Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prunie hands and pretty pictures..

Hello friends. All day today I have cleaned my studio.. Every corner has been attacked by me and my bucket of hot soapy water, every shelf culled and re-arranged, and my desk completely emptied of all debris. I am pleased, exhausted and in dire need of a manicure..! :)

Thought that une petite parade of random eye-candy would be just what we need tonight..xx

I think every home should have a wall just like this one, that I found over at sweet 'Slumber Designs'.
The heavenly table decor is via 'Petite Soeur' - simply amazing colours don't you think..!?

Aaaawww! How I feel with my children..! Both of them, and deeply so. My 'baby', Isabella, turns 5 in just a few days.. I have a major crush on her at the moment.. Of course I ALWAYS love her, but every parent out there will know what I mean when I say I have re-fallen for her right now! It's simply divine and we are sharing some very special moments these days..!

Oh feather cloth, you divine feather cloth, where can I buy you? Anyone..?

 No words needed really.. The scale..! Love it! Though I have to say that the soft furnishings don't really do it for me.. Perhaps if the camera pulled back and we got to see the entire room they would make sense..?! In this crop they look too washed out for me.. Wish there was more contrast and depth.

Heavenly artwork and quirky mutton leg stools.. Just heaven spotted over at 'Slumber Designs' (another woman I am loving so much at the moment!).

To sit here and drink the light.. and the coffee.. and just 'be'..! This sunny loveliness seen over at 'My Design Chic'. A gorgeous blog I only recently discovered and that you will love!

One can always count on 'Coco +  Kelley' to serve up dish after dish of splendid style. This stunning table top is no exception. Loving the zingy yellow/green!

The unexpected result of a 'stressed hostess moment'..? In her sleep-deprived and anxious state she rammed the fork into the table... She was shocked by her own behaviour.. it was not like her..! But oh, wait..! She stopped in amazement at the sight of the fork, and thought..'Oh, I rather like that..!' So goes (the totally not true) tale for this picture that I saw over at the gorgeous St Barbara Chic.. :)
And also, aren't the little menu cards nice? I am making a whole range of place cards in various patterns and colours for my mother to use over the holiday season. She entertains like no other, and I love making her little 'socialite treats and trinkets'. One can never have enough.. right!? x

More table beauty from 'Are so Happy' and 'Desserts for Breakfast'. I love simplicity and these two hit the mark for me. And just generally I have a revived addiction for foodie blogs at the moment.. 'Sunday Suppers', Cannelle et Vanille', 'My Tartlette', 'Safferon & Blueberry' and many other mouthwatering destinations..!
 Photo Frances Janisch for Sweet Paul

Speaking of which.. Foodie magician that is 'Sweet Paul' has just released the 'Holiday issue' of his magazine. Jam packed with delightful treats for eyes and tummies. Eat BEFORE you read though..! :) Oh, and look out for a dear and special someone who is featured in there..! Hint...

I am loving this simple artwork on the wall.. I just love the freshness of the red/white combination, with accents of lime and all that natural light. Just delicious, don't you think..!?! xx

And speaking of colours.. Isn't this room nice too.. It's got a 'happy energy' somehow.  So cute. Love love..

More gorgeous tangerine / white divinity.. And that dress colour, plus one fabulous fox! Instant love for this little foxy friend..!

Rooms that whisper.. where we can withdraw.. where it's always quiet.. You can hear a snowflake fall here!.. Aaaaahhh!

And OMG..! To sit here and listen to someone play that grand piano.. The decor... niieeew, not so good.. but who cares with those windows!!
Not true actually, having completed a total clean-out of my studio in one day.. Miracles happen! :)

This makes me want to adopt your gorgeous US Thanksgiving tradition just for the fun of making a paper-bag turkey with popcorn stuffing..! One of many great ideas found over at 'One Charming Party'.

Yes yes my darlings, this is me and Oscar on daily trip to the marina after school.. Note my casual joyfulness, effortless body, and glistening skin..! And see Oscar's relaxed 'tude, and easy-to-do post-school-snack..  May I take this opportunity to thank ms Dust Jacket Attic for publishing it on her blog..! :)

Ok, that's all for today folks. Can't stand the look of my poor post-cleaning fingers on the keyboard any longer and am going to have a 'hand cream moment' and then tuck myself into bed. 

xx Charlotta


Janet said...

Oh Wow ! I feel like re-decorating the whole house now-great blog entry-have a few ideas for my christmas table too !

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I don't even know where to begin to comment about all the wonderfulness on this post. My office, oh I can't imagine a room more in need of some TLC- it'a a shambles in here. You mentioned many of the foodie blogs I used to visit and haven't in quite some time, must pop over. I also want to go visit these design blogs you will I ever get to cleaning this office?

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

loved so much this post Charlotta! that yellow print is SO perfect! have a great week darling! xo

A Perfect Gray said...

what a fun post, Charlotta. I adore that brown paper bag turkey! I need to do that one. And the vintage utensils in the twine is just the right aged touch for the table.

Hope you and Oscar have a lovely time at the marina. love your scooter and, my! what a fantastic figure you have!!!!

fun! Love, Donna

sunny said...

Pretty photos but I love the first one the most. Gorgeous!

And I'm so glad you mentioned cleaning your office. Now I will be cleaning my office at home in the same way. Scrubbing it down until it shines!

mydesignchic said...

So many great things in this one post...we are THRILLED to be included!!

Debra Phillips said...

hello dearest charlotta!

this was a lovely post. do tell, where did you find those chic slacks?
my everything could be clean and organized if only i got off the computer

Stacey said...

What a delicious post, juicy and dripping with love! I love every single image and of course you and Oscar are the show stoppers in the last pic! Gorgeous! XX

Renee Finberg said...

what an outstanding post!
the fork cracked me up,
loved the giraffe and her baby,
and the huge statue in the tall windowed dining room blew me a way.


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Gorgeous images! I needone of those signs at mine xox

Krystal said...

I did that to my entire house yesterday and it felt so good!

Vintage Simple said...

Oh, that wall..! And that sunny nook by that window in the rooftops..!

And that last photo just made me laugh. You look HOT, Charlotta! :)

I hope you and yours have been well.

Sending much love,

Splendid Willow said...

Oh my so mych eye candy in one post! And so many lovely blogs. I don't even know where to begin.

But Ms. Isabella will get my full attention. She is sooo adorable (just like her Mama) and I bet she is starting to get pretty excited about her upcoming big day!

Love to you all,


Paris Pastry said...

There's nothing better than having your home cleaned and scrubbed! Though you must be feeling weary right now :) Gorgeous images and lovely post!!

Tina said...

Inspiring, amusing and lovely post as always!
The giraff pic is sooo beautiful, it almost had me weeping for a while!
Your cleaning project feels inspiring! Isn´t it fantastic when you get one of those moments, full of motivation and determination and what a joy afterwords. It makes you feel so proud of yourself, doesn´t it!? I could really use one of those moments, hopefully before Xmas so my home will be all clean and shining:).
And I know what you mean by having a 'hand cream moment', I´m trying my very best to have them on a daily bases:). My hands are not taken care of the way they should refering to my daily job. Yesterday I had a GRANDE house cleaning(oh, I love those cause you can usually tell a HUGE difference afterwords). After serveral hours I headed back home and my hands were both wounded and sore with parts of a catus in my fingertips!...Let me tell you I really needed to a little extra care of them last night:)!

Tack för fina kommentarer. Blir så glad att du tittar förbi!
Tänker på dig ofta och undrar hur det är med pappa din?
Skriv när du får tid och lust!

Massor med kramar!!!

Johanna Urban said...

Oh! Love these post, so many beautiful images! The photo from 'My Design Chic' is amazing!!! Would love to have a window like that!!!

and ...Tusen tack för din kommentar!! Blev så glad över all positiv respons!!

Kram på dej

Johanna, Sweden

Johanna Urban said...

this post*

Leigha said...

I know I have seen that feather cloth - but I still haven't located it in my memory yet (or my google search!).

Have a lovely weekend.


P.S. The giraffes?!?! Swoon.

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm in heaven! Too many wonderful ideas in one post, truly... I am dragging some to my inspiration folder just as soon as I finish typing this to you :)

Maria Dermengiu said...

great post, so inspirational! so many great ideas..thank you for sharing with us, hugs, Maria

Style Attic said...

You and Oliver are looking fab ;) That paper bag turkey is hilarious...crafty...good looking...and I love that "stuffing" recipe! A wonderful read and gorgeous, worthy always! XOXO Kelly

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