Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Give Away winner.. and Swedish real estate with a twist..

Hello lovelies! How's the weekend been? Ours ended with a big happy sigh after a string of fun events, including Marshall's birthday celebration yesterday. In fact we all took the day off and spent a lovely day together instead of scooting off to work and school. Life is for living isn't it!?! :)

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As promised, I have drawn the two winners of the ISAK 'ABC Character' posters that were so generously sponsored by Kindergallery. And without further ado I'd like to congratulate Bron of 'Maxabella Loves' AND Felicity of 'Gifts of Serendipity'. 

You won girls!! Please drop me an email with your address details so that I can organize for the delivery of your posters. xx

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Today I also wanted to share a Swedish real estate agent with a difference, namely 'Fantastic Frank'.

Styled with an open-ended 'story' in mind, rather than a fully furnished statement...

This is a modern, creative and insightful agency that believes that "..A home is more than the size & dimension between the walls. Our senses are more affected by the light, colours, sounds and textures than by a designer chair."

They also believe that people feel their best when they are inspired, and when they feel that there is a purpouse to what surrounds them. Then and only then, can a home start to exude a tangible character that allows us to connect and build a meaningful relationship with it. So true..!

With this philosophy in mind they style their listings in a way that allows the character of the property to come to life with the aim to "reach the few who 'love' it, rather than the large group who only 'like' it..". I love this bold, confident and to-the-point approach!

All interior & styling shots via Fantastic Frank Fastighetsmäkleri and blog

On that note.. I am off to bed! Have a great start to the new week. I'll be back in a few days with some exciting news..!

xx Charlotta


Franka said...

It's very hot in Germany, so I like
the bedroom above very much!



Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Oh wonderful read Charlotta! I have always said that design is good to a point and then imperfections, character and the collections of the lives within the walls are what is really on display :) I "LOVE" it!! XO, Kelly

Karena said...

Charlotta, how great is this!I love all of your images, beautiful!

Congrats to the winners.

Art by Karena

It's me said...

Hello darling....it is sooooo hot in Holland.....o my....tomorrow again...and than i must work...today i was off and join sitting outside...where i am now.....hope your week is filled with sunshine too....love Ria...xxx...

Stacey said...

beautiful feature! love, love the bedroom. happy b'day to your hubby too:-)

Nuit said...

wow! this is truly gorgeous... so creative too!!! how was the weekend? ours was excelent, except for one little accident {dropped my blackberry in the pool!!} still feeling anxious about that LOL... have a lovely week!

5 said...

oh my dearest, that real estate company is special indeed, what a refreshing philosophy!
i cannot wait for your good news......i am guessing a home1

Splenderosa said...

Happy Birthday, Marshall !!
Now we know the real estate agents in Sweden have a real sense of humor...very witty and very nice, Charlotta. xx's

Anonymous said...

These images are amazing!! We want that shoe closet!! Would love to come visit you in Europe to go antiquing! That would be SO much fun!!
xo E + J

Maxabella said...

I won! I won! Thank you, Charlotta, thank you. I will email you my details straightaway.

AND you treated me to all that lovely interior shots to die for. Treat!

Mwah to you!!! x

Maxabella said...

PS - should also have said thank you to Kindergallery AND a big YAY for Felicity!!! x

Sherry Fauscett said...

I've been looking through your posts and you have inspired me to clean and re-arrange my house. Thanks for the inspiration!

Splendid Willow said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Ward!!

And congratulations to the lucky winners!

Very clever real estate agency. And gorgeous images. Reminds me of that agency in "Skåne" with a similar approach. Very poetic and personal. And a lot of focus on liveable spaces.

Warm hugs to you we are off to the beach!


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

What beautiful images they really have a great concept on things

LiveLikeYou said...

what a refreshing philosophy!! I can't believe you are moving home! How exciting! For good or temporary? It's beautiful here in Sweden right now. 25 degrees and the sun is shining even at this time...!

Lumo said...

There are several interesting Swedish real estate web sites with staged apartments. Staging has never been successful in Finland, even though most people can't imagine how the empty home would look furnished. I have sold several apartments without real estate; two of my own + some friends and relatives homes and noted how much even light staging + good photos help the sales.

Waiting for your exciting news, Charlotta, even thoug I guess I already know what you mean...

Blue Fruit said...

Love this crazy idea! I wonder how successful his system is in selling homes?? But it makes a wonderful change from the ridiculously over-styled open inspections of the majority of houses. They all look the same - YUK! These ones have humour instead.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

beautiful spaces, Charlotta! hope you're having a great week, darling! xo

Design Elements said...

love the work of Fantastic Frank. hugs to you, Charlotta

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