Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guest post 12: 'Layers of Fall' by Kirsten Grove from 'Simply Grove'

Hi everyone!!  Kirsten here from Simply Grove.  Some of you may be acquainted with me and some of you will be new friends (I hope) after this post.  I am so honored to be over here today while Charlotta is enjoying her getaway, of which I am totally jealous....but oh so happy for Charlotta!!!!

My home is Boise Idaho, the state that is shaped like a key.  You will find 4 distinct seasons.  Very distinct!!  As of right now the leaves are changing into a beautiful display of orange, red, yellow, brown and a bit of deep green.  Fall in Boise brings chilly weather, a whole lot of pumpkin fields and entertaining corn mazes.  (Have you ever been to a corn maze?)   You will find fresh veggies and a variety of mums at our local farmers markets.  Iced coffees are exchanged for hot beverages in cozy cups.  It is sure a fun season for my city.

Although I miss the hot summer days, fall brings a sense of comfort and warmth.  The colors and textures make me want to snuggle all of the time.  That can be a bit distracting from my work load, BUT I don't mind. I love bringing out the right essentials for Autumn.  Cable knit pillows and throws, spiced candles, fuzzy rugs, down comforters for the bed linens and white mini pumpkins to scatter around each room.

Dressing for fall always allows me to think outside the box.  I LOVE layers.  Whether that is layering shirts or a skirt with tights.  It is all about layering!  Scarves and hats are fun accessories that I try to implement as much as I can.   My favorite look right now is leather leggings, a long white t-shirt, boyfriend jacket and a cheetah print scarf.  I could wear that EVERYDAY!

The Fall months always seem full of family events, harvest gatherings and parties with friends.  It is always so nice to celebrate life with the people I love.  And the yummy food is always a plus too!

Thanks for having me everyone!!  Come visit me sometime and say hello!!

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Kirsten THANK YOU so much for a gorgeous post! Layering clothes, dressing the home, gathering over yummy food with friends and family sounds like the perfect way to enjoy Autumn! Having you here was such a pleasure and I love your Flickr pictures!

People, this beautiful woman has been written about in a hugely impressive list of places (see HERE), has a gorgeous home (HERE) that has been featured in two key shelter magazines here in Australia, she runs a fabulous blog (and Flickr gallery!), works as an interior designer, whilst also re-purpousing / re-designing furniture AAAAAND raising two children..! You can see why I am so completely impressed by Kirsten (xx)!! If you are not already a subscriber of her blog, please click on the banner right now to be transferred across. (And don't forget to read all about her fun 'style tests'..!) xx

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The next and final guest post in my little series has been written by my dear friend Stacy who blogs over at the very popular 'Design Addict Mom'. Not only is this lady a very dedicated blogger, she is also a devoted mother, and has a fabulous eye for design and style. I so look forward to sharing her post with you right here on the 20th October!
P.S. Also.. Don't forget to enter Stacey's give-away that ends soon.. HERE

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So my darlings, I am now back in Australia after a wonderful holiday in my beloved Sweden.  We had a fantastic time (I am SO home sick right now..!) and I can't wait to tell you about it all after the jet lag has worn off. It will also be nice to catch up with all of you again after having been away for so long. Have missed you lots..!

Jet lagged hugs from me to you!

xx Charlotta


Lumo said...

Welcome home, Charlotta!

It's been freezing cold in Helsinki the past days, even the first snow fell this week unseasonally early.

There is a forecast of the coldest winter in 1000 years... You had the chage to enjoy the best part of Swedish fall, now enjoy Sydney spring and summer!

Krystal said...

these are great looks!!!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Fab post, Kirsten! And, welcome home, Charlotta, I've missed you! xo

*Ingrid* said...

Beautiful inspiration again Charlotta!!

have a beautiful sunday

Urban Style Vibes said...

Welcome back hun! I can imagine you have a full flash jetlag. I've missed you!

Tina said...

Another great post here at 'Space for inspiration!' I personally could't live without my leggings, so comfy! Leather ones sounds nice!
Welcome back dear Charlotta!!!

A Perfect Gray said...

kirsten, wonderful piece, those interiors are so warm and cozy and perfect for me, a Fall girl!

Charlotta, welcome back! we really missed you! after a little catch-up time (probably a lot of laundry) we will look forward to having you back with us!

Love, Donna

Splendid Willow said...

Kirsten, lovely post (and home!).

What is it in water you are drinking "over there" that results in so many creative, talented and design oriented people?

Hugs to you both!


thea said...

ooooo, I'm all about those flower pots!!



jeanette from everton terrace said...

Hello Kirsten, Boise is one of our favorite cities! My husband was on a job there for two years and he flew back and forth between there and our home here in Phoenix (where fall has not arrived). His all time favorite meal is at Yen Ching. We stopped there this summer on our way home from Seattle, they remembered him and it's been 6 years!

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