Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madrid loft..

Hi lovelies. Just stumbled across this beautiful loft in Madrid, Spain. Don't you just love the use of  red/orange, white, black and natural wood!?!

Am also smitten with this large white piece of art. It relaxes me and I love the circular detail. I might just try to replicate something like this for my bare walls in our new place here in Sweden.. I promise to share the result if I achieve something reasonable, though it may take some time as our consignment is still making its way from Sydney to Stockholm by ship.

The black/white piece on top of the vintage luggage is also very nice, and I love the tension between it and the fun little desk lamp. Simple yet impactful.

And don't you love the follow through in the bike.. Colour co-ordination done by a pro.. :)

Have a great rest of the week my darlings. 
Lots of love from Sweden.

xx Charlotta 

via Nuevo Estilio


anita said...

Lovely loft!!

I hope you're well and that things in Sweden are going smoothly. (Did you think for a moment about buying the bakery???)

Fran said...

Love it. So great..

Tina said...

Hej Snäckan!
Wow, gillar massor! Lampan på skrivbordert, de skönt slitna koffertena, zebraskinnet(favvo) och den abstrakta konsten.
Allt väl hoppas jag!? Har de små börjat skolan?
Slå en pling snart, ok? Är hemma här nu om du har tid/känner för det:), det regnar ute och jag och kisarna kurar inomhus! Eller skicka över ditt nummer så ringer jag dig när du har tid!
Massor med kramar!!!

Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, harlotta!
This loft is gorgeous.
Love the colors and all that wood.
Big hugs

Piper said...

so light and airy! think my favorite is the stack of vintage luggage with the modern art on top - gorgeous!

rum för två said...

Thank´s for your comment! what a gorgeous loft, love it :)

The Zhush said...

Hi there!:) Lovely loft, adore the colors and art as well!xxx

design elements said...

Hej Charlotta, georgeous loft! Jag vet inte which room is my fav - all of them:-) I so enjoy learning Swedish. (I learn when my kids fall asleep :-) Happy weekend to you


design traveller said...

Great black&white details, great interior design :)

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

Hi Charlotta! love this place. happy baking on Sunday and have a wonderful time with your kids! xo

Ann said...

Its so gorgeous...

Love the high ceilings and the skylight feature ♥

I love the fresh look of this place.

Sonia said...

Hey, This is looking so Gud and Appetizing… !A very well made post with beautiful pictures.Loved it. I've bookmarked this special recipe of urs and wud love to give it a shot asap. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!

Olga said...

Fantastically beautiful space! Thank you for posting. It is very inspiring and beautiful.

Nuit said...

oh I am feeling this one!!!! such impeccable taste! I normally dislike lofts, well, dislike is not really the word, they are not my favesies because it's too much space for me, I like cozy and intimate rooms the most, however, this one, really stands out because the decorating is stunning, u really nailed it my friend (as usual actually).. lots of love from Mexico!!! (how are things with the move and all???) xoxo

joanna of sbp said...

what an amazing home! i love the lamp in the second to last photo said...

I love white artworks. I found one a few years back and regret not buying it. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage. Hope to see you again.

Blue Fruit said...

It's quirky and stylish but what I like most is the rustic timber kissing chair - I have seen antique fine versions but this is something else. Have a lovely weekend Charlotta! Virginia x

Splendid Willow said...

Hello darling!

Sweden must LOVE having you back!

And yes please, more of your artwork!

Your previous post on Gotland brought back so many lovely childhood memories. Can't wait to bring Peter there on day. He will flip.

Vad kul med golfen! Jag har bara boerjat putta lite grann saa du faar gaerna visa mig hur det gaar till. (:

Kramar i rymden,


P.S Har noll bloggenergi. Kanske dags att laegga av...

Anonymous said...

Love this open space and the bicycle just works! xo

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Pretty cool when even a parked bike takes it to another level.

Sarah Klassen said...

Hello Charlotta,

Beautiful loft, indeed—I was most intrigued by the office area. The scale of the objects/furniture within that space are fascinating... I really enjoy enjoy the mix of elements and colors. So glad you shared this place...

Happy September to you—I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

xx, Sarah

p.s thank you so much for the kind comments—I really appreciate it :)

Fine Art Prints said...

What a beautiful loft!

Anzu said...

Gorgeous loft. Also really loved the kitchen with the transparent floor looking into the wine cellar - fantastic! Although could be dangerously tempting :-)
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog

LiveLikeYou said...

Hej Charlotta, How are you? I've been missing from commenting in blog world this summer. I'm so excited to catch up. How is Sweden? How does it feel to live there again? Can't wait to keep up again and find out!! Hope you love it!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello all and thank you so much for your comments!

Anita - yes it did cross my mind, but then the reality of having to convince my husband kicked in.. HA!

Fran - thanks luv. x

Tina - Snäckan! I love it, ha ha! Yes this is a fabulous place - perhaps not so original but very tasteful with lovely details.

Tereza - thanks lovely.

Piper - Have thought so much about you luv. Will pop in soon. Thanks for visiting. xx

Annie - thanks for visiting. Hope you come again. x

Sue - Hi darling. Yes, its quite marvelous isn't it. x

Maria - I am so impressed!! You must email me and tell me the story behind your decision to learn Swedish. I love that you are doing so well! xx

Ms Design Traveller - Thank you. x

Carolina - Thank you darling. xx

Anne - yes so do I. It's so crisp isn't it. The skylight is wonderful, as are the exposed beams and that distressed concrete floor.

Sonia - That's wonderful. So glad you liked this. xx

Olga - thank you x

Nuit - hello darling. THank you. Such warm and kind comment. You are the best! xx

Joanna - Yes me too. The legs in contrast with the black are fantastic! x

Ms Beach vintage - thank you for visiting. I'll pop in again soon. x

Viginia - Yes it's very nice isn't it. The concrete desk is so nice don't you think..!? xx

Mon - Tusen tack raring! KRAM x

Debby - yes the dynamics of the space is fantastic. The skylight adds such a wonderful layer of light. xx

Mona - yes :) I like it too!

Sarah - You're welcome. xx I love visiting your blog. Always so great. Glad you liked this post too. xx

Fine Art Prints - Thank you.

Anzu - hello! Thank you for visiting. I loved reading your article and seeing your amazing new home. Brick Lane seems to have changed so much since when I lived in London. I look forward to exploring it when we move to the UK in the next couple of years. xx

Jill - Hej! Wonderful to hear from you. I've missed you too. Will catch up soon. xx


Warm hugs to all


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