Friday, December 10, 2010

All I want for Christmas is here..!

It is about time I do this announcement of greatness that has been achieved by my dear and entrepreneurial blog siters around the world!!

Splendid Willow Avenue is a brand new shop with focus on Quality, Functionality & Great Design. All of this with a uniquely Scandinavian twist, and friendly service!
For more on this exciting shop, and to get to know Monika Claassen, the amazing & stylish woman behind the scenes, please visit the Splendid Willow blog.

Monika has launched her shop (today!) with two fabulous & hand picked products - Ilse Jacobsen gum boots and rain coats. And really, what better launch range to choose by a stylish & quality focused girl who lives in Seattle..!

What I want for Christmas from 'Splendid Willow Avenue' is a pair of 'Tall Camel Boots' and a 'Sesame Rain Coat'! Oh la la, I will be wishing for rain then!!

* ------------------------------------------------------ * ------------------------------------------------------ *

If you want to 'zhush' your life, this is the destination for you. Zhush.Com spills over with fabulous accessories and home accents you don't want to miss!
To find out more about the story behind the store and Sue de Chiara, the lovely lady who launched it, please visit The Zhush blog.

Admirably, the lovely Sue kept her shop development a secret until the day it launched. A feat I find aplaudable because if this were my store, I would have been yelling at the top of my lungs in excitement over the gorgeous range of merchandise! Well done Sue, for keeping us in suspense!! xx
What I would love Santa to bring me from Zhush.Com is a set of the super cute 'Numbered Pill Boxes' and a couple of 'Charcoal Herringbone Throws'!

* ------------------------------------------------------ * ------------------------------------------------------ *

Here's a fresh & modern shop with an edge! Stocked with carefully curated collections of merchandise ranging from new to vintage, eco-friendly, handmade & indie to designer made, and everything inbetween. One Sydney Road is a fantastic destination for everyone who loves eclectic hand picked goods!
To meet Piper Toth, the inspiring woman behind the store, please visit the One Sydney Road blog.

Unlike Sue, Piper openly shared the journey leading up to the launch of her shop with us all. I loved both approaches to their shop launches. They are equally exciting and admirable in my book! So hat soff to both Sue and Piper! xx

Piper's shop is full of modern, urban and fresh designs that I love so much. In fact I have already received a (self-purchased) Christmas gift from One Sydney Road - two sets of the  awesome EmmersonMade 'E.A.T Table Linens' (8 in total), and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again my friend! xx

Though I realize it may be a bit much to ask Santa for more this year, I wouldn't mind getting my Swedish mittens on a selection of 'Small Linen Trays' too.. I love using these for the breakfast table!

* ------------------------------------------------------ * ------------------------------------------------------ *

The colourful Ada and Darcy store feels fun, modern and young with a delightful range of hand picked home decor items. Ranging from affordable to premium, custom-made to ready-made, you are sure to find something special for your home here. 
To get to know owner Kellie Collis and her vibrant world, please visit the Ada and Darcy blog.

Sweet Kellie has a freshness about all that she shares and sells. Her store exudes a happy, light and colourful energy that lifts my spirits every time I visit. 

This Christmas I would love Santa even more if he'd bring me a 'Studded Ottoman Coffee Table' in charcoal (greedy I know..!) and if he also threw in a bunch of 'Vintage White & Pink Paper Straws' for the kidlets.

* ------------------------------------------------------ * ------------------------------------------------------ *

Table Tonic is a rare and brilliant find. It's distinctive and creative with a quirky international flair., and stocks an amazing range of vintage, new, handmade and rare pieces from Afganistan, India, Africa, Mexico as well as the UK and Australia. 
In Louise Bell's capable and trend-conscious hands you will find both affordable and premium goods that are sure to bring the best of the world to your house! To find out more about Louise and her charismatic shop, please visit the Table Tonic blog.

It is no secret that a 'nomad' like me likes a shop with eclectic and international flair, and Louise's shop suits me like a glove!

Without having to think about it at all, I am wishing for a fabulous off white 'Bamileke Feather Juju Hat' and a 'Tashkent Vintage Gracie Suzani' (though I wouldn't use it for our bed.. just in case the elves thought  it might not work colour wise..).

* ------------------------------------------------------ * ------------------------------------------------------ *

Ok my dears, so that is my cyber wishlist this Christmas, though the real gift is of course that these awesome girls (my friends)  have achieved their dreams to launch amazing shops. What can top that!?!

I am incredibly proud of you ladies and look forward to shopping with you!


xx Charlotta


mydesignchic said...

Such amazing shops and a great source for Christmas gifts!! Thanks for sharing...

Tina said...

Wow, many great tips on this list!
I love your chosen wishes and hope some of them(ALL) will come true for you:)!!!
Had no idea about Mon, have to go visit!
All my love to you dear Charlotta!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I'n so excited that Mon has opened her online store! Great to see some of your other online store picks, too! Always been a fan of Louise at Table Tonic. That girl loves a bright hue, so she is firmly in my good books ;)


LiveLikeYou said...

How exciting I didn't know Monica had launched a shop!! Love those rain boots!!

Splendid Willow said...

Just woke up to my first day in business! And to some wonderful support from you. Thank you, dear sis!

I am honored to be mentioned together with such great stores (and friends). They are all fantastic!

Love to you and thank you again.


PS An e-mail will come soon.

Leigha said...

Some of my favorite ladies!

Hope you are enjoying the season dear Charlotta.


Karena said...

Charlotta you have featured some of my very good friends! Thank you!
We could be shopping forever with all of the wonderful delights!

Remember to come & enter my $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

Art by Karena

Sarah B said...

There are so many great stores out there now. I can't believe I haven't checked out the Zhush yet!

one sydney road said...

I'm blushing and smiling like crazy over here!! Thank you my friend!

I'm flattered to be mentioned among such great company!!

xo Piper

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

I have "trend-conscious hands" - I love that!!!!! Thank you sweetie.
That's a great little edit - Thanks so much for all your support this year, have a wonderful Chrissie, and here's to laughing over a coffee sometime in 2011! xxx

The Zhush said...

Thrilled beyond belief to be mentioned here and the company I am keeping on this post is just amazing! You are so thoughtful, but I already knew that! Seriously, this made my whole day...thanks so much Charlotta!

Lana said...

Ah we know so many talented bloggers, don't we, clever ladies! Have a happy weekend!x

Vintage Simple said...

I'm so happy to see all of this!! So wonderful that so many talented women are living their dreams.

much love,

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