Sunday, May 29, 2011

Irresistible Paris...

Salut mes chéries!
Today I am off to Paris with Anita from 'Castles Crowns and Cottages'.. (via her link-up series 'Irresistible Paris').

Paris is one of the most enchanting cities of the world, and in my opinion it is best experienced by foot!

So mes amies (and amis),  pull on your ballet flats, adorn yourself in your best French stripes, and get ready to stroll down the streets of Paris! In fact toss your map in the nearest bin and allow yourself to get lost.. Really!

This is a city of joy, spontaneity, romance & passion, and as such you must simply feel, hear, smell and taste your way around. For behind every corner awaits a surprise, a reason to smile, and fall in love..! C'est la vie en rose..!

And there are so many things & areas to love in Paris! One of my favourites is Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th arrondissement. It's charming, chic, and also home to a number of wonderful galleries, cafés, shops, and boutique hotels. 

Whilst you are there, you simply must visit the legendary 'La Hune' book store on 170 Boulevard Saint-Germain. You might just bump into Karl Lagerfeldt who happens to be a regular here..!

In fact buy yourself a yummy book from their mezzanine level (art books galore!), and take Karl next door to the lovely 'Café de Flore' (172 Boulevard Saint-Germain) for lunch or coffee..! This place is very charming, and so typically Parisian.

If you don't feel like lunch you could of course head over to  the world famous Pierre Hermé's macaroon boutique on 72 rue Bonaparte! Mon Dieu, you will never want to leave once you enter this place.. You have been warned..!

If one macaroon salon is not enough, you will find the wonderful Laudrée conveniently located only a few shops down, at number 21 rue Bonaparte.. Sometimes more IS more, right!?! :)

By now we all have food on our minds so I might mention two other gastronomical favourites that are also located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.. 

'Brasserie Lipp' (151 Boulevard Saint-Germain) is - as their website indeed insists - not a restaurant. Mais non! Instead it is an authentic 'brasserie' (!) where an eclectic mix of arty, sophisticated, intellectual, and chic patrons come to drink, write, talk, and of course enjoy the Alsatian food. Here you can linger for a while and the energy is always so tangible. I've been a few times and I love it!

If you feel like rubbing shoulders with local gallery owners, art students, and fabulous Parisian socialites alike, you should make your way over to 'La Palette' (43 Rue de Seine). NB! ..this quirky little gem is possibly 'the place' to have a drink (or a steamy mug of 'chocolat chaud' in Winter..). You may find it hard to get a table so call early and book!

Speaking of drinks. Unless you happen to be a Cointreau drinker, is there anything more Parisian than a 'Kir Royale'!?! It's the ultimate chic thing to order pre dinner. Or pre lunch for that matter.. We're in Paris after all..! ;)

There is another little spot in Paris where I LOVE to sip a glass of wine (or Champagne..!), and that is on the steps of 'Basilique du Sacré-Cœur', in Montmartre (one of Paris' 7 hills). Go as the sun sets and watch the 'City of Lights' live up to its name.. When the Eiffel Tower lights up I always get goose bumps. It's like a fairy tale!

Montmartre is a wonderful district with so much to offer. A must when going there is to climb the famous steps.. I know, I know it's a very 'touristy' thing to do, but it's so romantic ne c'est pas?! And once you're there you can reward yourself with the amazing view over Paris, and of course also a lovely big dinner at one of the quaint restaurants & bistros. There are so many to choose from!

Of course Montmartre also saw the exclusive launch of 'Le Cointreau Privée' in 2010. Has anyone been?  
This private and fiercely discrete cocktail bar operated for a sole month (September-October) and opened it's exclusive burgundy doors to a select clientele only. Each member were distinguished by a special bracelet worn around the wrist..  
I am not sure if they have reopened for 2011 but if they have, do try to get yourself a membership as this place is sure to offer a unique experience!

But to be honest, my preference is to simply stroll around and enjoy the bustling life & atmosphere in this crowded but simply charming area of Paris. Though it is very touristy (!!) there are still little gems like 'Un Zèbre à Montmartre' (38, rue Lepic) that offer something a little different to the traditional soup 'onion or 'Bœuf Bourguignon'. I think even Julia Child would approve.. ;)

Chèries there are so many other places I want to take you but we've been out all day and I am feeling a little sleepy..

I don't really mind at which of the wonderful little boutique hotels we have booked our rooms, as long as they have a deep bath in which I can soak my happy tired body (and feet..!). And of course also a roof-top terrace with a fabulous view of the city & the amazing Eiffel Tower. Is there any building that evokes more feelings..?!?

Bon nuit my dears, sleep tight and wake up bright eyed & bushy tailed, because tomorrow after breakfast I am taking you to the 'Berthillon' (on the wonderful oasis of Île Saint-Louis) for what I think is possibly the best ice cream (and sorbets) in Paris France!

Bisoux, et à tout à l'heure!

xx Charlotta

 Image references will appear when you click on the pictures.


P.s. Head over to Castles Crowns and Cottages and enjoy posts by the other 'Irresistible Paris' posters today.


It's me said...

It is great to see you also in Paris darling....join the party !! is good.....and Anita is such a good blogging friend to join us together in and bisous me....Ria

Simone said...

Absolutely loved reading this, great job Charlotta!!

The hot chocolate at Cafe de Flore is truly the best in the world....and Laduree macarons are to die for. Altho I agree Pierre Herme are pretty special too!

Hope you are well xx

Rayanne said...

Oh my...your tour was so lovely! Beautiful! I'm so glad Anita brought all her sweet friends to Paris today! So nice to meet you...I'm following.

Splenderosa said...

Just wonderful, as I knew it would be. You know, sometimes we just have to give up sleep to create. And, when it turns out well, we won't remember the sleep we lost.
You & I think so much alike. I would love to be with you in Paris for 2 days. 2 whole days, and 1 wonderful evening. Who knows? xx's

Fete et Fleur said...

What beautfiful spots you have shared with us. Your Irresistible Paris has my heart singing.


5th and state said...

oh charlotta, but for a moment you escorted us so well i could sense, taste, and hear paris you so beautifully captivated the city.

yes, 6thd, only one to stay in. we stay in a small boutique hotel across from the

deb famularo said...

Bonjour Charlotta! What a beautiful post. You really gave a great tour of the city of lights!My brother and sister in law just returned from Paris and I saw their pics from Laduree! yummy! My mouth is watering now! Merci for visiting my blog! It was so fun meeting Anita's friends.....xOxO

tinajo said...

Love this post - especially after feeling so french lately (hehe)! I absolutely must see Paris within a couple of years!!

Have a great day! :-)

Kristin said...

Hi Charlotta! Yes, this is so much fun!!! And your post today was marvellous!!! I dreamed myself away and those Montmartre photos - so lovely. What an enchanting place! Have a beautiful Sunday!

Kristin xx

Fay said...

GOOD MORNING CHARLOTTA what a great way to start the day thankyou Paris has always been in my life one way and another so I never tire of finding new experiences .Ive enjouyed your stroll around my old stamping ground , Ill be there again soon Fay xxx

Susan said...

Your post makes me wish I was really there in that beautiful city! What a delightful tour you've given us! Tres bon! You have lived up to your name! This certainly is a space for inspiration!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, YES, YES...I had missed your post during my early rounds MY TIME....and then Blogger had difficulties and I encountered them last night! THIS POST IS SENSUAL on all accounts and it is fabulous. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING and your enthusiasm and beauty will beam for days here...I am leaving my post up until next week so that anyone that comes along may linger in this beauty. I am sorry I did not make it yesterday, but I know many people had difficulties and other committments throughout the day, but it was still a success; people met new friends, we had a BLAST and look at all these WONDERFUL PHOTOS! MERCI MY FRIEND and have a most PERFECT DAY!!!! Anita

Classic Style Blog said...

BONJOUR Charlotta, OH Holy Moly your Pictures are them really make me feel like I HAVE to GO to Paris right NOW !!! Great Party this is :))) /Marie

Ruben Rivera said...

Dear Charlotta,
Anita's hubby here.
This was a wonderful little travel log. Great suggestions for a Paris visit along with great pictures. A few places we have been to, but some we have not, and will have to make it point to do so.

Have a marvelous day,

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

mon dieu, Charlotta! wonderful post! I adore Paris. wish I could go again soon. have a fantastic day, darling! xo

francis said...

Charlotta thank you for letting me know . I visited your blog and went with you to Paris .
I am a big fan of the French Stripes . Wear then all the time !
Beautiful pictures and inspiring words .The bookstore is on my to-do-to-visit list.
My daugther Anna is living and working in France . Since december 2010 . She has been over for the new baby , her niece . I hope to visit her and Paris ......
Have a wonderful weekend

'LUSH' said...

I love the image of the Eiffel Tower lit up. So gorgeously romantic!

Stacey said...

awww ma belle,

when i saw that you were also joining this wonderful Parisian fiesta, i was thrilled because i knew your post would awaken all my senses! it did that and much more. in fact, now i want to book a flight to one of my favourite places on earth after reading your post! can you imagine what fun we would have together in Paris...? oh my, oh my!:-). hope you're having the most beautiful weekend. i am soaking up everything since i get Monday off and enjoying every second! hugs and lots of love my friend! xx

Lumo said...

What a beautiful Parisian post.

I was planning to do my own, but ran out of time...

Brasserie Lipp and Cafe de Flore are lose to "my" hotel (have stayed there abt. 20 times, so I can call it mine, can I?) and have been to both of these institutions. Laduree is on my list on every visit.

cosifan said...

Oj oj mycket Paris som jag älskar!!
Modebilderna kommer mig att tänka på Harpers Bazaar...Mat och caféerna, drömsekvenser allt är Paris

Adri said...

I've never seen the city more glamorous than Paris! Just a luxury! Adri/Brasil/São Paulo

Carlin Camp said...

I love Paris. Shocking the Karl Who? bag i had flown from Paris, first run & 2nd addition to my shop in Virginia(first was an antique turquoise skull named for my Dad)
ck out there are pictures on site
I adore & would wear every single outfit on blog.
Paris is one of my fav. cities. Lucky me has been lots (use to live in Europe) Have a LOVELY, relaxing & fun time.
Best wishes & many cheers,
carlin camp

Veronica Arteira said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
Lindas fotos, linda cidade.

Jessie said...

Love this wonderful post. Paris is one of my favorite cities, a city I would love to visit someday. Fabulous narration and very beautiful images, too!


Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, Charlotta!
Thank you so much for this wonderful journey, it was fantastic visit Paris through your blog eyes.
Now I'll play La Vie en Rose and dream a little.
Good night!

Elaine said...

I love all the fashions on the Parisian women. That was quite the whirlwind trip, next time will be longer.

Tina said...

Hej Fina!
Wow vilket inlägg om underbara Paris!!! Sitter en lång stund och bara begrundas av alla härliga bilder(så franskt!) och av din kunskap om denna vackra stad! Jag finner knappt ord...vill åka på studs och bjuder dig med inte bara i god väns sällskap utan också som min alldeles privata guide genom Paris gator:)!!!
En härlig upplevelse denna soliga morgon!
Kram, kram

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Good Grief!!! I love all of these moments and aspects of paris too! your images make me want to visit this beautiful city again xox

Rachael said...

Oh Charlotta, what beautiful images and tour of Paris. Now you have me desperately wanting to escape this dreaded rain in Sydney and return to this magnificent city.

Have a great week.

Franka said...





A Casa da Vá said...

This is amazing, I wanna go there badly!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

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