weekend
is an opportune time to really get on top of things and dream up new strategies & career moves!

 via Lovely Clusters

 via Qomas Peak Up

Though I love my job(s) I can't wait to have some time off come tomorrow! Marshall is back
then too, and the kids & I look forward to completing our little quartet with his presence.
We'll also celebrate the luxury of having no plans what so ever for this weekend! A rare treat!

 In fact, if it was warm enough I might just do what Amanda Kerr is doing in the above picture,
I mean how fabulous wouldn't it be to float around the pool on a swan in those heels! However
the reality is that it's bitterly cold and I will more likely be focusing on cozy and warm indoor 
things like cooking up a gorgeous dinner for the huz, embarking on some new artsy craft project
with the kidlets, or pulling on more sensible shoes and venture outdoors to breath the Winter air.

I'd love to cook a nice stew like this (via Le Creuset seen on CSN) in a cozy & warm Wintery kitchen like no 2 (via Desire to Inspire). 
Just take a moment to look at the gorgeous trays and cute cups on the shelf! Also think that Hanna of cute blog Sjarmerende Jul,  
has the right idea here with tea light in hanging soup ladles like this, as well as the attitude of Miss Dior Model shot by Asha Fuller.

And this..! I love (!) taking long warm baths in Winter. Not necessarily with a bathroom full of
candles (though I am a candle addict!) but always with good oils, salts or a good layer of bubbles!

via Cig Harvey via dear Anna's fabulous blog Absolutely Beautiful Things

 1. Tim Walker, 2. Carter Smith, 3. Unknown

For us here in Australia (at least in NSW) this week was the last before what we call the 'schoolies'.
A (much deserved!) two week Winter break for all school kids, meaning I will have the pleasure
of Oscar's company until the 19th July! We have nothing major planned other than weaving work
with some quality 'son-and-mamma' time. Oscar is divine to be around and it will be so much fun!

I LOVE the spirit of this playful fox that I saw over at my friend Sansku's blog Lintu Sininen. Reminds me of my kids! :)

So that's all for now my dear friends... ( know me..)

I will now love and leave you with a gorgeous quote by the splendid & breathtakingly beautiful
Audrey Hepburn. Much more than a pretty face for sure! (just like other lovely Belgian women I know!)

Couldn't agree more!

Enormous hugs to all and à tout à l'heure!

xx Charlotta


Anonymous said...

Charlotta, visiting your blog is always a joy. Just like a warm hug!
Have a lovely weekend.
Carole xoxo

s a n s k u :) said...

you're so sweet!

lovely pillows you got in the mail. wow!

i'm glad you enjoyed the fox picture too. i so love it. :)

i just can't imagine australia ever being cold. weird. :)

happy no plans weekend!

shopgirl said...

Great post Charlotte! I've been having a hard time keeping up with all my favourite blogs while I've been in Canada, but this post makes it all worth it.

Love these photos and Monika is great, isn't she! And great inspirational quote from Audrey. She epitomizes beauty inside and out.

Have a fantastic weekend with your family!


A Perfect Gray said...

just lovely, charlotta, I enjoyed every moment and picture from this post. Mon is something pretty special, isn't she? enjoy the treasure that is her friendship.

relax and have fun with your family and remember that you are loved by us!

Love to you! Donna

Stacey said...

Charlotta, thanks for all the comment love earlier on my blog! I always look forward to your posts because they are like a mini movie and i am always drooling for more at the end. And, i can't believe that i saw my link in the post-i was extremely excited and humbled that you would mention me(really a heart warming gesture that is truly appreciated). Happy weekend to you!
xo, Stacey

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh my Charlotta, still smiling ear-to-ear. All these images are pure gorgeousness! I so love your style. So glad I found you! Sending hugs and more hugs your way. Have a wonderful lovely happy sunny weekend! xxx

Nuit said...

oh seriously! Leave it to Charlotta to post the most amazing weekend images very week... I love it!!! Charlotta dear thank you so much for the weekend wishes I am soooo looking forward to doing nothin and probably finally working on the backyard plants, that will make me happy...

The pillows are to die for!!!



Marija said...

This post is beyond perfect: the perfect sentiments for the weekend, the perfectly thoughtful pictures to accompany the thoughtful prose and the perfect example of how NICE and FUN you are! I love it! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Marija

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

So lovely! I hope you have an amazing weekend!! xo

Splendid Willow said...

Hej lilla Gumman! (Hi, little "old lady" (!) = a term of true, genuine Swedish affection!)

I just popped over to wish you a happy weekend (I am incredibly blog lazy at the moment, my friend) but I did not quite expect such a shout out. (I am honestly blushing).

Dear, Charlotta it is very easy being generous to you. You give so much to so many. Enjoy every little gift - big or small - coming your way and let the focus be on YOU instead.

Know in your heart that you are very loved.

I am very fortunate to have met you in blog land and to have you you in my life.

And I love your blog too! (: I think I might even be one of your first loyal followers (with the emphasis on loyal!)

Love always, sis Mon

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love those pillows! Super chic! I so enjoyed this post, Charlotta, you are so full of love, and it is just wonderful! No wonder someone would take the time to send you a lovely gift halfway across the world! XO!

Cole said...

That last quote is one of my favorites. Thanks for the sweet comment on Rambles with Reese today. Hope you have a great 4th of July.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

What a beautiful post! I can't imagine how long it took you to write and weave it together. Have a wonderful weekend!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, incredible post! loved it. have a great weekend :)

Kerry said...

That was a very beautiful post Charlotta, and you can now take a bow as well as a well deserved weekend break with your loved ones!! Have a great one x

Kellie Collis said...

Those chocolates look so good! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

cowparsley said...

That first image is so beautiful.

Have a fabulous weekend.


tinajo said...

How SWEET of Mon but I´m not surprised - after all you are both very nice people so you kind of deserve eachother! :-)

Have a happy weekend (and I totally understand about the chocolat...)

anney said...

The pillow cases are very lovely! Thanks for folowing my blog. I'm also a follower now.Have a great weekend!

ilovemyhouse said...

Just found your blog and i'm following. Happy, happy weekend from Holland XX

its simple love said...

You won some amazing giveaways! Totally jealous. I adore the pillow cases. And my mouth watered while reading about the chocolates. Yum. I want.


p.s. be sure to check out my giveaway!

A Room For Everyone said...

What an amazing post. You are just too interesting Charlotta..It's such a pleasure to read your blog. And thank you so much for your party tips and for taking the time to send them! I'm sure they'll be very useful..Rachaelxx

Roses, Lace & Brocante said...

Oh this is such an UPLIFTING post!

Charlotta, you have enriched my weeekend with such beautiful words and images.

I'm in New Zealand so it's COLD here too!!!

I welcome Winter and the special treats she brings, as you mentioned slow cooked stews in Le Creuset.
And I love lazing by the fire on a Sunday afternoon as I will do today, after I've ventured out for a brisk walk!!

AND then there's the expectation that Spring is just around the corner and the cycle starts again.

Life is so GOOD!!


This post is so beautiful, C. I love Simone thoughtful & such a great blog. You look fabulous floating in the rubber ducky, and thank you for the Happy Birthday to America wish. You ARE THE BEST!! & I love you...

Mariska Meijers said...

wow Charlotta, I just can't keep up with you. Look at all the time energy and fun that went into this blogpost. Isn't it just great how friendhips develop cross oceans...

ps bit jealous of Marshall that he is in Singapore. Just LOVE that city. If he has time he should go over to Going Dutch as they have some of my paintings in their showroom!

Greet said...

Dear Charlotta,
What a gorgeous lovely post!! So nice to read all this! I am sure you have a lot of friends around the world!
I so love to visit your blog! It is always a pleasure to read your posts!
And I really have to thank you for all your nice comments on my blog!
A big hug!

La Dolfina said...

Wow what a great introduction to you and your blog! You are the sweetest thing! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself:)
I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better:)
I'll be back soon,

Love Accents Couture Accessory said...

Sweet, sweet Charlotta,
I am sooo happy to stop by, before signing-off for the summer...beautiful blog you have here with sincere expressions of appreciation, just beautiful. By the way...what happen to the heart shape-box of milk and dark chocolates?? I'm keeping tabs on you girl. From one-chocolate-lover-to-another, un grosso bacio. I'll stop by soon. Love,

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my darlings and thank you for your comments and sweet words!

Carole - Aaaaw, that is so nice. And yes, that is how I want you to feel! xx

Sansku - Thanks hon. Yes the pillow cases are divine as is the fox! :) Oh yes, Australia can get very cold. In fact I am more cold here than I have ever been in Sweden.. Missing triple glacing, central heating and floor heating.. xx

Shopgirl - How gorgeous that you have been in Canada. Welcome back. Yes Monika is very special to me. A sister! xx

Donna - Thanks! That makes me so happy! Yep, Mon is a rare gem indeed. Love her like a sis! You too sweetie. xx

Stacey - You're welcome. x Big smiles on my face for this comment. Am so glad you like it here and you know that I ADORE your blog. A formal intro of you is coming up - will email you about this. Is your addy on the blog site? If not, email me on

Saskia - Thanks hon! So glad you found me too. Can't wait to see you again. xx

Nuit - hello lovely! Thank you! (blushing a little..) So glad you are taking time off to relax and potter. Hugs. xx

Marija - OMG coming from you I feel I have won the jackpot! Your blog is beyond perfection. THANK YOU! xx

Monika - Hej raring! x Of course I will shout about you my sweet. You are so special to me and what you did/do means the world to me. Love you like a sis! KRAM xx

Shari - Yes they are divine! Yes I am a creature of love. As my intro states my aim in life is to pass on as much positive energy as I possible can. The world needs and deserves it!! :) xx

Cole - The quote is so wonderful. She was truly someone special that girl! Her biography is an interesting read. Not an easy life!.. xx

Vanessa - Yes but it was worth every tap on the keyboard. Love blogging with you guys! xx

Jules - Thanks my friends. xx

Kerry - Big hugs to you and thanks. xx

Kellie - Yes they are fab. Thanks. x

CowParsley - Fairy dust! :) xx

Big hugs to you girls! xx

Charlotta Ward said...

.. me again.. The blog won't let me leave comments in any great length so I had to break my response in two (or three..)..

Tina - Big hug and teary thanks for that comment! Yes, chocolate is serious stuff.. Not to be messed with. :) xx

Anney - Thanks creative goddess! Lovely to have you here! xx

LoveMyHouse Girl - Yay! Thank you for that. So nice to meet new friends and I welcome you with a big Swedish hug! xx

Rachael - Yes the give away was super nice, as was the birthday gift from Monika. Feel utterly spoiled! Hope your weekend was ok and that your husband's little brother was sent off in style. xx

Rachael (room for everyone) - Thank you! That means a lot! I am so happy that you are here and that the links to the great party inspiration blogs helped. Can't wait to see what you come up with! xx

Roses girl - I bet NZ is even colder than Sydney but agree that it is so nice with a real change of season for once! Spring is not far off now.. can you imagine. Where has this year gone!!? xx

OK.. have to break here. xx

Charlotta Ward said...

Take 3.. :)

Marsha - thank you my friend. You are the best. Big hugs to you. Hope you had a great weekend! xx

Mariska - Thank you! Love pouring energy and love into the blog thanks to you guys. It is so much fun and so rewarding. Just look at all the beautiful comments I got. I love you guys! xx

Greet - hello my dear! Thank you. Yes I have a lot of friends in every corner of the world, and you are one of them! xx

Therese - Thanks for stopping by even if you must be so busy with your new shop/blog initiative! Love that you are expanding your web presence and wish you the best of luck. I too am looking forward to getting to know you better. Big hugs.xx

Kirsten - Grazie my dear! Thank you for stopping by here before you fully embrace Summer. I know that Italy is divine this time of the year, though my favourite month for visiting is September (or May..). Yes that box is super special. Have no idea where it is from but would sure love one for myself as well! Un grosso bacio a te! xx

Hugs and happy thoughts for all. Thank you again! You guys rock!!

xx Charlotta

Style Attic said...

Awwww, you can tell you put so much effort into meshing your thoughts with the appropriate pictures. It's all beautiful and that's amazing how far you've come in just 1 year! I love to see people just flourish in something they love. And I'm definitely getting a gigantic bow to stick on a swim cap...seriously :)

Urban Style Vibes said...

Thanks for this lovely post! I know that feeling! It's so wonderful in blogworld, meeting new friends and find a new way to express your creativity! Keep on going! You are the best!


Lise M.

Solid Frog said...

You are so nice and sweet! Det man ger får man tillbaka :)

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

so many beautiful pictures! monika is just the loveliest; what a doll! thank you for all the kind words on my blog. i couldn't be happier to count you as a follower! i hope you had a lovely weekend :)

Fer said...

Dear Charlotta, It so funny how close we feel to our cyber friends I have been away and for now unable to post, but every time I have a chance I came to check on my new best friends. I love your post specialy the one with the chocolates.



Linda Merrill said...

Wonderful collection of images, as always Charlotta! And I'm totally loving the tea lights in the ladles. Cute idea!

Vintage Simple said...

Dear Charlotta,

You are simply put, just lovely, and your beautiful personality shines through your words. Your happiness and enthusiasm are contagious and I just always love visiting here.

I hope you have a wonderful couple of weeks with Oscar, and I hope your weekend was relaxing and fun and filled with family time, dear.

much love,

ps: and I agree with all you said about Monika - she's just wonderful.

Noche de verano said...

Ummmmm...Chocolate hearts, could be something sweeter? Thank you for sharing all these inspiring images!!
It´s a pleasure to follow you!


Morning T said...

Fabulous post and images to boot! Thanks for visiting me today and your kind words.
I'll be back my friend!

marzia said...

Hi charlotta. I read the post above. They are right you give a lot and are really generous. you just care for others.
we have 32 degrees in the shadow now hot italian summer.

*Chic Provence* said...


A lovely post that made me smile..that little fox springing for joy!! thanks so much for visiting my blog, too, I always love to see you have been there!



Leah said...

Just found your blog! So great!

Happy Weekend!

Leah said...

Just found your blog! So great!

Happy Weekend!

La Boheme said...

I love coming over to your blog and read all the goodness you always give out. You are truly the best. Much love and many hugs to you!

Krystal said...

there is a ton here that i love but those leaf pillows are amazing!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello again and sorry for my late reply to all of you who left beautiful comments after my last response. xx

Kel - as always you are so sweet! You are worth all the blog effort my friend! xx

Lise - thanks very much. xx

Mia - Kram och tack! xx

Mackenzie - Yes Monika is wonderful. Love her like a sis! Will visit you again soon. Have had a little time off. x

Fer - Yes I feel the same. So close! xx

Linda - Thank you! Yes I love those ladles too - such a cute idea for a casual dinner - the kitchen table kind.. :) xx

Maria - Am teary now. You always say such nice things! xx The schoolies are just over and Oscar is back at school again. It was nice to have him home though. Big hugs xx

T - Thanks my friend. I look forward to having you back. xx

Marzia - How divine it sounds with Summer. We're still rugging up here in Sydney. A month or so to go till Spring.. Yay! xx

Kit - Thanks. That makes me happy. Yes isn't that fox just divine! x

Leah - Welcome here. Hope you come often. xx

La Boheme lady - Thank you so much! It means a lot. Big hugs back at you. xx

Krystal - Yes aren't the pillows just heaven. I love them!

Thanks again everyone for stopping by. I love having you here!
xx Charlotta

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