Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest post 03: 'Cozying up for Autumn' with La Boheme...

Hi everyone, this is Anna over from La Boheme, and I'm so excited Charlotta asked me to participate in her guest post series while she is gone on her vacation. I think she deserves to take a break, and Sweden is certainly not a bad place to be!

While many of you are getting warmed up for Spring, we are just about ready to embrace Autumn here in San Francisco. I feel so lucky to finally call San Francisco my home and have many reasons for falling for it every single day. One of them is that it reminds me Europe so much. I grew up in the Czech Republic where my entire family still lives, therefore finding a place that feels like home on the other side of the world is quite special.

Home to me is the core of everything important, where you can find your balance, refuge and inspiration. It just happens Autumn is the season where I feel more inclined to staying inside that much more. The pleasure of chilly mornings and the crisp air soaking through my body makes me want to soak into warm bath.

When it's cold outside and you don't feel like going out, you can surround yourself with small luxuries in your special place instead. When it's raining, there is nothing wrong with snuggling up in your bed, drinking coffee and reading your favorite books (and blogs!) from there.. ;)

Home is the essence of our self-being and with season changes it is the warmth of home that keeps us coming back.

No matter where you live, how you live or who you live with, I hope you welcome the new season with open arms. I hope you find that special something that makes you happy when you wake up in the morning, when are you strolling the streets of whatever city you happen to live in and later at night when you go to sleep. I wish you the most beautiful season ahead!

Again, thank you Charlotta for letting me be part of such amazing group of bloggers!

Images: 1. Fredrick Larsson for The Chronicle, 2. Liz Hampton Photography via Dress, Design, Decor,
3-5. via Pantone, 4. Elle Decor Sept 2010, 6. via West Elm, 7. Laura Smeras on Flickr.

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THANK YOU sweet Anna for this wonderful post about the blessings of Autumn - I feel all wrapped up in a warm and cozy feeling now! xx I so relate to what you say about home being 'the core of everything important'. Especially when family lives in another part of the world, like for you & me. I am glad you have found a happy base in San Francisco (I LOVE that city!!) and hope to be able to knock on your door one day to visit your gorgeous home! xx

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My dears, Anna's blog is sheer divinity and you will love it!! Just click on the banner below to be transported across right now... Though before you do, be sure to make yourselves a big cup of tea, because you'll be there for a while.. (it's addictive!)

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Next up in is my dear blog sister Monika of the 'Splendid Willow'. She will join us with some yummy Autumn inspiration from Seattle in a few days. This warm, fun, stylish and energetic woman (who I love to bits) knows how to inspire, and I know you will absolutely love what she has to share! So don't forget to pop in on the 23rd September to read her post.

xx Charlotta


Tina said...

This post has left me with such pleasant feeling.
I like everything you have to say about our home and its importance. I find it to be all true and I can´t wait for my home to actually become a place to find all of that!
All very nice and the pictures are so inspiring with such warming, cozy feeling.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh Anna this is so beautiful, I just adore the photo's and your lovely!
big hugs Dj

Anonymous said...

Lovely.... Charlotta's blog and the guest post! xo

Fer said...

Thank you for this beautiful post, please let charlotta know that I can't wait to see post from her country



Jeanette said...

Lovely post. The first image is magical and I love that bathroom. I adore San Fran but I'm always freezing. I'm a desert girl and so ready for some autumn to hit Phoenix.

dovecote Decor said...

We are looking forward to Charlotta's trip post. That first picture is a knock out, I can hear the fog horns sending their lonely sounds back and forth, almost like loons calling. You are so lucky to live in SF!

Jude said...

What a beautiful tribute to autumn, and the unexpected joys of finding home-away-from-home (I've had to do that in London too, 7000 miles from home :)) Thanks for this!

Nuit said...

what a beautiful post!!! so inspiring.... fall is so exciting, I love the colors of the season :)

manvi @ mochatini said...

love fall and spring..
beautiful post.
hope you are well charlotta. thanks so much for the lovely book. i am already selecting recipes for my b-day party from it. x

design traveller said...

Beautiful images!

Stacey said...

There's definitely a cozy tone with this post. I loved the beautiful images too. xx

The Zhush said...

Beautiful post, the images are so warm and romantic! Loved it.

mydesignchic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mydesignchic said...

These images are gorgeous - the bathroom - crazy beautiful...believe I could live here!!


What a gorgeous post, dear! I certainly ready to welcome fall tomorrow thanks to you :) xoxo

La Boheme said...

Thank you all for such wonderful comments, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thank you again Charlotta for including me in your guest posts :) big hugs!

Splendid Willow said...

Anna (& Charlotta), what a post!

Amazing images! I can feel the warmth all the way to Seattle. (Those cup warmers would sell like cupcakes here - the center of Starbucks).

Love SF! We used to live right next to Golden Gate park and our first girl, Frida, was born there. Only fond memories.

Warm hugs to you both!


shopgirl said...

Great meeting you Anna! Love the design pics you chose for this post.

rambles with reese

Charlotta Ward said...

Anna, thank you again for this gorgeous Autumn post from divine San Francisco. One of my favourite cities in the world!

Have such wonderful memories from there and can't wait to go back with my family to relive some of what I loved.

Biggest hugs to you from Sweden!

xx Charlotta

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