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Detox made yummy..

Hello lovelies and warm weekend greetings from Sydney! I am thrilled that the sun has returned to our Wintery patch of the world, and as such life feels pretty great! :)

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As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have received a few emails from people in regards to the 'detox regimes' that I embark on.
My regular readers will know that I go on a 4-8 week detox stint 3-4 times a year. In fact I am enjoying 'week 7' of my second round for 2011 as I type this!
It may come as a surprise that I use the word 'enjoying' but it is true, I am actually genuinely enjoying it! I will even go as far to say that I really look forward to my detoxes these days - so much in fact that they have become more frequent and longer!

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May I add here though that I by no means am a 'health freak', nor do I intend to become one. But I do love the powerful & tangible benefits of clean, nutritious, and healthy foods. I can assure you all that eating/living this way does not mean going about daily life feeling deprived or starved in any way! 
To me it all comes down to a 'lifestyle' choice, and how we aim to find one that make us feel, look and be the best we can possibly be. Most importantly, any initiative or change to ones life and habits has to marry organically into every-day routines & life in order to work in the long run. 

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The detox queries I have received are mostly from people who read my 'Squeeky Clean' post at the beginning of the year. I wrote that post as an introduction and starting point for finding out more about the kind of 'detox programme' I do. It is a long and comprehensive post that takes you through the basics of detoxing and also gives reference to a couple of good sites.
There are many different programmes out there, including ones that incorporate 'fasting', 'parasite elimination' and 'breaking a candida cycle' and I am happy to talk more about all of these at a later stage. For now, I am basing my posts on a broader detox programme that will benefit everyone and that is not too hard to implement.

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Some of the questions I have received relate to foods & recipes, and this brings me to the core of today's post.. namely 'yummy detox friendly foods'!
Over the (detox-) years I have built a little 'mental library' of every-day-recipes that work for me, and I will eventually add these to a dedicated 'blog page' (or separate blog..), but today I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful 'food blogette' named Maria.

This talented Finnish girl grew up in a small remote town just south of the Arctic Circle but has called Australia home since a few years back. 
Inspired by her mother and the abundance of amazing raw produce here in Sydney, she cooks up a delicious storm of healthy foods which are showcased through her vastly popular blog 'Scandi Foodie'. You will want to click that 'subscribe button' fast people!

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The 'Scandie Foodie' dishes are delicious, wholesome, and packed with nutrients. Maria cooks with skill, style, and with great insight to seasonal & quality raw produce! 
Having salivated my way through her impressive and impeccably photographed (!) 'smörgasbord' of recipe posts I knew this would be the perfect reference to give my friends who asked about guidance on food & eating.
With Maria's permission I am sharing six 'detox proof' dishes that I personally will try in the near future. Rest assured though that there are plenty more where these came from..!
Thank you Maria for letting me showcase them here. You are such an inspiration to me!! xx

Chestnut & Apple Crumble - HERE

Brown Rice & Fig Tartlets - HERE

Fig & Goat's Cheese Tart - HERE

Paradise Pear & Kamut Couscous Salad - HERE

Savoy Cabbage Rolls With Brown Rice & Chanterelle Filling - HERE

Prawn & Wattleseed Fettuccine - HERE

All recipe pictures by Maria for 'Scandie Foodie' 

 ** * **

That's all for now folks, but I promise to chat more about detoxing later and to also share some of my own recipes. 
Of course you are always welcome to drop me an email with more questions until then.

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Hugs to all and happy new week for tomorrow!

xx Charlotta

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First House on the Right said...

A very inspirational post :) And yes (!), it is marvelous to see the sun again AT LAST. Love the Julia Child quote and so many fab recipes you've shared. Have a lovely week, Nicolex

Franka said...

Wonderful post with wonderful pics and recipes!

Enjoy the sunny weather!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

What a fabulous post. I do hope that you will write more and dedicate a page or blog to this. I am fascinated by this. I have to admit that I have never been a healthy eater at all. I think I'm getting my mind ready to take a plunge and do something like this. I've exercised all my life and pretty much been able to eat anything I wanted until now. Way too much time at this computer. Anyway, I'm excited about your approach. One question. It looks like you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Happy weekend. Mona

It's me said...

What a much delicious food today detoxing for me....hahahhhh!!..lovely

Splendid Willow said...

Wow, Charlotta what will power! And I am so very pleased to read that you are taking such good care of yourself with brutal travel preparations and everything ahead.
If Mama falls everything falls... I salute you my friend!

Warm hugs,


designchic said...

I'm so impressed - have wanted to do this for so long, and I'm fascinated by the process. Just may have to give it a try!!

Splenderosa said...

This doesn't sound like the typical "detox" to me. It sounds wonderful !!
Something everyone could do easily.
And, I should do it. Maybe we will have a challenge in Fall? Love love love...

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the mention and the kind words! And well done on the detox! I definitely agree that healthy eating and living is lifestyle choice!

bicocacolors said...

really a truly treasure!!!
loooooove this great post!

LINDA from OEKE said...

If Maria is an inspiration to you .. then you are an inspiration to me. To be able to stick to your detox diet (and love it) is very impressive - and makes me wonder if I should 'attempt' to be a healthier person.

Admittedly (and I can say this here and not on my blog) I have, in the last year given up a tonne of things. After losing a baby to miscarriage, a brother to a motorbike accident and nearly a father to 2 cancers .. all in the space of 18 months - I started taking happy pills as it was all just too much. Then i started drinking (which is very odd for me as I only drink about once a year). Then I took up smoking again. All to deal with crap. BUT. In the last year I hve given them all up and back to normal. Perhaps the final puzzle is to eat perfectly healthy.

Who knows why I wrote all that - and I know I should delete it - but, it is good for the soul to sometimes realise how far we have come in our journeys .. so thanks for the space to offload.

beachcomber said...

a lovely post! i love healthy food. i think it actually tastes better. i started super healthy eating following my sister's battle with cancer and my having cfs.
cheryl x

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

my goodness Charlotta, I don't know how you do it, but looking at these amazing photos I think I could try at least those Fettuccine! hope you had a lovely weekend, darling! xo

Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

Oh, perfect timing on this post! Ben and I are going to be detoxing soon (still reading a bit more on them to figure out which one would work best for us). Heading over to that delicious looking food blog now. xoxo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Charlotta
Well this is perfect for me right now.. I've had to give up most of my favourite foods over this last year.. [all sugars all bad carbs] but am still yet to sacrifice the coffee!! Well at least cut back to a reasonable volume...

The good news is my insulin resistance has been completely reversed some 20kg later...though still battling the adrenal & other issues.. For me it's more about having more of the good foods.. Just this weekend I considered putting a sign on my fridge saying 'Do You Want To Live?' hahaha.. scare tactics..

I have to say all those brown rice recipes look pretty good to me right now.. but think they are still a no no.. darn it..

PS.. I sent you an email a few days back if you get a chance drop me a line..

Take care.. and thanks for inspiring me just at the right moment.. ciao xxx Julie

Anci said...

Hej !
Det här är ett inspirerande inlägg. Både text och bilder. Jag försöker just nu att ändra vad jag äter och hur jag lever.

Tack !!


LiveLikeYou said...

I'm so impressed you do this detox! Sound like something everybody should do. Over here in sunny Sweden-just loving it!!

Julie-Ann said...

It is amazing that you make something so unappealing look so appealing. I love the dishes. It's tempting to do a detox myself:)
Thanks for letting us feature you on the Decorating Forum all this week Charlotta:)

Mary said...

All these gorgeous images of food have made me HUNGRY! Your blog is gorgeous and definitely inspiring!

La Boheme said...

My friend, you actually really sound like you are enjoying it and that is wonderful to hear! The pictures look delicious (the fig and goat's cheese tart? YUM) and I can't wait to read more about your detox adventure. Go Charlotta, go! big hugs to you

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

I am definitely curious about detoxing, but have admittedly never done it myself. The recipes here look amazing, and it's great to have a source to check out and get more information. Thanks for sharing this... and making the post so beautiful to look at, too!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the link to Marias blog...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

manvi @ mochatini said...

I keep planning to detox and so admire you for doing it with such determination. I can barely make it a few days without a glass of wine or two...bad manvi...
so good to know you take good care of yourself-i need to get motivated to do it.
love and kisses

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