Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Mochatini's Little Book of Holiday Inspiration' by Manvi Drona Hidalgo..

How on Earth you can call an 82 page masterpiece a 'LITTLE book' is beyond me, because in my eyes it is HUGE!! This incredible (!!) creation was made by my dear and wonderful friend Manvi who blogs over at Mochatini  - the sweetest (and most stylish!) girl you can meet!

'Mochatini's Little Book of Holiday Inspiration' is not just any kind of book.. It is a tailor-made and exclusive edition that was created from scratch as a 'thank you for a great year'.. Just because this is the kind of person she is. Generous and genuine. xx

The book is copy written, typeset and laid-out by Manvi herself. All the images were styled and photographed by her, and digitally formatted so that everyone from Hawaii to Japan, and the Arctic to Antarctica can cherish it. How incredibly thoughtful and generous isn't that!!?!  It also puts the concept of 'hand made' on a whole new level!!
Manvi, I am overwhelmed with all the work you put into this and appreciate every word, picture and page! xx

As if this wasn't enough there is also a brilliant 'Ten Tips for Holiday Entertaining' guide inside - something that will make you the 'hostess of the mostess' (or a 'host to celebrate & toast'!.!) this festive season!!

Manvi's style is feminine, fresh, and elegant with a glamorous yet modern edge, and her beautiful blog spills over with examples of her fantastic styling and photography works. She has been featured in several publications and those of us who know Manvi are eagerly & lovingly encouraging her to publish a 'coffee-table book' showcasing her table top decor, styling & images. Armed with this holiday book, the publishers will fight to be the first to do so!! Hear me dear friend!!? xx

All images by Manvi Drona Hidalgo

Thank you again dear Manvi for including me in your beautiful book and for creating such a wonderful Christmas treat for us! It was the best blog thank you I have ever been given!!

xx Charlotta


Concrete Jungle said...

The girl has TALENT!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

For certain she should publish, this is as stylish and well done as anything I've seen. I would add about 50 exclamation points but that's just that side of crazy so I will simply say, I agree with you completely. Lovely.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

WOW !!!!
Charlotta, Thank YOU for showcasing this on your blog.
I think it would be great if she and SweetPaul would collaborate. She could set the table to "match" any and all of his dishes!!
I wonder what kind of camera she uses?!

(And loved seeing your name featured too -- I can't stand those pre-packed flower arrangements either!)

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! xx

Splendid Willow said...

Manvi, is the best. THE BEST.

And the more we push the sooner we will see the birth of that coffee table filled with gorgeous tabletop decor!

oxox, Mon

The Zhush said...

Seriously blown away by this...the photos, the!

Stacey said...

Amazing talent! I'm truly in awe! XX

Tina said...

Hi Sweetie!
How wonderful!
And what an inspiring idea! Love all of the effort and love behind this beautiful book!
Have to go visit Manvi´s blog now!
Ps. Tack för ditt långa, fina, varma mail! Du är bara fööör generös och jag är så lyckligt lottad att du är min vän. Skiver snart tillbax!
Kram, kram, kram:)!

manvi @ mochatini said...

MY gosh! Charl, YOU are the sweetest, thanks so much for this AWESOME mention - really honored + deeply touched by your generous words + tearing up (first thing in the morning)
All- You guys are so sweet. Thank you for the encouragement.
Mom + Charl you have been such driving forces and motivators from day one. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship.
Anita - I use a Canon 50D.
much love to you all.

Pinecone Camp said...

What pretty styling - lovely images! Your blog is fabulous...happy we "found" each other.
Have a good day!

Mandarine D'Italie said...

So inspirational, great discovery, I love books and I am certainly having a thought about buying this one as well!! A very good achievement to have your own book out, so talented, well done Manvi and thak you for introducing her to us!!

lila said...

Seriously in love with all of this...the photos, the!
Your blog is always a place full of inspirations!!!

Lana said...

Manvi did an amazing job! The styling is so beautiful.

Ps Your Christmas Wishes are up today!x

Marina said...

This is so beautiful ... Manvi is one talented lady.
You are such a sweet friend to share this with us Charlotta ... thank you!

I'm off to visit her site ...

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