Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santorini hotel bliss..

How about this relaxed luxury hotel which is pitched on top of a cliff above the glistening Aegean Sea on the island of Santorini?! To me it looks like the ultimate (kid-free!) escape and I absolutely love the simplicity of the Cycladic style design and soothing colours of the suites.

The history of the Perivolas dates back to the 19th century and the Psychas family, who moved to Santorini from Odessa. Falling in love with the island the family wanted to settle here. They soon bought a property perched on the cliff that also included several 300 year old caves. They started dreaming of developing the site into an idyllic island retreat. With the help from local craftsmen using traditional materials, the caves were slowly transformed into 20 luxury suites..

This is where my knees begin to tremble.. How amazing isn't the 'water cave'?! You can actually swim right up to a second entrance at the back of it! Oh heaven..


The resort started out as a private residence and has a wonderful sense of intimacy and comfort. Despite the immediate boldness and white washed walls, it doesn't feel cold or stark in any way.  I think it makes for the perfect backdrop to the breathtaking exterior scenery as well as the wonderful interior accent colours.

I love the texture of the walls, the organic shapes and sculpted features of the rooms. The alcoves and vaulted niches make for the perfect little cubbyholes. Perfect to snuggle up in after a day under the Greek sun. And how wonderful to incorporate the natural rock here and there for contrast.. I have a real weakness for this kind of thing (Frank Lloyd Wright did that to me as a young architect student at Univeristy in London..).

Each of the 20 suites are different, however share the loving attention to detail and stylish touches. I feel as if every room breathes freshness and cool breezes from the Aegean Sea beneath, and it is hard to believe that they are actually carved into the actual cliff..

** sigh ** No words needed here..

Oh..Can you imagine waking up in this sun-drenched alcove.?!?.. To stretch ones sleepy limbs and just breathe in that divine light and all the Aegean goodness pouring in from the windows.. Heaven!

** more sighs ** It's minimalism with out that alienating feeling I so often get when rooms are deliberately under dressed or left bare. The little thoughtful flower arrangements are lovely and help enhance the wonderful energy that flows so freely and in abundance through these rooms..

Mon Dieu..!! Would one ever want to leave this place?

This place is definitely going on to our 'must visit' list..!

xx Charlotta


Krystal said...

whoaaa that looks like heaven on earth! seriously amazing.

Stacey said...

I'm having serious palpitations here! This place is magnificent! Thanks for sharing this goodness Charlotta:-). XX

Tina said...

Bliss? YES!
Totally breathtaking!
Love to hear the background story, especially when it comes to places like this!
OMG, had to go back and have a second look at that stunning(no words strong enough!)view!!!
Ps. Tack för ditt fiiina mail. Känner mig alldeles överöst av komplimanger och positiv energi, så himla fint av dig!!!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

You're right, no words but jaw on floor for sure. Makes my 5 year remodel look like child's play.

manvi @ mochatini said...

omg. there goes my already diminishing desire to get ANY work done today. Its rainy, cold and soo depressing out. Thanks for a virtual vaca.
hope bellas birthday went off superbly.
love and xo

Gifts of Serendipity said...

What a sensational space!
I would defy anyone to visit and not leave feeling totally relaxed and rejuvinated.
Thank you for sharing!

Felicity x

mydesignchic said...

Oh Charlotta, this is amazing...and the view is spectacular!!

Virginia Blue - Director Blue Fruit said...

Oh Charlotta this is amazing! Beyond words to describe its fabulous beauty. I wonder if it is perhaps because it started life as a private home that it has so much atmosphere? Bring on summer to have glorious days in places like this!

Leigha said...

Hello heaven. The water cave is amazing.


Sara Louise said...

Stunning! All the blues in the first photo are simply breathtaking!

Zabrinah said...

This is all so beautiful, it takes my breath away!

I really would love to have a vacation at this hotel and explore the "water cave"! How cool is that?!!!


Best wishes,


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

On a freeeeeeeeeeezing cold winters day this seems like such a dream! Thank you for letting me esacpe to a slice of tropical, Greek bliss for a short while!


Caitlin at the Desert Domicile said...

So gorgeous and those views are AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing :)

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, how I would love to be there today. Wind and rain are whipping around outside. Good "inside" day!
xo Elizabeth

Maria Riazzoli said...

I love it! Hade inte varit helt fel att sitta där i solstolen med den utsikten, speciellt med tanke på utsikten jag har från mitt fönster (snö. snö, snö)

Carole said...

Charlotta, this has just got me dreaming. It's so cold here in the UK I would just love to be somewhere as warm and beautiful. *Sigh* indeed.

The Zhush said...

Looks like heaven! Literally!!! (and I just stole at least three images for my pops of purple obsession!) :)

quintessence said...

So beautiful!! Such an incredibly sculptural quality and of course the white against the blue water - magical!

Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely said...

oh my, I'm blissing out on these photos Charlotta! So dreamy! xx

LiveLikeYou said...

I'm booking my trip now!!! So crazy busy lately, and the holidays don't seem to make it better. Would love to pack my suitcase right now and GO!!!!

Solid Frog said...

Looks like paradise :)

Ha en härlig helg!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, Charlotta! That is unbelievable! I love it, definitely sharing with Mr. Deer! XX!

Sarah Vam de Parker said...

Esta luz que tenemos en el Mediterraneo es cautivadora!!!!!

Renee Finberg said...

i still have never been to greece.
my sister goes for the summer every year.
this place looks incredible.

did you know that joni mitchell
lived in the caves in greece in the 1960's.
i just learned that after reading her book.
xxx merry xmas

Carolyn said...

wauwieeee, that looks blissful and a place to never want to leave... hmmm I love Greece... never been to Santorini though.. but visit Paros regularly.. so my curiosity must take me to that gorgeous hotel!

Snowy geetings, Carolyn

Thea said...

Santorini is my dream destination and I can't believe that I still haven't made it there. The Perivolas is divine! Thanks for sharing. x

Greet said...

Dear Charlotta,
Oh my goodness, as you said you would never leave this gorgeous, heavenly place!
Thank you so much for stopping by today and how nice to hear that you are relaxed after this boat trip! Unbelievable that you have Summer now! Well every season has its own charms isn't it!
I wish you a wonderful Summer week!!
A big hug,

Lumo said...

We have a snow storm in Helsinki. I am just dreaming of sunshine and warmth. This is just a perfect target of my day dreams...

Lana said...

I saw this when I was there! From the outside unfortunately! How absolutely incredible would it be to stay here?! One can dream!x

Simone said...

I am just speechless, almost!! What an amazing place, wow!!!

Mary said...

Oh my gosh! This is absolutely gorgeous! It's going on our list too!

s a n s k u :) said...

i could so go there right now.

this hotel reminded me of the ice hotels though. until the sea picture. and the missing fur blankets... :D

Y said...

Ooooooooh this looks like heaven!!!

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