Thursday, May 26, 2011

Terribly Swedish and Royal tablescape by IKEA..

When Sweden slips into Summer the whole country is transformed. Everyone celebrates the knowledge that for a few weeks, life will be easy, full of sunshine (well at least 'light'..) and carelessly fun. IKEA will capture this through a series of table scapes and event inspiration over the coming weeks.

This very first one is referred to as 'Royal Celebration' and is the real-life dinner setting that was styled & designed by IKEA decorators for the newly wed Swedish Crown Princess and her Prince charming Daniel. Hasn't IKEA come a long way since the days of 'pure rational and practical solutions' people!?! I love it!

Simple and fresh, with warmth added by the timber clad walls and personal blanket for each guest. I love it when party hosts supply blankets, because despite the famous 'white & light nights' of Swedish Summer the temperature drops quite a bit.. The equivalent here in Australia, would be offering a fan.. :)

Each table is decorated with layers of freshly cut twigs of 'Pear blossom' from 'Wij Gardens' (styled by local gardener Lars Krantz). The Swedish pear trees only blossom for one single week a year, making them extra special. 
With the addition of some scattered lanterns, a Swedish Summer's table doesn't really need more than that - even it it is meant for Royals..!

For full story and pictures visit IKEA Family Living.

Warm hugs from a wet & windy Sydney..
xx Charlotta

Image credits: 1. Tumblr 2-4 IKEA Family Living


Jessie said...

Love the table setting. It's simple yet beautiful and elegant at the same time!


Blue Fruit said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous table setting. I love the blankets touch ~ what a thoughtful idea that would be.

Meagan DeMenna said...

Perfectly Beautiful!

A Casa da Vá said...

You got me with the dog in the swing - how adorable! But the table setting is also so pretty, like it is clean and elegant, love the flowers!

And how exciting you might come to Rio, you must let me know! I will leave here soon to go back to the life I built in LA, but like you said there is no place like home, and there will never be...

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

tinajo said...

Nice - but the best thing was the photo with the dog..! OMG how CUTE! :-)

Have a great day! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've had a soft spot for Ikea ever since I was introduced to them. They are so innovative, and really listen to what people want. I think that is why the room they styled works so well. All the details-the blankets, and those amazing pear blossoms are just lovely.

Hope you were able to get some good sleep. I think I was going to start going cross eyed from lack of good sleep. That night we corresponded, I slept like a log. It was wonderful.

Hope you've had a lovely week so far, Charlotta!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I absolutely love that first pictured with the doggie in the swing. I can't wait to show that to little J in the morning. Two of his favorite things in one photo-swinging and doggies.

Anci said...

Hej !
Det är härligt den här tiden på året. Sol, blommor och ljus & värme.
Bilderna ger verkligen festinspiration !

Hoppas att du får en fin dag !


LouBoo said...

Hi Charlotta - yes it is very evocative for sure. I can see the Scandinavian style seeping through. We went to a ski bar that had blankets everywhere - the kids loved getting snuggled up whilst we had out hot chocolate. Still, a great idea for summer nights too, which do tend to go down in temperature. Lou x

mnemonique said...

lovely table! I've never heard about swedish pear! But the story is lovely.

Monika from

LiveLikeYou said...

Can't wait to go home in a couple of weeks. Might just have to pick up that dandelion fixture form Ikea!!

Casa Très Chic said...

Love the table setting and that puppy is adorable.
Beautiful post, as usual.

Stacey said...

Yes, Ikea has come a far way and i'm loving everything about this tablescape! I also see the lovely chandelier i have looking pretty in threes above the table:-). XX

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi darlings.

Yes isn't that dog just adorable!
I want one badly!
Follow the link back to my Tumblr to find the original source, where there are many more pictures of this little darling.

Pear blossoms.
A lot of gardens have at least one pear tree (my fathers house included). I guess you've got to time that one week of blooming to see it in full splendour. They do look quite like the apple trees, only with finer blossoms & leaves.

Big hugs to all and thanks for dropping in.

x Charlotta

shopgirl said...

How exciting! I jump when I read "Ikea" in a sentence. Am I truly weird? I'm hopping on over to see the full story.

Hope you're having a fantastic week Charlotta!

Meera @ firstsense said...

Ha, the dog in the swing!!

This is lovely, it looks beautiful and so delightful, and I love the provision of blankets, so thoughtful!

(I have been lagging behind on my blogging activities - not enough hours in the day lately - but trying to catch up today, as you can tell!)

Meera xx

Victoria Mische said...

Very fabulous, I just love it, exquisite and elegant table. Loved every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.

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