Friday, March 4, 2011

Guest post 04: 'Spring' by Simone of 'The Bottom of the Ironing Basket'

Hello, I am Simone and I am the writer of the blog "The Bottom of the Ironing Basket". 
Charlotta and I have been mutual admirers for some time now and I am very happy to be invited to appear over here on her fabulous blog :)

I live in London, a city which happily for me has very definite seasons and right now we are just going into Spring. As I write it is in fact particularly cold - so I am having to focus hard to visualise warm sunshine and focus on the yellow daffodils lining my kitchen windowsill and ignore the grey coldness outside!!

We have already had some beautiful sunny days though - and the merest hint of blue skies is enough to make me head for Hampstead Heath, just minutes away, for some fresh air, a good walk and the welcome sight of snowdrops and new buds blossoming on the trees.

I'm a girl who loves the feeling of a "new start" it a Monday morning, January 1, or the first day of gives me hope and new energy.

England is not a "hot" country as such but the warmer does bring a lifestyle change....I walk more and, having enjoyed my hibernation time over the Winter, I generally feel inspired to get out and do more.

What does Spring mean to me......

....lighter mornings, lighter evenings - and having time for trips to the park or the woods after school.

....planning some holidays - a couple of long week-ends to Europe in April/May and a few weeks in France in August....suddenly the beach doesn't seem quite so far away. Funny how warmer weather where you live seems to automatically make you want to be somewhere even hotter!

....a wardrobe change - less of my beloved grey/black and time for some pops of colour.

....Spring-cleaning....I am on permanent "declutter" duty (it's a form of therapy for me!)....but this week, I have found myself clearing, decluttering and generally cleansing my home - and feeling all the better for it. a little less comfort food and more delicious spring vegetables and some lighter pasta dishes.


I'm definitely a Spring and Autumn girl, loving the mildness of those seasons and the visible changes in nature which are everywhere even in a city as big as London. Inspiration is everywhere....

Happy Friday from London – and thank you Charlotta….here’s to lunch when you make it to London the next time!!!


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Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh what an inspiring post from the lovely the ducks and would really like to eat picture #1 :o


Meera @ firstsense said...

What a sweet uplifting post! Love all the images, especially the first one - sunshine AND cakes in one image, it feels like that image was made for me! :)

Here's to warmer weather SOON!

Meera xx

Casa Très Chic said...

These images are so inspiring, my favorite is the last one.
Have a nice weekend.

Alena said...

Such beautiful and happy images. This post made me smile :)

Danielle.freshquince said...

Such a happy post!!! I feel the same and can't wait to check out Simon's blog, as I lived in London as a teenager and I loved it!

Design Elements said...

a happy post! have a wonderful (hopefully spring) weekend!

designchic said...

So many beautiful images to start my weekend...hope yours is wonderful!!

LouBoo said...

Fabulous and uplifting post Simone! I love the colour pallette; perfect for my mood! I think a fresh start is what's in have got me going now. Lou x

manvi @ mochatini said...

hi Simone, nice to meet you.
gosh your pics are making me hungry and long for spring even more.
This is just what I needed on a cloudy day like today.

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