Thursday, July 14, 2011

I have some news...

Hi everyone, Kerry from a Tranquil Townhouse here with you today. Charlotta in her infinite wisdom, or more likely a brain addled by packing up a house and all its memories, has entrusted me with a very special task. It is this, to write the last Space for Inspiration post coming out of Australia. Yep, Charlotta and her beautiful family are catching a plane in a few days time and heading back to her homeland Sweden to live.

Charlotta and I never got to meet up in real life. We had plans of course, but the tyranny of distance and busy lives defeated us. But it didn’t matter. As we all know, friendships in blog world transcend time and space and I am honoured, truly honoured to have been asked as an aussie blogger to write this post for someone we’re very happy to call one of us.

As much as Charlotta loves her adopted country (crikey, we’d take her citizenship away if she didn’t), there are compelling reasons to return to Sweden. It’s been 23 years since she lived in the country she grew up in (she must have left as a very young girl!) and with many years as a nomad and with six countries under her belt, she felt the need to reconnect and spend precious time with her parents, her sister, and childhood friends, and immerse herself again in the wonders of her Swedish heritage.  I’ve threatened to visit but I’m not doing the whole rollmop can’t make me! Can you?

We’ll think of Charlotta and her family as she gets to enjoy the ‘proper’ four seasons once again, not the pretend ones you get in Sydney. The sun will be the same sun but feeling its warmth must surely have special meaning after a long Scandinavian winter. Charlotta did tell me though that come December, while we’re enjoying the beach, she might “beat myself with a Swedish clog and regret leaving this tropical paradise!”  I want a photo of that .

I suspect that the world is too big and exciting for a nomad like Charlotta to stay in the same place for too long. We’ve been lucky to have her for 12 years. A loving husband and two beautiful children were pretty good welcome to Australia gifts don’t you think? And I know that she cherishes every moment spent here; every special person she's met, new friends, wonderful experiences, glorious times.

I know that our gorgeous girl is thrilled to fly off on the next chapter of her exciting life journey, but I also know how hard it is for her to leave. So hard that she wasn’t able to write this post herself.  A Dr Seuss quote “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” has been her mantra in these last few weeks. We’ll remember that as well.
This is a woman who has reached out over the ether to become a friend to me. And I’m sure everyone of you reading this feels the same way. Charlotta has written many times on this blog about her love for Australia, and Sydney in particular. All the photos I’ve shared with you here today are by her very talented husband Marshall and they showcase that love.

Generous, kind, smart, talented, beautiful, caring woman that you are, we’ll miss you but we can’t wait to hear all about your new, old life in Sweden. So to Charlotta, and your dear ones, travel safely and leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way back one day, ok? Swedish rye.. :)


Sarah B said...

What a beautiful post. I understand Charlotta's need to reconnect with her family but it must be difficult to leave Australia. I wish her well.
Ps what stunning images - Charlotta's husband is very talented.

Splenderosa said...

I am so happy I was the 1st to leave a comment to this beautiful post. I feel exactly as you do about Charlotta. All of us do. She is a wonderful spirit who lifts us up with her lovely angel wings. Now, she & I will only be 8 hours apart rather than an entire day so it will be lovely to chat with her on the same date. Here's to Charlotta & her entire family to spend blissful times in Sweden, and to help all of us learn about life there. With great affection, my friend...Marsha

LINDA from OEKE said...

Kerry .. your post made me cry a little - you wrote so well.
Charlotta .. travel safe. Be strong. Take care. And thanks .. alot!!

Talk again soon OK (-:

Karena said...

Oh thank you for giving us the news, Charlotta is always so kind, considerate and always says "Hi"

I know we will hear from her soon!


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beachcomber said...

a very touching post and amazing photography!
all the best back in sweden charlotta!
cheryl xx

Nuit said...

what a beautiful post! you did great! Charlotta, i wish you the best on this new beginning my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luvs!!! xoxo

A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful, kerry. wonderful sentiments and photos. love and hugs to you, charlotta, and your family as you go off on this new adventure! love, donna

Casa Très Chic said...

Charlotta is a very special soul, I felt this since I read her first comment on my blog.
I wish her and her family all the best back to Sweden.
Big hugs

Stacey said...

Kerry, beautiful post and i'm sure it must have been a difficult decision for Charlotta to leave Australia. But i guess Sweden was beckoning and she couldn't ignore the calling:-). Yes, she is loved dearly by all of us. Muah to you Charlotta! XX

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

What a lovely post. I'm sure this brought a tear to Charlotta's eye. She's lucky to have such a great friend.

Jill Sorenson said...

What a beautiful post and beautiful country!! Charlotta I'm so excited for you to move home. I just arrived back in the US yesterday. Can't wait to follow your move home and how that feels!! Sweden is beautiful right now...

Vicki said...

Dear Charlotta, Marshall and family, remember the good times and enjoy the new experiences to come. You are an intuitive being Charlotta and you know this is the right time for you to return home...timing is everything!
I wish you only the best of experiences...and I look forward to your first post from Sweden.

Vicki said...

Also meant to say...a truly lovely post Kerry.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Safe travels to your new home, Charlotta! xx

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Safe travels to your new home, Charlotta! xx

tinajo said...

She´ll be welcome back in Sweden and I hope the move goes smoothly - but I´m very sure she´ll miss Australia too (I totally would, seems so beautiful)!

Lovely post! :-)

YONKS said...

What a lovely post with such lovely images. Brought a tear to my eye :-(
Bon Voyage!

Amanda said...

Beautifully written Kerry - and best wishes Charlotta. Can't wait to follow your next chapter 'back home'!
Amanda xx

Splendid Willow said...

Yes, girlie you are on your way!!! Back home to your family and to everything you love! (And what is not to love!). I am so very happy for you! Of course it is emotional and hard but only goodness will come out of this! Plus I finally get to meet with you when I visit Stockholm! That is worth the entire move! (:

Safe travels to you and your precious family.

Sending your TONS of warm thoughts and good energy.

Love to you all,


P.S Beatuiful post Terry! Very nicely put together.

P.S Jag tror inte att mitt paket kommer fram i tid! Jag inser nu att jag raeknade med den 16e min tid - men det aer vael den 18e din tid??? Eller kom det fram??? Finns det naagon som kan ta emot det - och nu skrev jag "don't leave at the door som du sade"....? Alltid aer man ute i sista sekunden...

Om det inte naar dig eller naagon annan kan ta emot det - saa faar jag skicka ett nytt paket direkt till Svedala. Hoppas fortfarande dock!

Renée Finberg said...

i am touched by this post.
the images are stunning....
but hat i loved most was;
the Dr Seuss quote “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

designchic said...

What a beautiful post, Kerry, and gorgeous images by her very talented husband. I am sure Charlotta has mixed emotions about leaving her adopted home, but I am certain Sweden will welcome her back with open travels, Charlotta, and we'll all be excited to hear from you when you get settled!!

Y said...

It's so hard when friends part - beautiful post. Best of luck with the move Charlotta!

First House on the Right said...

Charlotta I'm so sad for me but very excited for you. I feel like I was just getting to know you, one of the very lovely friends I have made in Bloggington over the last number of months since I've been writing here. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading about your northern hemisphere adventures.

Big hugs and love,

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Great Post for Charlotta, Kerry,you did her proud. The pictures were insightful... I wish her family the best of luck in Sweden and enjoy great memories of my visits here......Now she'll have to inspire us Swedish Style!!!!Maryanne xo

A Casa da Vá said...

Wow this is a beautiful post! I wish Charlotta all the best in this new chapter of her life, I am sure she will be delighted to be back home... I know how that feels... Having a nomad life myself, I often wonder when I will move back to Brazil, for good... Well Charlotta hope you having a wonderful trip and that all goes smooth and gracefully!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

5th and State said...

kerry, i loved this post and really love your writing style, we have not "met" before, so i will be off to visit you.

charlotta.......oh what a angel on earth, she is. it will be so exciting going along on her journey, one of a new start.....well another new start, but how great is that?

but as you said kerry blogging transcends time and distance, i have never met charlotta but she reached out and touched my heart when i thought i might truly fall. isn't that wonderful?
lovely tribute

Meera @ firstsense said...

Such exciting news, beautifully written, Kerry!
All the very best with the move, dear Charlotta!
Hugs and love to you, sweet lady!
Meera xx

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks

anita said...

Such lovely words! And the pictures are amazing too!

Charlotta -- godspeed! We'll all be here when you return to posting from Sweden.

Lilla huset på prärien said...

Vad roligt att höra du är i Sverige Charlotta! Hoppas du har det riktigt härligt och njuter av allt vackert vi har i Sverige!

Själva planerar vi att åka till Australien inom några år. Mannen min var där ett helt år och spelade australisk fotboll... han saknar landet :)

Kram Jenny

Aspiring Kennedy said...

wow! big change, for sure! but i will say, i can't wait to see what gorgeous adventures awaits us from sweden.

Lise M. said...

Hi Charlotta! What a great news for us European to have you back!!! I can imagine this will be a big change for you and your family but you are a very strong women!!

Take care and hope to see you soon!!



Rachael said...

A beautifully written post Kerry!

Charlotta, what a suprise. I was just about to contact you to arramge a Sydney bloggers breakfast when I saw your news.

It is a big decision your move and I hope you have a wonderful time back home with your family and an easy transition with the kids.

I am sure Sydney and the Australian way will always be in yours and your childrens hearts forever.

Lana said...

Such a lovely post, Kerry, and exciting news! Can't wait to hear more, Charlotta!xxx

Erica said...

You wrote so well.
Charlotta, travel safe. Be strong. Take care.

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Blue Fruit said...

What a beautiful tribute you have written!

Yep, she is one of those people who radiate good things all around her, so no doubt there are several more happy adventures to come. And the pull of family is so strong (hey, I understand, it was why I left London to return home to family in Australia) that sometimes it is just necessary to re-ground oneself again.

So cheers to this new adventure, and let's hope she keeps us entertained in her inimitable style by continuing on with blogging.

pretty pink tulips said...

What a beautifully written post, Kerry!! I can see why Charlotta asked you to be the one to wrap up her Australian experience. 12 years is a long time...and I know she takes with her many special memories.

And, Charlotta, to you dear girl....there is something so exhilerating about a new adventure. You've just done a boomerang. I'm sure the open arms ready to welcome you in Sweden are too many to count.

And, the beauty of blogging...we'll just pick up where we left off.

Safe travels!!
xoxo Elizabeth

shopgirl said...

This is a beautiful send off post! Loved the pics and the story behind your relationship and Charlotta's with Australia.

cheers! Reese

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