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Guest post 08: 'Autumn in Sweden' by Mia Linnman of 'The Solid Frog'...

Hi, I am Mia and I live in Sweden where we are lucky enough to enjoy a variety of seasons each year.
When I am not working, I enjoy keeping up my blog “Solid Frog” and to work on my paintings. I’m happy that Charlotta is spending some lovely weeks in Sweden so I got the opportunity to make a guest post for her.

Autumn has just arrived and I love the humid but yet fresh air and the colours are amazing. I think I love autumn because of the total contrast to spring (which is my favourite season). It’s almost as beautiful outdoors now as it is when everything comes to life in nature in May. And the best is that you can stay indoors, light candles and just cuddle up in the sofa while the leaves are swirling outside.

 I always get a special feeling of inspiration this time of year, last week it resulted in a visit to the garden centre (pics 1-7) to buy some plants that survives the autumn and winter period.

I also went to Ikea to finally get that black and white carpet for the livingroom (pic 8) and of course also the indispensable candles (pic 9-10).

Swedish autumn also demands a pair of solid boots, these for my husband (11).

This october I’m looking forward to experience Ireland for a couple of days and I’m sure autumn is just as beautiful there.  

Thanks Charlotta for inviting me for this guest post, I hope that you have a wonderful time in Sweden and that all your readers has a beautiful autumn wherever they are!  Mia

All images by Mia Linnman

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Mia, tusen tack for this gorgeous post from our beloved Sweden! Your pictures are so nice and I love how you have captured Autumn, and of course also the ones from your home. The rug looks great and I share your love for black/white stripes, as well as candles and all the 'cozy factors' that come with the darkness of this time of the year. xx

To visit the stylish 'Solid Frog' please click on the banner above  (you will love it!) and don't forget to view Mia's amazing paintings (HERE). I am so excited about having begun discussions about a purchase of one of her larger pieces when I return to Sweden next year..!

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In a few days I have the pleasure to introduce you to Piper who blogs over at 'One Sydney Road'. This super nice and multi-talented girl (!!) is such an inspiration to me and it is an honour to have her in my c'yber corner' for a few days. Despite being in the midst of actualising her dream of opening a web shop (!!) Piper is posting here on 8th (Thank you again Piper!! xx) and I know you will love what she has to share!

Well my lovelies, my Swedish holiday is drawing to an end and with only one week left I am living it up to the full. Though I could stay here forever, I do look forward to returning to Spring and Sydney (Louise and DJ's Australian Spring-time posts got me very excited!!) and to be able to share the fun with you.
Big hugs to all!

xx Charlotta


k said...

aw, I love candles in fall :)

Unknown said...

After reading Astrid and Veronika, watching the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo...and having the most darling Swedish neighbor who has transformed her yard with a solid green thumb....I'm craving a trip to Sweden. This makes me want to be there in autumn!!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Hello! I am new to Solid Frog so will head over after this. I love your vignette of brass candlesticks - perfect for autumn! Will

Guest house Islamabad said...

aw, I love candles in fall :)

Tuuli - Lumo Lifestyle said...

Hi Charlotta

Glad you can enjoy both worlds at their best; fall in Sweden before days get too dark & cold and lovely Sydney spring when you get back home.

Have enjoyed the guest posts and getting to know new bloggers in the meanwhile.

Tina said...

Oh, I love this post!
That black and white IKEA carpet have been on my wishlist as well for some time now. I feel so inspired every time I see it. Looks fab!
The pics from your garden are beautiful and I also love how you describe autumn feelings.
All in all a lovely post with stunning pictures!

Maria Riazzoli said...

Lovely post by Mia! I love her blog, and thanks to her I found yours! : )

design traveller said...

Wonderful photos. The black and white carpet from Ikea is hunting me... I think I will get it finally :)
I loved the round red one they had, it was perfect... but it's sold out here in Oslo!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I quite enjoyed your post. Seeing how autumn feels around the world is fun. Yes, candles and a blanket are something I'm looking forward to as well. I have the opposite problem with plants. I live in Phoenix, Az so I'm usually looking for something that will survive our harsh summers. Ireland is one of my favorite places in the world - hope you have a lovely trip.

one sydney road said...

Such a lovely post - it's so cool to see autumn in different parts of the world and how so many things are similar. I agree - candles become my go to fall and winter item!!

Stacey said...

I love everything about this post, the garden, the candles, the black and white rug...Beautiful post. XX

Splendid Willow said...

How lovely was that! And finally some pics from your own lovely home, Ms. Solid! It made my day.

Warm hugs to you both!


P.S And Charlotta, enjoy Sweden to the fullest. I can't believe that almost a month has gone!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

loved this post Mia. beautiful photos! your garden looks gorgeous. xo


I just love this post Mia! So happy to get introduced to you. I'm heading on over :)

And Charlotta sweetie, I hope you're having a fabulous time! Will be emailing you shortly. Hope to get it to you by Friday night if not before.


Jude said...

What a beautiful post, I love these photos and the atmospheric autumn mood - wonderful! :)

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