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Guest post 02: 'Autumn' by Kerry of The Tranquil Townhouse

Hiya. I'm Kerry and I live in a (sometimes, but not always) tranquil townhouse in Canberra...the place where, in a few days will be autumn.

When Charlotta asked me if I'd do a guest post I was completely gobsmacked, and wondered what drugs she might be on! But I am ever so grateful...because apart from anything else she has made me think about the changing seasons. And to be honest, it hadn't been something I'd given a lot of thought to.

Do you have a favourite season? Despite not thinking much about them, I do have a preference. And I have to tell you, it's not autumn! I have mixed feelings about it to be honest. It makes me feel a bit's an ending, more so than any other season I think. Summer fading, the impending death (even if only temporarily) of lots of living things. The promise of spring (which I confess is my favourite) seems so very far away. 

So, I've found that the trick with seasons that aren't your favourites is to focus on their good bits. You you do when you aren't all that enamoured of every single one of your body parts!

Although there might just be a tad too much width going on here!!
What then do I appreciate about autumn? Here in Canberra we are very lucky to get all four seasons...and autumn in Canberra is definitely an experience...there are lots of beautiful deciduous trees here and they put on a wonderful show.  The lake is especially beautiful then.

Many of the people who mean so much to me have their birthday in this autumn season. My man and my mum in March, my son and my dad in April and my daughter in May. 

A celebration for each month of autumn...perhaps that's a good reason to like it don't you think?
Then there's autumn food and cooking...pumpkin soup, roasted beetroot and figs....mmm, not so bad after all...

The colours of autumn are pretty fab too...and when I started to think about it, they're actually everywhere you look in my house!

There's a slower pace to autumn as well isn't there...apart from sweeping up all the falling leaves that is (ah, is that why some parts of the northern hemisphere call it fall??)...and as we spend more time inside, there's a greater opportunity to read and listen to music. 

...although I did read all of these in January!
This autumn is especially exciting for me because in a few short weeks I'll be traveling for many hours (no engine problems please Qantas!) and ending up in Washington and New York...where I won't care what season it is...I'll just be thrilled to be visiting these cities for the first time.
Thank you, when are you visiting Canberra?!? We're good in any season! :)

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Kerry said...

Thanks so much for letting me do this post Charlotta (ssshhh, the cheque's in the mail!) :))
I had a lot of fun putting it together and do hope that you're enjoying your break. x

A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful, kerry. hard to believe you are entering autumn while we are on the cusp of spring! I think spring is my favorite, now that I am getting older, although fall used to me my fave. I still look forward to turtleneck sweaters!

loved this post and always enjoy you at TT!


Jane said...

Cool post, Kerry - you legend! Quite reflective, too. we get the four seasons down here in Hobart, too - often in one day! Can you believe there was snow on Mt Wellington the other day, in the middle of summer? Mad. Great to see you here. J x

Tina said...
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Tina said...

Great post! So many beatiful images that reflects autumn and its beautiful colors! Glad to hear you found some positive things about this season after all:)! For me though, Autumn is probably the best time of year.
Loved the quote- makes one stop, reflect and think about life for a moment!
Will most certainly go have a look at your blog!
Charlotta, hope you are doing fine and are enjoying your time off Blogland!
All my Love, Tina

Thea said...

I love this post Kerry. I never really stop to think about the seasons (not since I've returned to QLD) but I love the colours of Autumn. x

Emma Burgess said...

Hi Kerri,

Love your guest post, and how wonderful to find another beautiful blog. Thank you. Emma.

Alena said...

Love the post and all the beautiful images! said...

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charlie said...

gorgeous post darl - i am so ready for autumn, so ready. we have had such a long summer here, and face another week coming up with every day over 36.

such gorgeous images too.

- and hope you enjoy your break charlotta.


A Room For Everyone said...

I hate to tell you this Kerry but Autumn is my favourite! It's the only season that seems to be genuine here in Melbourne.. Rachaelxx

Maxabella said...

What a lovely tribute to Autumn. You are lucky to live in Canberra as it is BEAUTIFUL in Autumn.

I don't mind it. I like the changing seasons best and I'm quite a fan of a chill. x

LiveLikeYou said...

What a beautiful post!! It's helping me get over my "I hate Mondays" mood. And loved the quote!! Thank You!!

Charlotta Ward said...

Biggest hug and thank you to Sue for this wonderful post on Spring.
Summer is drawing to an end here in Sydney and though I will miss it so much, I am also looking forward to quieter and cooler days ahead.

Thank you also to all who popped into visit and for all your comments.

xx Charlotta

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes, and now it is CLEAR why I am taking a break..! I am thanking the wrong person here.. The above comment was meant for the previous post.. and ofcourse I was meant to say THANK YOU KERRY here..!

Well - THANK YOU MY FRIEND. I would love to come down to the Nation's Capital before the imminent trip to Sweden. How fun that would be. I have been following your work vi FB and am so in awe of all your creativity. How fun we'd have!

Big hugs and sorry for the confusion..!

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