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Guest post 05: 'Swedish Autumn divinity' by Tina at 'Komma Hem'..

Hi there! Tina here from 'Komma hem'.
I am a 33 year old interior-design-addict & blogging 'Swede', and I´m so glad and honored to be here at Charlottas beautiful place. I can´t believe I´m actually one of the lucky chosen ones! Thank you Charlotta. I´ll try my very best to make you at least some proud of me:)!

In contrast to the adventurous girl over here at 'Space For Inspiration' (whom I admire in so many ways. Especially the the adventurous part of her..!) I still live in my birthtown 'Karlshamn', situated by the coast in the South of Sweden.
Here you´ll find me living in an old house built in 1936, that I and my common-law spouse (+2 beautiful cats 'Peach' & 'Precious') are trying our best to renovate (spending almost all of our freetime on it.. Many times wondering 'what on Earth have we gotten ourselves into'???), with a future goal to make it a place to live, love and call home.

Over here in Sweden we have just entered a new season - Autumn to be more precise. The trees have slowly started to burst out in the most amazing colors. I can´t wait for it to fully explode into a beautiful color palette.
I love this time of year. Autumn for sure is my absolute favourite season. The older I get, the more I tend to appriciate it. The air is fresher, the temperature is dropping (comfortably so though), and for me it feels like everything comes alive again. And in a very natural way, brings on a new start.

In a way it´s like 'New Years' for me even though it´s only September. Now is the time for new goals and dreams, getting organized and being healthier!
For me Autumn also means back to normal routines, yoga, clarity, news and trends, spas, relaxation, growth, freshness, music, new clothes, candles, hot chocolate, change, balance, great plans, long walks in the woods, movies, weekends with friends and family, wind, blankets, sheepskin, books, open fire, red wine, a blue sky, raindrops on my windows, umbrella, rubber boots, chanterelles, stews, warming cardigans, baths, apple pie ... I could probably go on forever.

What else could I tell you about Autumn over here?
Well, in Sweden Autumn tend to bring on some changes in our homes as well. Darker colors, more texture, new plants on the porch and a warm and cozy feeling suddenly feels very important for many of us Swedes.

In my own home lots of warming throws and rugs, as well as candles (I love the scented ones) find their way back after been put away during the warmer Summer months + some new might just sneak in among the older ones.. :)

This year I´m also planning to update myself a little bit. The other day I had my hair dyed in a darker brown color (tend to do that at this time of year) and next up is a new pair of leather boots, a new coat and some nice and warming knits.

When Autumn finally arrives, so does the need to learn and experience something new. Some might plan for a vacation further on, others take a course at the university.. This year I would ove to learn more about mindfulness, how to make pottery, how to renovate and restore old antique furniture ,plus lots of other things. Or I might just be satisfied (probably should be!) with all of the projects we have here at home...?!? Hopefully there will be time this Autumn for us to deal with our little indoor porch where I would love to put a daybed for lazy afternoons...

Before I sign off I would like to invite you to my place over at 'Komma Hem'. I would love to have some new readers! Obviously all of us bloggers do! And I´m taking my chances here..! :). But who knows, you might just actually find something you like?!

Bye for now and Big thanks to one of the most amazing girls in the world, Charlotta Ward!

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TUSEN TACK my dear Tina for this warm and wonderful Autumn post from your beautiful part of Sweden!! I love how you invite us into your life, home, and blog with such open arms and I KNOW my readers will love your blog as much as I do!!. I also look forward to getting to know you face-to-face when I permanently return to our beautiful motherland next year. I can't wait to finally meet you my dear! xx
So my darlings, click on the banner below and be transported to Sweden and Tina's world - you will be met with a wide variety of gorgeous design inspiration and beautiful posts on life & renovation. A blog to bookmark and keep an eye on as it continues to flourish and expand..!

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Next we will hear from my gorgeous friend Simone who blogs over at 'The Bottom of the Ironing Basket' in my old home turf London. Over steaming cups of Earl Grey tea this lovely woman keeps on dishing up post after post of sheer divinity in a girly, flirty and totally inspiring manner. So you can imagine just how thrilled I am that Simone will share a guest post here on Space for Inspiration on the 29th September. See you then lovelies..!!

Hugs and kisses to all, from Sweden!
xx Charlotta


Simone said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful post, fabulous images and I love the writing too.

It's dark, cold and windy in London today so I am feeling very autumnal....this post was perfect :)

Off to check out Tina's blog right now :)

PS Thank you so much for the lovely words about me! xxxx

kenavo said...

From France Bretagne lots of autum greetings.
I light the fire in my house.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

loving all these images....
heading over to komma hem now.

Stacey said...

Tina, I was just taking my time soaking in every bit of of these beautiful images. I also dye my hair a darker shade at this time of year too. Superb job on this guest post! XX

Debra Phillips said...

hello tina, lovely to meet you. our beloved charlotta knew what she was doing asking you to guest post!
loved your images and certainly share your love of does indeed bring on a sense of invigoration.
now, off to visit you in sweden!

Randiga Tråden said...

Så vackra bilder.

Solid Frog said...

Inspiring autumn pictures, it's such a beautiful season.
Now I'll take a look at your blog :)

monika@lifemadesimple said...

Another beautiful guest post! I want to go to Sweden right now :-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful guest post!


pve design said...

Guests like you would be so welcomed here!
Lovely images.

one sydney road said...

This post is so lovely - it's making me actually long for fall!! (not an easy thing :) definitely need to check out your blog!!

Splendid Willow said...

Hello Tina, what a lovely post! Beautiful images. I can almost feel the Swedish, crispy fall air all the way to Seattle.

And how fun w. pottery! I am not that crafty but I love tapping into the little creativity I have and work with my hands as often as I can (except yard work!). That is my brain yoga.



Tina said...

Thank you all for your cute comments! You are all so very kind and I so appriciate it!
Charlotta, thank you for having me! I´m also looking foward to meet you IRL! I can´t wait for you to come home!
Lots of love!

Nuit said...

gorgeous post!!!

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