Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taking 'industrial chic' that little bit further..

Though we may all be a little bit worn out by the past year of 'industrial chicness' I thought I'd share this rather unusual take on the style..

An old machine hall transformed into a kitchen / dining room.. including the original industrial hardware. The large artwork behind the dining suite is by Eric Poitevin and those two pendant lights by Marcel Wanders.

A section of the 700 square meter conversion is this kitchen, designed by Antonie Bertherat with a mix of designer pieces and IKEA (!)..

I think these original structural inclusions are just wonderful - an honest tribute to the history and origin of this old Swiss mountain factory.

The gigantic art piece by Ugo Rondinone is somewhat secondary to the stunning views through the panoramic window. What a view! As you know, I adore the mountains and I can only imagine the spectacular Winter performance as the snow falls thick and fast..!

Images via Marie Claire Maison


Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, Charlotta!
This is really fantastic, love the industrial chic, as we call here, sophisticated and simple at the same time.
They kept that fabulous gigantic machine, love that.
Thanks for the tip about the e.mail subscription button, I guess it's ok now.
Wish you a happy weekend.
Big hugs

It's me said...

What a great appartement !! wowwww...have a nice

FrenchByDesign said...

These pics are simply gorgeous! And I agree with you, the view on this last pic is simply stunning!

First House on the Right said...

For a style that has been done and done, these images are very unique and the view spectacular! Nicolex

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Charlotta
I've always had a soft spot for the industrial.. a little bit here and there..

I adore that view.. and the oversized artwork!! fabulous.. would love to have so much space!!!

PS.. I passed you a thank you award [very late.. but appreciated] .. Mille Grazie.. ciao xxxx Julie

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

Stunning space! I especially love the chaise/bench in front of the picture window. But, you're right, the view takes it hands down.

I wanted to let you know, too, I was thrilled to receive your comment on my blog. The photographs by Mikkel Vang were inspired and I am so glad you introduced me to his work. Have a lovely day, and keep up your beautiful blog-- it is a treat to visit!


Tina said...

I love industrial touces and find this place to be quite unique and fabolous. Love that large window, what a wiev! Stunning!
Happy sunday sweetie!


I loved it!



Priscila Peters said...

All the images here are pretty. And I love that last one with that huge window.

Lilla huset på prärien said...

Mmm... I like it alot! Underbart och befriande - jag gillar det oväntade och sådant som man inte finner överallt. Så fantastiskt fint!

Hoppas allt är bra med dig och att du njuter av din tillvaro :)

Kram Jenny

Splendid Willow said...

Funny, I am also getting tired of too much industrial. I can take a lamp or a chair or two. But a whole room - I think I have seen too much.

The light in that last room is over the top fantastic. The room does not need any furnishings!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, sis!

Warm hugs to you,


Meera @ firstsense said...

I love me a little industrial touch in a room. The kitchen is a bit much for me, but this is a fantastic place! I love the fireplace and, like everyone, wowed by the large art, large window and view in the last photo!

Meera xx

Mona Thompson said...

What a great apartment. I love a touch of the industrial but it's a hard sell in my town. We bought some great stools for the shop that we can't give away. go figure! Have a great day. Mona

Nuit said...

Oh Tres Chic!!!! Industral chic is fabulous, I do however like to add a little color and a little warmth :) Happy week luv!!!! hope your weekend was insanely FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

sooooo unique, yes? and the view! just now getting caught up on your lovely blog. we share so many of the same sensibilities!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous place, I love the mix of industrial with colour.

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