Monday, August 22, 2011

Haute Right Splendid!

Darlings. I am sure you are all up to date with the amazing news over at my dear friend Monika's..!

Her beautiful e-tail boutique 'Splendid Willow Avenue' has been  stylishly revamped, updated, and filled to the brim with irresistible Scandinavian treats for the home and family!

And as if that is not enough to brighten the day, Monika is also generously sponsoring a three way give-away hosted by blogettes Sarah Klassen of 'Haute Design' and Ally of 'From The Right Bank'.

Sweet Sarah is giving away a stunning necklace by Swedish designer Åsa Daxberg. You can choose between two different designs of which one has been released specially for Monika's 'Splendid Willow Avenue'. How special!

Gorgeous Ally is treating her lucky winner to a pair of super stylish  Ilse Jacobsen rain boots that come in a range of colours that out-do the best of rainbows! They are so nice you'll be wanting a wardrobe of boots. Really!

Our wonderful 'hostess trio' invites anyone from Rio to Reykjavik to take part. That's right, it's open to the world!
All you need to do is to hop across to their blogs now to find out just how to enter. Good luck everyone and thank you to the Haute Right Splendid girls!

xx Charlotta

For your blog roll.. Simply click on the banners to be transported, though please ensure you eat and drink before hand because you'll be glued to your seat for hours! You have been warned..


Anci said...

Ja, mycket fint är det !

Hur känns det att vara i Sverige igen ? Hoppas att allt är bra.


Splenderosa said...

Charlotta, I've entered to win the boots about 5 times. :)'s Isn't her blog wonderful? How is everything in Sweden so far? Cannot wait to hear from you. xx's

Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

Splendid Willow said...

Charlotta!!!! What a generous shout-out! Thank you, thank you dear sis!

If you lived closer I would have hired you in an instant. I am busy, busy over here! But all super fun!

I have couple of more products that I want to run by you. Inga traeskor dock. Dom finns redan haer och jag har ingen lust att importera stora lager!

Warm hugs to lovely you and to the whole gang!

I will be a better blog friend soon.

ox, Mon

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

wow love the rain boots I could have done with a pair of those for V festival

Nuit said...

LOVE the boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

design elements said...

wonderful post! love Mona and Splendid Willow Avenue. hugs to you, Charlotta

Linda Merrill said...

Thanks for the reminder! And, are you loving being home again? Looking forward to learning more about Sweden!

Sarah Klassen said...

Thank you so much for this post—how kind of you! I was so pleased to be able to work along with Monika and Ally... and SO happy for Monika's store! She deserves every bit of success and more :)

Antonio Lamps said...

I am amazed that these rain boots come in many colors. I also like the design. It don't really look like a rain boot.

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