Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A place to love..

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day yesterday. Though many don't embrace the commercial aspects of the day itself, I think the symbolism and spirit are wonderful. And don't you just think people generally tend to be that little bit nicer and more loving on Valentine's?!

Our celebrations included handing out little 'love gifts' at school (Monika, I used your 'match box idea' and people LOVED them!! Thank you for the inspiration! xx), cooking a nice dinner, and baking my husband's favourite cake.. Which of course I couldn't eat since I am still on the detox.. though I have to admit that I licked the bowl after making a wonderful authentic chocolate sauce from scratch.. Doing that is of course also totally forbidden when detoxing, but in a moment of weakness I gave in to my chocolate drooling.. (Hey, I am only human!) 
The punishment came about half an hour later I felt sincerely sick.. I haven't had any sugar or dairy  (amongst lots of other yummy things..) for 4 weeks now and the 'sugar-hit' was immense!!  In the end I had to go to bed (un-romantically early) due to the headache and nausea.. Truly punished indeed!

But speaking of treats. Here's one that is totally allowed and sweet enough to thrill each and all of us without any side-effects what so ever..! It's a series of wonderful pictures of a former fisherman's cottage turned seaside escape..


The house-tour was originally posted by my dear friend Lene who runs the beautiful 'The Essence of the Good Life'. If you are not familiar with this blog you are in for hours of enjoyment and inspiration. Lene truly knows how to serve up a buffet of eye candy and you will currently find several amazing house tours there..! In fact I take my former comment about 'no side-effects' back, because you may in fact become addicted..! :)

I particularly loved this happy cottage with all it's good energy and natural light. An unpretentious, relaxing and harmonious seaside hide-away. A perfect place to spend time with family and friends!

You can just feel the good memories that these rooms hold. Laughter around this lovely reclaimed breakfast table.. Salty tanned people walking barefoot in and out of that blue door, onto the divine veranda. Easy breezy living and pure Summer bliss..!

Maps! Maps everywhere. And for someone like me, who can spend hours flicking through an Atlas in pure bliss, maps are the perfect wall adornment.

You don't need much when on holiday and I find it incredibly relaxing to stay in a scaled back and simple place like this. Simplicity means easier decisions, fewer things to keep track of, less mess, and more time for fun & laughter.
Just look at this kitchen and tell me what else you need when on vacation..!?! Though the stove is just  to the left in this picture, I imagine most meals being cooked on a BBQ out in the open. The smell of garlic marinated prawns on the grill mixes with the salt saturated air.. Close your eyes..can you smell it?! Aaaaahhh!

Smack me in the head and call me 'Gustavian'' (ha!) but I never tire of the blue/white combination when it comes to decor. There is something timeless and fresh about it and my mind instantly feels peaceful in rooms like these. In saying that I must admit that I am not a huge fan of 'Nautical themes' in big doses. This here is quite enough in my taste.

As many of you know, I find great relaxation in 'picking things''. Our home is full of little 'beach discoveries' just like these ones. A bowl of shells, an interesting piece of driftwood, a beautiful rock..  I even tried to bring home a fish skeleton once but was stopped right there.. (Hmm..)
The fish aside, all these things make a home more personal don't you think?! Happy little snippets of life and good times together..!

Am loving this bedroom with it's elevated ceiling, stunning wardrobe and simple four poster bed. What a wonderful place to sleep! Also those masks/sculptures next to the bed intrigue me..

Original source: Kilde: le journal de la Maison via The Essence of the Good Life

Warm Summery hugs to all!
xx Charlotta 


Kerry said...

That four poster is a wonderland! Hope your chocolate nausea has disappeared now Charlotta. I can't tell you how much I admire your detox dedication ;)

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh Charlotta, this home is absolutely dreamy! couldn't be prettier. I totally agree with you about Valentine's day. I think it's a good excuse to say I love you. hope you are feeling better after your 'naughty' action. I truly admire you because I'm not that strong to avoid sugar and dairy for 4 weeks! warm hugs, Caroline

Style Maniac said...

Sorry to hear you were not feeling well. Hope the images of the seaside cottage cheered you up--they certainly started my morning off in the most wonderful way. Pure heaven! I could fly there this minute and stay for a long vacation. (Heck, why would I even come home?)

It was lovely to read Tina's sweet words about you. That kind of sincere support makes all the difference in the blog world.
And speaking of support, thank you for your comments at my place, and for listing Style Maniac in your blogroll here. That makes my whole week lovelier. Looking forward to many conversations to come.

Simone said...

Oh, such gorgeous images, so fresh aren't they....lovely :)

Am giggling at your having to go to bed early....punishment, there's no escaping it is there!! Never having gone without sweet stuff for very long, I wouldn't know!!!

Hope all is well with you :)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Simple rustic luxury. I could do more than spend summers there, I could live there. I also have shells and rocks and the like around my home from vacations and what not. They always make me smile, who has better design than nature?

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

mack me in the head and call me *smitten* with your blog. you're fabulous, and i'm thrilled you visited me so i could discover your lovely self.

i borrowed Monika's matchbox idea too this Val. day! it was a hit. i can't wait to come back and savor the sweetness here.


Tina said...

My dearest of friends!
I´m totally dreaming myself away whilst looking and reading your amazing post! I love pretty much everything about it and would LOVE to have a beach- house just like that, all in navy blue and white. Gorgeous!
Sorry, you were getting ill of tasting the chocolate sauce. Sugar, obviously is not good for you(being a MAJOR sugar addict myself)!
I so admire your strenght of havig no sugar in 4 weeks(!). Oh, I wish...:)
Hoping you are feeling all better again this evening!
All my Love to you Charlotta!

Anonymous said...

Charlotta, you are one of the bloggers mentioned by Tina (yes, Tina from Komma hem, above) in our recent feature of her, and we have to say it's so wonderful to hear of the love and support you have sent out into the blogging world. That personal connection really does make a difference, doesn't it?

Alena said...

Beautiful inspiration. Such calming and serene images.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

Oh that seaside escape looks heavenly!
I could wake up in that bedroom every day -- gorgeous.

Calmly Chaotic said...

Wow such a pretty space! You have so much willpower! To only lick the sauce is definitely a win in my books!

manvi @ mochatini said...

you always come up with dreamy pics that make me want to retire to a seaside cottage.
sounds like a FAB Vday. and only licking the sause, my im impressed charl. i need to cut down on sugar too.
thanks for the garlic butter recipe. i cant wait to try it soon.

Nuit said...

OMG!! what an amazing place... I have to take a break and pronto!!! although I live at a beach destination I am always so busy at work, sometimes i forget the beach is right there! (no bueno!) Happy belated valentines day to you, hope you are feeling better today :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and comforting retreat! Makes me yearn for Summer and for a vacation. You have such an inspiring blog filled with eye candy! :)


What a lovely cottage, Charlotta! And so happy you had such a lovely Valentine's Day! Sending you lots of love xoxo

F.L.A. said...

Love the first pic!!!

Leigha said...

Aw. Those chocolate legos are amazing. I must make them one day.

Your powers of detox are strong (I would have done more than lick the bowl!).


Priscila Peters said...

Great post. Love it.
Those chocolate legos are fabulous.

the chirpy bird said...

How gorgeous! I have to admit, I immediately noticed those chocolate legos! Love this and hey, a beach side cottage wouldn't be bad either!
xx tash

Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, Charlotta!
What a beautiful post, this house is gorgeous,love specially the wardrobe.

LouBoo said...

Hello Charlotta - ohh those blues - they make me ache for summer and for some sunlight!! Actually after yesterday where it rained for hours - today is infact sunny and I have even dared to open a window!! WOW. That breakfast table is fab - love the maps and nautical feel. Lou x

designchic said...

Dying to be at this cottage right now!! So charming...

LENE said...

Dear Charlotta
Thanks for the link to me and thank you for your comments on my blog! Forgive me that I'm not giving so many comments back - I can not find enough time.
It goes forward now, life has been on hold for a long time, but after two checks, I can finally get on with my life.
When you are busy, the days have not hours enough, but I'm very happy for the progress.
It's a lovely blog you have with a lot of interesting reading and many beautiful pictures!
I hope you are doing well - I thought of you when I saw the news about all the water and the fires in Australia, I hope you have not been affected by it!
I wish you all the best!

Stacey said...

Sounds like the hubby was a happy man on Valentine's Day:-). Although you succumbed (just a tiny bit) to temptation and got a little sick, all in all, it sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day celebration. This lovely fisherman's space has me dreaming of a getaway someplace tropical, like-let's see, Jamaica-ha ha! Lovely post! XX

Brad William said...

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Lumo said...

I want to be in that cottage on seaside, RIGHT NOW! Weather has turned again for colder -20 C and windy... Now I am getting really tired with this eternal winter...

Poor Charlotta, with your innocent Valentine's chocolate temptation... hope the rest of the detox is going better.

Blayne Beacham said...

Hi! Thank you so much for coming by my blog! I really appreciate it, and I am so glad to meet you. I am very interested on this cleanse you are on. I am going to go back on your posts and try to read more about it. Totally into cleanses, but not sure I can find one I would be able to stick with. I'm so glad to meet you.

Delishhh said...

Love the first picture. Also good for you on not having sugar that is really hard but once you are off you stop craving it.

Splendid Willow said...

You are clearly enjoying some summer over there - judging from these stunning images. Airy and fresh - just the way your body will feel after your mega cleanse!

Warm hugs to you. Sis.

P.S Jag aer saa glad att du gillade mina smaa askar Jag har nu gjort dem 3 aar i rad och jag njuter verkligen naer jag faar pyssla med dom och sedan ge bort dom. Och jag har sett att flera sparar dom!

Yoli said...

Beautiful images!!

Treadgold said...

I am relaxed and dreamy just looking at these pics. What we all woudn't give for a little getaway spot like these!...

Carole said...

Hi Charlotta, I am seriously craving some sun and these photo's just had me drooling. I can almost feel the heat on that deck.
Hope you're feeling better now my dear. Have a great weekend.

Solid Frog said...

Lovely summer pictures and the chocolate looks very tempting. Happy weekend!
Kram Mia

Best web hosting said...

All of these pictures are awesome and i love this. house looks well mentaioned.

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